Stevens County Washington State Corruption

1st hand experience with the STATUS QUO in Colville, Washingon.

Stevens County Sheriffs Office file# 1505021/ file# 1511549

And, a huge file taken by Dep. Paul Murray…..

Ask Attorney Michel Clay (509) 684-8780 who ran or district court judge 2014, & wrote about the status Quo in Stevens County which keep the crooks & drug manufactures/distributors out of jail.

Google Kendal Allen Sheriff (509) 684-5296, to see how systemic the corruption is in Stevens County & Washington State…..

All investigation/evidence out of the service area for my experiences of three attempts on my life, and other victims storys of corruption & abuse of position & power.

Exposure will take the HEADS OF THE SNAKES, so justice will be served to the full extent of the law outside of Washington State.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  5. Knocked out security cams 2:30 am Feb 14, 2016 The Colville Cartel the Boyden Report & the WSJ investigative journalists help expose & put on the Global, National & Local map!
    Greve/Dickey Colville Cartel radio signal back attack by neighbor, Greve/Dickey’s!
    Don’t want me to record via security cams them coming to murder me…..or see them coming!


  6. Stevens County Sheriff’s Office called Feb 14,2016 by Richard Boyden approx.3:30 am & spoke with dispatch notifying officer who played dumb, when notified about the radio signal hack attack by Greve remotely to disable security cam system…duly noted, recorded incident occurred photos available with Boyden Report of security cams disabled.


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  9. Had Teflon Don’s buddy…trying to convince me, people around here, make mistakes & bad choices & all the professional investigative journalists, Stevens County Auditor recording…all & everyone is wrong, & there are levels of corruption…kinda, overt & Really f’in bad…. Dickey’s not a bad guy, maybe cheat, does not do anything illegal….cheat, yeah…kinda bad, along with all his buddies on the drug/pedofile, terrorizing victims of his greed…in all areas, but that is what we do here, we help one another (because we are all Corrupt)….
    Well, wake up mother fuker….you picked on the wrong I’m old ladies…
    And, this is how it will be, you will all be going down, period…
    Corrupt, Pedofiles, Misery….drug dealing, lying, stealing, …..
    LaLa Land, MF, never piss on my head & call it rain & tell me everyone around me is normal, eh.
    And, I am wrong & plead the case of SHIT, people who should have never been born, because their DNA, is Satanic….
    You are either honest, or a crook….
    Good or bad,
    Believe in Christ by your character…
    Or, you through our God given choice, have chosen Satan & his agenda…
    And, everything you have lied, cheated, & stole to possess….kiss it good by, I own you!
    And, everything you took from people who trusted you, thought you had moral character…You tried to murder me numerous times, collectively…
    You say, the World view is wrong, docs, photos…all the outside World is wrong & somehow because you refuse the truth, hey…everything’s okay….
    Well, let’s just see how what goes around comes around, & I was told, now you are worried…you got caught, be very worried!
    Next time get a better advocate to plead you case of ignorance by design…
    I can read you mind, when you stand in front of me & cannot look me in the eye….
    You are mine!

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