Black Judge’s “Tutor” Clyde Bellecourt Complicit In Murder of Black Man Perry Ray Robinson Jr.

You’d think the Judge would lead the charge to Wounded Knee to bring Perry Ray Robinson’s remains after all these long decades home to his loved ones instead of helping Clyde Bellecourt & his crony criminal rapist, pedofile murderers gang cover it up!
Has everyone lost all moral judgement sitting from their lofty perch looking down on common decent human beings? Have they no voice any longer? Horrible crimes againt humanity means nothing any more to anyone??? People who sit by allow this & other AIM rapes, pedofile behavior & murders go unpunished, help cover it up is as bad as the AIMSTERS who did these horrific acts….they shall burn along side of their heros, celebrity buddies when the stand before Creator to be JUDGED, & it will be nothing like Judge Davis & his career embellishment & that of his cronies complicity to the BROTHERHOOD OF SATANIC SILENCE!


Michael J. Davis

Photo of Black Judge Michael Davis who spoke at his retirement event that also honored Martin Luther King Jr.

“His lifelong commitment to and pursuit of equal access and equal justice for all began with his work with the Legal Rights Center. Under the tutelage of Doug Hall, Willie Mae Dixon, Clyde Bellecourt and Jim Krieger, Judge Davis perfected his legal skills to serve the voiceless and underrepresented in our society.”

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First my apologies to Judge Davis for assuming he was a “Judge” in 1975. I jumped to a forgone conclusion in a email I sent to Judge Davis’s chambers that stated that anyone who was a “friend” of one of those directly involved in the cold blooded murder of Black Civil Rights Worker and follower of Martin Luther King Jr. Perry Ray Robinson Jr. or of Annie Mae Aquash and the 10 others at Wounded Knee in 1973 would…

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