Evil incarnate CERA anti- Indian movement moves to Montana!

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MT Rep. Fielder (left) with ALC leader Ken Ivory (middle).
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Anti-Indian Escalation in Montana
Charles Tanner JrSeptember 17, 2015Special ReportsTreaty Rights & Tribal Sovereignty2728 views


CERA Announces Regional Conference in Kalispell on Heels of Elaine Willman’s Move to Montana

A Special Report of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and Montana Human Rights Network.


The anti-Indian Citizens Equal Rights Alliance has announced a “Regional Education Conference” to be held September 26, 2015 at the Red Lion Hotel in Kalispell, Montana. The conference comes as longtime CERA Board Member Elaine Willman has recently moved to Ronan, Montana, an outgrowth of her involvement in a far right mobilization against the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) and State of Montana water compact approved by the state legislature in April.

CERAThe conference will feature CERA regulars, allied elected officials and attorneys, and a well-known California activist who has aligned her cause with the paramilitary Oath Keepers and secessionist State of Jefferson movement. The Montana conference escalates the anti-Indian activity in that state and falsely positions CERA as the Indian law “expert.” Based on the agenda and history of the presenters the CERA conference is will simply promote bigotry towards indigenous people, spin far-right conspiracy theories, and spread inaccuracies about Tribal-State relations.

Based on the agenda and history of the presenters the CERA conference is will simply promote bigotry towards indigenous people, spin far-right conspiracy theories, and spread inaccuracies about Tribal-State relations.

The topics for the conference make clear CERA’s broad attack on indigenous nations, including sessions on the “Flawed Fundamentals of Federal Indian Policy” and “Spreading Tribalism Across the USA.” CERA has long made clear that its ultimate goals are tribal termination and treaty abrogation. (See Revolutionary War for Citizens of Montana) Other topics emphasize recent conflicts in which CERA has engaged, including the “CSKT Water Compact,” “Fee-to-Trust Land” and “EPA Treatment Similar to States.” A presentation titled “Rogue Federal Agencies: EPA, BIA, USFW, BLM, DOW and Others” positions CERA on the political far right, evoking recent mobilizations at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, in Merlin, Oregon and Lincoln, Montana by Oath Keepers.

In addition to CERA board member Elaine Willman, the conference will feature CERA leaders Lana Marcussen and Butch Cranford. Marcussen is an Arizona-based CERA legal advisor, while Cranford has been active with the Plymouth, California-based No Casinos in Plymouth opposing tribal casinos and fee-to-trust transfers. Marcussen has erroneously claimed that “[T]ribal sovereignty is really a major legal fiction that has been created by the United States government.”

CERA Makes Friends

Debbie Bacigalupi
Lawrence Kogan
Frank Kowalkowski
Doug Thompson
Richard Heidel
Butch Cranford
Some of the Speakers Scheduled for the Montana Conference

The Kalispell conference highlights local government allies gained by CERA in recent years – for instance, Richard Heidel, President of Hobart Village in Wisconsin. Elaine Willman served as Director of Community Development and Tribal Affairs in Hobart from 2008 to June 2015, where she opposed the sovereignty of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin. Heidel appeared at a CERA event in Riverton, Wyoming in June 2014. Heidel boasted of his Wisconsin experience: “If you can look the tribe in the eye and tell them that there are more important things to you and your government than their money or their service agreements… they immediately lose all leverage. That’s what we’ve done.”[1]

Fremont County (Wyoming) Commissioner Doug Thompson is also slated to speak. Thompson opened the 2014 Riverton event and deceptively cast its intention as “not to defeat the other side, but to have an open factual forum to talk about the consequences, some unintended and some intended, of Federal Indian policy.”[2] In reality, CERA routinely spreads misinformation about tribes and unequivocally aims to “defeat the other side” by terminating tribal self-governance and treaty rights. The Wyoming conference was organized to oppose the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to recognize “Treatment Similar to a State Status” (TAS) for the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Under TAS – a result of tribal sovereignty and provisions of the Clean Air Act – the Tribes would be eligible for certain air quality-related federal grants and be notified, and allowed to comment on, federal actions potentially affecting air quality on the reservation. CERA organized the meeting after several state leaders had publically opposed the EPA’s decision.

