Documented evidence of FBI protected attempts on Belva Schuldt/SUZANNE DUPREE/Looking Back Woman’s life by Avista /Centurylink Utilities Corporations

This was sent to BB/Avista Corp/Centurylink-Quest Corp etc about leaking 1984 Avista Transformer identified as emitting ipower influence affecting our phone/old party line Centurylink repair Jim Bolling/Mick Yarroll/Jerry Linquest of Colville was aware Don Dickey/Kent Duane Greve was using besides wiretap to monitor our telephone conversation…why Yarroll disabled phone Oct.1, 2013 so I had no dial tone to call out when Chris Dickey & his drug cartel crew came in early the following morning Oct 2nd, 2013 2:am to BREAKIN & murder me.

Finding Reubens truck parked out of site changed the plan of attack & instead broke into my Dodge truck opening hood & pulled brake fluid reservoir lid off, to murder me when brakes failed on our mountainous roads going to town for supplies/groceries. Have photos of footprints going to & from Dickeys residence just over the bank. REUBEN & I never moved truck or got inside, we waited for AW to get home from camp & just luck I heard Dickey & crew shut hood & had AW check truck before driving to town & he discovered brake fluid reservoir lid off.
He put it back on & immediately went to Stevens County Sheriff for fingerprints to be taken to I’d the perp(s), after keeping AW waiting for a very long time, they refused to take prints or even give him a file # so there was a record of the attempt on my life.
Yarroll/Centurylink-Quest did not restore phone service for 18 hrs, &had AW & REUBEN McMichael waiting for him when he came wanting to know why when he said he was going down to Dickeys to check the phone line there after saying he would be right back & never returned & I was left w/o phone service Yarroll looked like a deer in the headlights. He did nothing but apologise for leaving me SETUP to be murdered by Chris Dickey & his cowardly crew. Thank God for REUBEN coming when my phone rang & rang with no answer or they would have broken in & murdered me…no question in my mind.
Next attempt came Dec 12, 2013 with Border Patrol/Avista sending a power surge that was so powerful had I not turned off the main, would have blow up my house & Dickeys got the Insurance MONEY! Watched Border Patrol go up Orient Cutoff Rd, park at the top & wait for Avista boom truck, half hr later..the surge occurred, I called our electrician he came immediately checking the electrical panel all was fine..he said it was not the problem, that came from an outside source, the only outside source was Border Patrol/Avista power surge. Electrician said if it were not for my quick thinking turning off main, the electrical panel would have blown along with the whole house.
The Avista boom truck did not come back down the county rd until the following morning 9:22 am.
When we mentioned this to Douglas Kyle June 8th when Avista finally arrived after months after calling to say there was a problem Yarroll identified in early Feb 2015 while still playing ignorant about old partyline of Dickey/Greve…Kyle blew it off.
When asked about the transformer leaking he said it posed no danger…just oil, not PCBs.
Avista came & put new transformer on pole, not the one agreed upon with Avista senior legal council Bret Better Browning via Our att. Barry Bachrach & left the leaking one up, left abruptly saying they feared for their safety….BB grilled BB Browning, but she refused a response.
Finally in mid September Avista came 5 vehicles, one contamination containment truck, worked in hazardous waste clothing & removed transformer without AW being home with me alone…called neighbor which formerly worked as a linesman for an electrical co. & he witnessed the whole procedure.
He said Avista with the threat, lying about the transformers safety while horses were directly under it, AW I fixing fences etc…Avista who never apologize for any of it, while I continued to pay the overcharged bill, by his experiences with something like this it’s millions in a settlement from Avista to us.
Both local Centurylink & Avista Corps are friends of Dickeys & Avista repair moves the drugs for the cartel info verified from inside source.
On regular basis Avista boom truck would go down our access rd to Crack Shack Stanley’s to pick up drugs this & all else written here photographed & thoroughly documented.
Proving motive, intent, access and opportunity with alot of help from Dickeys drug cartel/pedofile ring to murder me…collateral damage AW & our animals…
The worst was their murdering our REUBEN for protecting me while AW was away, I tried to warn him…no rules of engagement no mercy from the perps, he would always say they would not dare…Dan Bryant would kill them, too late REUBEN realized it was the man he loved like a son, Dan Bryant who murdered him!
Belva Schuldt/SUZANNE DUPREE/Looking Back Woman
Feb 8, 2016

Avista Victim Impact Statement


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    The FBI, Border Patrol, DEA and Home Land Security are hooked to the devils plan to murder Native American women Suzanne Dupree. Here is further testimony to attest to their attempts including the use of the Energy Weapon and both Century Link & Avista Corp. working out of Kettle Falls Washington Stevens County.

    As you can see…ALL of her calls for help from law enforcement was ignored. WHY?

    Because the FBI and the other Federal Agencies are protecting, sponsoring, and participating in major meth and drug activities Dupree has witnessed.

    Reminds me of Annie Mae Aquash who also witness the SAME corruption found in all things American Indian Movement. Clyde Bellecourt is a FELON DRUG DEALER…meth and cocaine.

    So now you know why the FBI is looking the other way because SATAN OWNS THEM both in time…say “now” and is waiting to “snag them” ETERNALLY upon the death of each one as well as Dicky and Greves…not a matter of IF…just WHEN for death claims all.

    As Jesus said…”Fear not he that can kill the body…rather fear Him who can kill your body and cast your soul into HELL!” So it is…so it shall be!


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