Stanley Nelson Director of Black Panther Party FILM Ignored Murder of Black Civil Rights Worker At Wounded Knee

Definitely well researched, vetted & accurate, Proof being Judge Davis/Clyde Bellecourt refused to speak with WSJ/Boyden Report award winning journalists (syndicated)* about the murder of PERRY RAY Robinson by AIM during the Govt Staged event, Write of WOUNDED KNEE. Davis’ office going so far as to have Richard Boyden called twice by law enforcement no further contact. Strange behavior from Davis being another Black man, in bed with the murders/AIM instead of leading the charge to WOUNDED KNEE to bring PRR’s remains home after 43 YRS of lies by AIM leadership.
Wrong behavior of innocents, Boyden has carefully be able to link all the attorneys, Judges, & ATTORNEY General appointed by Executive Order to shut the murder investigations of RAY & Anna Mae Aquash by Brandan Johnson, who’s father is another political buddy of the Syrian Sioux, former SD Senator/Govt. HANDLER of the American Indian Movement FRAUD/serial rapists, Pedofiles, murderers!


Yes…you read right…those of you who just watched Stanley Nelson’s just released documentary on the Black Panther Party…Nelson who is an acclaimed award winning Black/African American film maker and founder of FIRELIGHT MEDIA.

He along with his partner in this “crime” Marcia Smith deliberately and intentionally left out the murder of Black/African American Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by The American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee South Dakota in 1973 in his directed and produced “Wounded Knee” part of the PBS “We Shall Remain” film released in 2009.

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C9-Founder of the American Indian Movement Dennis Banks Who Gave The Order To Shoot Robinson

Perry Ray Robinson Jr. was murdered in cold blood at Wounded Knee on orders from Dennis Banks (interviewed) co-founder of the American Indian Movement. David Hill was the shooter. Banks, who can’t remember a “Black man” at Wounded Knee directed where to bury Robinson after…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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2 Responses to Stanley Nelson Director of Black Panther Party FILM Ignored Murder of Black Civil Rights Worker At Wounded Knee

  1. As a rape victim of Russell Means at the 1st Stop in Spokane, Washington BIA office takeover/media (staged) event, while AIM was on the Trail of Broken Treaties caravan to Washington DC to destroy documents at BIA office, steal SD water/mineral rights for their HANDLER, the treasonist Syrian Sioux, after the rape the next day, used as a tool against traditional Tetons/my Father carrying the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, I am an authority of the Corrupt tactics used by AIM, & their protector, ENABLER, handers within the US Govt using authentic traditional respected Teton family names like Black Elk, etc, as well as their plan to use me, knowing full well my destiny would be the next Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, & why Means, Banks & other AIM Govt operatives were at Frank Fools Crows arbor instead of their Spiritual advisor Leonard Crow Dog’s Crow Dogs Paradise bogus Sun Dance.
    Hoka hey, Boyz…your house of cards is around your ankles, along with your Corrupt ATTORNEYS, Judges, Politicians leading right up to the White House!


  2. Read Google+ about connected Pedofile Ringmaster, Kent Duane Greve & on the Boyden Report, well documented, vetted, researched to Greve 7 Day Adventist pedofile ring in Africa & other 3rd World Countries with pedofile ring activities currently.


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