“Custer’s Fall” by David Humphreys Miller – Review by LBW (Part 2)

“Custer’s Fall” by David Humphreys Miller

THE TREE OF LIFE book review by LBW

Henry Makes Room Sr. was married to Mary Good Elk Woman, Minneconjou
Teton Lakota, and to a Hunkpapa woman. Polygamy was an accepted way
of life with warriors’ lives short and the woman’s work load so great.

Makes Room was brother in law to Chief Sitting Bull and Makes Room’s sons
White Bull/Minneconjou and One Bull/Hunkpapa were Sitting Bull’s body
guards and nephews.

Thus Mary Good Elk Woman was Sitting Bull’s sister. Looking at old photo-
graphs taken of Mary Good Elk Woman and her brother Sitting Bull, the resem-
blance is amazing.

Mary Good Elk Woman had another son, named after his father, (Henry Makes
Room Jr.) named after 1st husband Henry Makes Room Senior.

After the passing of Makes Room Sr., Mary Good Elk Woman married Frederick
Dupuis, who adopted Henry Makes Room Jr., which is shown on the Dupuis/
Dupris/Dupree family tree at www.lookingbackwoman.ca.

All this documentation is in the myth and legend buster book carefully researched
from 1935 to 1955 by David Humphreys Miller’s book, “Custer’s Fall”, the Indian
side of the story with the information provided by the 7 Council Fires Little Big
Horn battle June 25/1876 survivors from Indians who fought and won the Battle
of the Little Big Horn against Long Hair/Custer on that fateful day in history
nearly 140 years ago now, June 25/15.

The book dispells the myths and legend created by the dominant society pushing
for the expansion west.

The book also reveals that the Indians were camped peacefully at the Little Big
Horn River were not assembled there for anything other than to follow age old
ways of following the buffalo, and their spiritual old ritual, “The Sun Dance”.

They were attacked by military forces and by Custer, though Sitting Bull sent out
White Bull to negotiate a peaceful surrender back to the Indian Agencies – White
Bull was met with a hail of bullets and the 12,000 Indians camped there only
fought to protect their women, children, elders, but mainly their ancient old way
of life…

assured them by the signing of the Laramie Treaty 1868, giving them those lands
and lifestyle as long as the rivers flowed and the grass grew. The Indians had
believed the Great White Father in Washington D.C. and his military forces would
keep their word; it became very apparent June 25/1876 there was no intention of
doing so, and the objective was to kill as many Indians as possible for the expansion
westward after the Dakota expedition led by Custer a few years earlier, and the
supposed discovery of gold in the Black Hills – the Black hills sacred to the Indians.

Little of this mattered to the “No Ears” Great White Father in Washington or the
Military forces who refused to keep their oath of peace, and listen to the Indians’
complaints and concerns. So the Battle of the Little Big Horn played out in history
where cowards were made heroes, and the truth about what really occurred was
squelched and the lies to cover up… everything to appease the public’s demand
for vengence and retribution began.

But, as always – the Truth prevails whether dominant society and academia wants
it to.

So if the truth doesn’t serve you, you won’t bother reading “Custer’s Fall”, but if you
have always had that feeling “something wasn’t right” about the myth and legend
surrounding the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the attempt by U.S. Military forces
to round up hostiles/dissidents – the Indians.

Remember History always repeats itself, and what was done to us peaceful Indians
forced to fight, know it is the same fate planned for good honest tax paying Ameri-
can Citizens – YOU!

May Creator have pity on us and stop the corruption, darkness and evil from pre-
vailing once again. Pray hard to Him to survive and prevail.

Mitakuye Oyasin
She Kills the Enemy With Lightening
Looking Back Woman
July 1/15
Descendent of Sitting Bull’s sister, Mary Good Elk Woman

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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