She Kills the Enemy With Lightening

Anyone who takes action against the faux hostile dissenters and U.S. citizens
in Jade Helm 15 round up by the U.S. Military, Border Patrol, Homeland
Security forces of U.S. citizens have betrayed their oath to serve and
protect on the directive of the Communist Party USA – Obama Administration’s
Code pink Agenda to kill off 90% of the world population.

The message is, from Creator and his Guardians of His realm; this agenda will
be met with an unseen force from above and below Mother Earth, and they
will be destroyed for He, Creator, will not allow His Creation, His pure Heart
mankind to be subjected to this corruption and violent behaviour by the
“Elite” evil men who wish themselves to be Gods – There is no where for
them to hide within the universes.

Military Forces have come to “She Kills Her Enemy With Lightening” dissent
hostile camp just as in the Vision of Sitting Bull the night before the Battle
of the Little Big Horn and the death of Long Hair/ Custer at the hands of her
relative – White Bull; who shot Custer in the left chest near his lying heart.

Custer, fearing mutilation or torture, for his betrayal of his oath taken on
both the highest Pipes of the Cheyenne and Lakota (White Buffalo Calf Pipe)
not long before, and his disrespect and rape of a Cheyenne woman who
bore his (Custer’s) son, Yellow Bird. Long Hair, named Son of the Morning
Star by the Cheyenne, took his own revolver and shot himself in the head.

White Bull counted coup on Long Hair… Long Hair died in the river – not on
the ridge after White Bull, on the orders of Sitting Bull went out to talk peace
with a white flag and was met with a hail of bullets from Custer’s troops,
and Custer charged the Lakota and Cheyenne camps…

The camps were camped across the Tongue River all assembled, not to fight
but to hunt after the Sun Dance Ceremonies.

Sitting Bull told his Tetewan tribes not to loot off of the fallen soldiers but
to mourn them as much as their own Tetewan losses.

In Sitting Bull’s vision of the military forces sent there for dissident/ hostile
round-up and where the round-up was to be taken back to their reservations
(FEMA camps) or to be killed if they resisted, for reprogramming called then
‘assimilation’ into dominant Society… The troops/military in Sitting Bull’s
vision had “No Ears”, as the Great Father in Washington and his administra-
tion REFUSED TO LISTEN to native leaders’ concerns or uphold promises/
treaties made with Tribal Leaders.

The “Wasicun” lie for their own agenda – will do or say anything to meet
that agenda – WAKE UP PEOPLE, you are next!

The Battle of the Little Big Horn is to be fought here again in the “Red Dawn”
of Northeastern Washington State with the same fate of Custer, history
repeats itself.

But, the heads of the betrayers of mankind, evil and corrupt, will be taken by
Creator and his Guardians of the Universes by a force unknown to man. It is
written in the heavens this day would come – when PURE HEARTS shall live
in peace and the evil and darkness will be destroyed by the energy the evil
has tried to harness for their own , and Mother Earth, Creator and his
Guardians shall destroy them for all time and snakes will be bloated from
consuming their remains.

And remember, no action will be taken by me. The force comes from Creator
and the Guardians. And I will only take action if I am attacked first.

Notes: One Bull was the bodyguard of Sitting Bull and went with Sitting Bull to Canada. White Bull remained at Cheyenne River Agency.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    And, this goes for the Corrupt Colville elected officials/Stevens County Sheriffs Office, Prosecuting ATTORNEYS Office, Realtors, DOE, Attorney Gen, Asst.ATTORNEY Gen.Allen Reichman, Gov Office, Kent Greve/Wilder/NE Wa.State 7th Day Adventist Church/drug manufactures-distributors/Pedofiles and all their Fed/Border Patrol/DEA/Homeland Security enablers/protectors/local rat bag City ATTORNEYS/Stevens County Title Co. this is for you all allowing the perps to try & murder me 4 times….because I stood up to your Cartell, & we must not forget who put you all on the map…Don Dickey. If I left anyone OUT you are either married or related to the Corrupt druggie perps….


  2. Richard Boyden says:

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    So it was with the Lucifer Owned Free Mason Custer and his “troops”…so it shall me with any and all Free Mason’s and those following who continue the same path of genocide against Gods people except this time…the destruction of will be complete leaving none alive and that by power of the Word of God who will slay the wicked Himself and or through His servants with “Fire called down from Heaven”! See Rev. 19…George Washington and Tom Beem visions…

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