Frank Black Horse-mystery man


KUZMA asked US Govt for FBI docs on mystery man, Frank Black Horse under Freddom of Information, denied by another CODE PINKO JUDGE>



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    People w/knowledge of the Abourezk/AIM murders, rapes etc need to come forward now, the blood of the victims are on your hands too, or else you’ll be looking like Trudell on his death bed. Now is the time to come clean. Courage is contagious….Hoka Hey!
    Really, what more can the perps do to us, that they haven’t already done? Aren’t you tired of living in fear, poverty, dispair…ruin?
    Be like our brave, honorable Traditional (authentic) Ancestors, be willing to die for honor, dignity, freedom & our Spiritual beliefs, don’t go to your grave with knowledge which could’ve put a stop to it all forever…don’t die like Wi Hecasa Sni Alo!


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  3. Frank Black HORSE, no further a mystery man any longer, a white man pretending to be 1st Nations, another Pretendians, still free….living in Canada, the Haven for US Govt AIM Operatives set upon 1st Nations people/Indian Country involved in murders on traditional Ancestors lands enabled & protected by Govt($)!


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