The Kalispell conference also showcases CERA’s incremental success recruiting attorneys to the anti-Indian cause. At a 2013 Bellingham, Washington gathering, Elaine Willman bemoaned that, “You can count on two hands the legal counsel across the country that actually focus on Indian law on our side of the issue.” Lana Marcussen reiterated, “I think there needs to be a consortium of attorneys starting to put together, figuring out how we’re going to make a lot of money for CERA.”[3]

By all evidence CERA is attempting to build this “consortium.” Along with Marcussen two other attorneys are billed to speak. One is Lawrence Kogan.

Kogan has appeared at meetings in Montana with Elaine Willman and Robert Fanning, a 2012 gubernatorial candidate and conspiracy theorist. In June 2015 Fanning created Regulatory Lawfare Relief to continue opposition to the CSKT water compact. Kogan is working with Fanning on the project, according to compact opponent Clarice Ryan, credited with organizing one of Willman’s Montana speaking appearances.[4] Kogan is a principle in the Kogan Law Group, a New York firm that works with transnational enterprises to minimize the effect of environmental, health and safety regulations on their access to foreign markets.[5] Kogan recently hired Willman to support his anti-Indian legal efforts. [6]

A second CERA-allied attorney at the conference will be Frank Kowalkowski, a shareholder in the Green Bay, Wisconsin law firm Davis and Kuelthau.

At the Bellingham meeting, Willman claimed to have recruited Kowalkowski to the cause during her Hobart tenure. A specialist in construction industry-related law, Kowalkowski is a member of the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. Davis and Kuelthau describe that Kowalkowski has “extensive Indian Law practice having handled cases in state and federal courts, as well as at the Interior Board of Indian Appeals.” Kowalkowski was a lead attorney in Hobart Village lawsuits against the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin. At the Bellingham meeting Willman boasted that Kowalkowski, “writes the most amazing briefs. He is so knowledgeable on Indian law. In just five years, he’s now got clients in Nebraska, and South Dakota and Minnesota. He’s made a name for himself just because of the work he’s done for Hobart. He’s got a niche.”[7]

CERA’s alliance with supportive attorneys will no doubt encourage future lawsuits against tribes by this already litigious group.

Global Conspiracies, Anti-Indian Style

The conference also includes a well-known California-based conspiracy theorist – Debbie Bacigalupi from Siskiyou County. A failed candidate for U.S. Congress in 2012, Bacigalupi travels the far right circuit preaching the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory. Agenda 21 refers to a wholly voluntary United Nations program supporting sustainable development, particularly in developing countries. For many on the far right, Agenda 21 is a global conspiracy against property rights and ultimately, America itself. In effect, the conspiracy theory helps construct a far right nationalism that turns the concerns of American citizens engaged in Constitutionally-protected political advocacy into an evil, international plot. Speaking on Agenda 21at the Red Lion in Kalispell in August 2015 along with Lawrence Kogan and Elaine Willman, Bacigalupi cast the plan as an attempt to destroy private property, religion and America:

“If your dollar were to go toward saving what we know is the greatest nation in the entire world. The only nation that has granted you your private property rights. Do you know that private property is also your body. It is your religion, it is your, who you say is your Creator, that is your private property and that is under attack. Your children’s body is your private property. And they want to just completely destroy private property. ”

Elsewhere, Bacigalupi wrote of Agenda 21, “This is communistic history in the remaking … But in America.”[8] Bacigalupi cites Michael Shaw of the California-based Freedom Advocates as a “dear friend” and “UN Agenda 21 expert.” At a June 21, 2013 appearance in Dorris, California, Shaw said of Agenda 21, “I think this is a demonically inspired dynamic.”[9]

