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12.27.15 Time to update! I have obviously chosen to be a “cleaner” as seen on my blog in exposing those entities whether they be human beings or the organizations they are a part of who are guilty of diabolical crimes against human beings. That includes the FBI, US Government, and of course…THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT! For those that have “Googled” my name, you will read what AIM put on the web in the “jacketing” me with undocumented fabricated lies and slander after I began exposing their DOCUMENTED history of rapes and murders of Indigenous women and men. On my blog you will find “confessions, admissions, witnesses, and evidence” that confirms they are one of the most subversive protected by the United States Government group of murderers and rapists in the country…AND they PreTend to be “Indian” no less! On my http://operationmoringstar.org page you will find those lies in more detail and by who. The now DEAD AND IN HELL John Trudell went out of his way to attack me personally with a death threat and worked with Walter Ruiz…the so called “Musician” accusing me of being wanted for rape, escorted off reservations etc. etc. all of which is not true. Ask the FBI! 🙂 Name one REZ! 🙂 Fact is Trudell and his “brotherhood” ARE the murderers…are RAPISTS and MOLESTERS of women and children. Another group called “HIT” Hostile Indian Tribe/Homosexuals In Training being led by Lee Whitehorse and his “sodomite” brother Roy Whitehorse/Lombardo…neither Native or registered and have LITTLE Native blood if any but are AIMSTERS none the less, have gone out of their way to slander me and threaten me with Facebook approval and that of Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue”}…my “xxx” wife 🙂 For your information, while AIM was bringing in MILLIONS in donations…including LEONARD PELTIER (who I met at Leavenworth and brought his daughter to the LPDC office in Lawerence KS numerous times from Pine Ridge), I was with my G-d’s help…yes…JESUS…delivering a total over 500 tons of food and other items over a 23 year period to the grass roots poor Oyate on Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River and Crow Creek Reservations. Also Included given were over 30,000 garden plants for food, appliances, furniture, tools, chain saws and close to $100,000 in wood burning stoves given to Elders and families who needed heat not being able to afford the exorbitant prices for fuel and electricity. I also established a “assistance program” where I would match YOU with a family or elder and YOU would send monies not to OMS but to the propane or electric company in the name of the family or elder I connected you with. You received their contact information and could do whatever you wanted for their benefit. I made NO MONEY…NEW TRUCK but I did invest over $75,000 of my own money fixing the ones I used. NEVER made a salary but did what I did because of G-d’s love for these His people which He placed in my heart for them. During ALL of this time…not ONCE did I see or witness ONE AIMSTER helping those suffering I was in contact with. Means, Trudell, Banks, NO ONE DID ONE THING FOR THE GRASS ROOTS POOR LAKOTA OYATE…but they did use them to make MILLIONS while leaving a trail of murders and rapes in the process. Lastly, I use to interview these animated by Satan frauds on radio. Peltiers daughter Marquita, Banks, both Bellecourts, Means and others. I even did a live broadcast from the Kyle gym on Pine Ridge in celebration of the 25 year aniversity of the “Occupation of Wounded Knee” where 12 innocents were murdered and some raped and murdered including 3 White women. Then there was the cold blooded murder of Black man Perry Ray Robinson by AIMSTER David Hill on orders by Dennis Banks…the pathological lying Son of the Devil who “can’t remember a Black man there” even though he told Floyd Westerman where to bury Robertson’s body which to this day is still “hidden” by AIM! Almost forgot this important part of my history I need to share. I was deeply embedded on reservations involved personally in “suicide prevention” and wrote the G-d inspired article on the OMS web page “Journey to the Spirit World by Suicide” which I know saved many young lives who after hearing and or reading…chose NOT to kill themselves! I went to to many wakes, funerals and wept many tears over the loss of beautiful young Native lives…girls “raped/gang raped” by “Wannabe Nigga Natives” who are also AIM supporters and members of. How ironic but not a coincidence in the leas! Now you know “The Rest of The Story” about Richard Boyden who’s ‘xxx’ wife Karen Sue Andras “”Karen Sue”) betrayed my heart and soul in idolizing the raping pedophile infested American Indian Movement and stated to me she loved the n

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    $$$$ went instead not to the VICTIMS of WK, but to the Syrian Sioux & crew to fund their Code Pinko agenda…methinks that is from what has come to me via moccasin telegraph it went down, right about the time the General’s gave journalist info on the Syrian Sioux & his Judge buddy keeping Looking Cloud behind bars, gave the Syrian Sioux another FREE PASS from TREASON CHARGES….hang them high!


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  3. Richard Boyden as an criminal investigative journalist is without question & each & every post on the richardboyden report deserves a 5*, even though I am not being allowed to do it…the rest of the World should!
    Prime example after a post was removed Sept 20, 2016 listed as site & page missing, he replaced the link with this one, read it!



  4. https://infrakshun.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/the-psychopath-a-different-species-iii-2/

    And, many more despite warning from others journalist you can get murdered for writing about the system Global Pedofile Rings/cartel globally!


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