Black Civil Rights Worker’s Murder Remains Hidden By Obama And Fellow Blacks

This writing here is what “justice” seeking looks like in journalism..for those who lament insincere words, & do nothing….through their actions & non-actions show whom they really are, cowards…it is one thing to sit on the fence, quite another to get down in the trenches, put your life on the line, which has been done here….& DO something for change & real justice…not just going through the motions/chirping HOW BAD THINGS ARE about the unexcusable abuses the AIMsters did, & never had to account for, until they stand before Creator…..
IT HAS BEEN A LONG WAIT FOR THE VICTIMS, & those who were duped into believing AIM’s COVER ASS AT ALL COST LIES!


Wounded Knee South Dakota 1973 And The Cold Blooded Murder Of A Follower of Martin Luther King Jr.

So much for celebrating another Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Black man and follower of King Perry Ray Robinson was first called a “Nigger” before he was shot on orders from American Indian Movement Co-Founder Dennis Banks. The shooter was David Hill. Witnesses include close to 200 “Indians” at the so called “siege”. Robinson wasn’t killed outright, He was taken to a part of the compound to bleed out by two AIMster women.

Russell Means was there. Remember him? Leonard Peltier was there. Everyone knows him. Clyde Bellecourt was there. Remember him? Black Panthers Activists Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael were in the know. Remember them? The AIM Chairman in charge John Trudell was in the know. Lots of now known and famous names were there.

Major cover-up of the murder of…

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