Bacigalupi’s appearance comes as CERA has stepped up its own conspiracy game. While CERA leaders have previously alleged an Indian takeover of America, they elevated matters by recently building a relationship with the John Birch Society – long known for its caricature-rich conspiracy theories, including the claim that President Dwight Eisenhower was a communist. In a June 2015 interview with the JBS’s New American magazine, Elaine Willman elaborated,

“There seems to be a movement to just tear down the fabric of this country. It’s hard to envision us in the long term being the United States with [the] combined marriage of the federal executive branch, and the United Nations and Agenda 21 folks, and the environmental groups and the big billionaires. And then when they’ve got 566 tribal governments and little reservations to use as little launch pads, you can tear up a country pretty quick. So, this Indian policy is but one tool, this is one part of it.”[10]

Claiming that tribes are involved in an international conspiracy to destroy the United States is based in bigotry that can only foster hostility toward indigenous peoples and people who support environmental protection.

Bacigalupi has expressed her own anti-Indian bigotry in the form a historical revisionism reminiscent of Holocaust deniers. Like Willman, Bacigalupi’s conspiracy-mongering is intertwined with imagined visions of national dispossession at the hands of Indians:

“We are now looking at ranchers and farmers [in Siskiyou County] who have lost their water rights to tribes. These were homesteaders who are now trying to figure out “how are we going to make it in America?” In a country… where we were all Amer-I-cans, now we’re looking at being Amer-I-cants. You can’t do this, you can’t do that, you can’t have private property. You can’t put your kids in school unless they get vaccinated….. They are going to pit you against each other. First, you farmers and ranchers are going to be pitted against the Indians. You are going to look horrible, because you are not redressing. You are not paying back all the damage… you have done to those tribes. Here’s what I want to ask the tribes. If it weren’t our founding fathers who conquered this land… If it were not our founding fathers who believed in freedom and liberty for all people, which tyrannical king, which tyrannical kingdom would have been here first to create all slaves forever? I’d like to ask the tribes that. If it wasn’t the founding fathers who eventually gave you freedom and liberty, who was it gonna be that you would be the slave to? Which master would be here that you and I would not be free citizens. That’s what I want to ask them.”[11]

In no conceivable manner can the United States’ founding generation be understood as giving Indians “freedom and liberty.” National leaders of this era generally envisioned the gradual, or rapid, expulsion of indigenous peoples from their lands. In a famous 1783 letter George Washington outlined a course of gradual encroachment on Indian lands (versus advocates of aggressive incursions which Washington thought would lead to armed conflicts with tribes) that would cause the “Savage as the Wolf to retire.” President Thomas Jefferson advocated wholesale violence against tribes should they resist the U.S. and Jefferson’s Arkansas territory policy foreshadowed the Indian removal policy adopted by Congress under Andrew Jackson in 1830.[12] Bacigalupi’s “history” erases these realities in the service campaigns to further dispossess tribes of treaty-reserved rights and resources.

Unsurprisingly, Bacigalupi’s conspiracy-think led her to ally her cause with far right militia and secession advocates. Bacigalupi appeared at a May 2014 conference sponsored by the paramilitary Oath Keepers, California Tea Party groups and Americans for Prosperity. Other speakers included Richard Mack and John Oetken of Oath Keepers and Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council.

Oath Keepers has become known for leading armed mobilizations to “defend” individuals and companies involved in disputes on federal lands. This included the 2014 mobilization supporting racist Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and recent campaigns to defend mining companies in Montana and Oregon.

The American Lands Council is a leading advocate of ceding federal lands to state governments.[13]

Finally, Bacigalupi told the August 2015 Kalispell audience that,

“We are trying to implement the State of Jefferson, right. You’ve heard of the State of Jefferson. That is my family. That is our ranching friends who are spearheading that and trying to keep it going. ‘The time has come for 51,’ is our saying.”

