Old Enemies, same attempts at slander & defamation…..

It would be wise to look up the meaning & pentalties for doing so.

It is costly & life changing IF you cannot prove your allegations, especially if foolish enough to put it in print, & it affects the individual in a negative way that is provable in court.

I can prove beyond any doubt whom I am, my birthright, linage & DNA. The Hate Group of James Magaska Swan, not so fortunate.

My point in this exercise was to prove, when people are confronted with the truth like this crew, they attack with vulgarity, taunts, name calling, threats, & other childish tactics to try to intimidate their victim into submission, & disrupt the positive things the victims does.

When one calls someone a fraud/exploiter & posts it on other websites, and they cannot prove what they posted on social networks to be true and it is in writing with their name/location, they qualifiy in the terms of the law for the victims to😁sue the perpetrators of libel, defamation of character, & slander.

Especially if it affects & targets income intentionally, which in this case it does.

What you need is motive, actions, intent, access and opportunity….which we have in writing this was the objective of James Magaska Swan & his HATE GROUP.

My point in writing about his linage was to show people with skeletons in their own closet, should not attempt to disrespect someone with irrefutable evidence they are whom they say they are & has always been.

You cannot change my birthright, linage nor DNA….all on the Dupree family tree at http://www.lookingbackwoman.ca

I love hispanic culture, history, food & the people…what I do not care for are people who use their true heritage to tear someone else down in your own personal self-loathing & ignorance.

LBW/Nov. 29/15



About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Webmaster says you have removed your comments from the FB Frank Fools Crow book page, but not soon enough…all captured with your names on it & will be posted here for all to see, as well already in route to our criminal/legal council team, & FBI Cyber Stalking/Harassment UNIT. NOW James Magaska Swan aka James Santelles & crew…a very public APPOLOGY is necessary to prevent legal proceedings against you, Sheli Reed, Roy Whitehorse, & Jaden Fivekiller Guerrera & your gang Hate Group! I take no prisoners…& the pen IS mightier than the sword, & you always rentlessly pursue justice by taking the head of the snake.


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