The State of Jefferson (SOJ) movement aims to secede a number of Northern California counties to create a new state. The SOJ movement is deeply rooted in far right politics in the Klamath River basin, organized by a coalition of Tea Party, property rights groups, and libertarians. State of Jefferson leader Mark Baird, who also promotes the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory, has offensively declared that, “The tribe uses our own money to destroy the economy with the help of Federal and State agencies.”[14]

The second-most prominent SOJ leader, Liz Bowen, has promoted the work of far right militia advocates Richard Mack and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America.[15] In addition to seceding, a key goal of the SOJ movement is to overturn the 1964 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Reynolds v. Sims. This decision upheld the one-person-one-vote rule by requiring that state legislative districts be roughly equal in size – that is, the principle that every person’s vote should count the same. Overturning this standard of legal equality would lead to over-representing rural whites in state government relative to people of color more densely located in urban areas.

Elaine Goes to Montana
Anti-Indian Activist Elaine Willman Speaking to the John Birch Society’s New American magazine.Anti-Indian Activist Elaine Willman Speaking to the John Birch Society’s New American magazine.

CERA’s Montana conference comes in the wake of Elaine Willman’s June resignation from the Village of Hobart and subsequent move to Ronan, Montana on the Flathead Reservation. In a June 2015 interview with The New American, Willman claimed to have travelled to Montana five times since September 2014 to oppose the CSKT water compact. The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes hold reserved water rights both on and off their reservation under the 1855 Hellgate Treaty. The CSKT compact – approved by the State of Montana in April – would quantify tribal water rights and provide multiple protections for other existing water users, including an agreement by the Tribes and United States to relinquish exercising a tribal water right “call” on non-irrigation, small groundwater, and most upstream water users.

Willman’s jaunts to Montana came amidst a far right mobilization against the compact by Tea Party fellow-travelers, property rights groups and Flathead Reservation-based anti-Indian activists. The Concerned Citizens of Western Montana has been prominent in this effort. The group’s leader, Terry Backs, has organized events with the John Birch Society, according the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN). The Concerned Citizens have cited Willman’s book in their own material.[16] As MHRN describes, during her Montana excursions Willman shared a stage with Montana state legislators, including State Senator Verdell Jackson (R-Kalispell) and Representatives Keith Regier (R-Kalispell) and Kerry White (R-Bozeman).[17] (See Right-Wing Opposition to CSKT Water Compact)

In a September 2014 statement to the Montana Water Policy Interim Committee, a legislative committee established to study water policy, Elaine Willman offensively declared that “misguided phrases such as…’treaty rights’ when incessantly repeated can become seemingly true or real. But no such references or ideologies that pre-date the United States Constitution find compatibility within the four corners of the Federal or State Constitution.” Willman made this grossly inaccurate declaration despite the unequivocal federal treaty making powers and legislative supremacy established in the Constitution’s Article VI.

The New American’s Alex Newman described in June that “The implications of the [CSKT compact] fight are so serious that Willman is moving to the area in an effort to defend liberty and the rights of besieged Eastern Montanans.”[18] While the Flathead Reservation is actually in western Montana, the Bircher’s claim about Willman proved true. In early May 2015 the Concerned Citizens of NW Montana began an effort to fundraise for Willman’s move, declaring, “We, the Concerned Citizens of NW Montana, wish to fund Elaine Willman’s move to Montana. She has agreed to the move.”[19] As Willman explained, she moved because,

“I became convinced that the CSKT Compact is a template for federalizing all state waters and implementing communalism and socialism consistent with Agenda 21 and that it is intentionally aligned to spread tribalism as a governing system while eliminating State authority and duty to protect its citizenry. It is my belief that Montana is Ground Zero for test-driving this model in a highly-prized state of small population. I so seriously believe this peril is a fight worth fighting that I have walked away from an excellent employer and moved my family, household, and consulting business to Ronan, Montana.”[20]

Willman had previously written a letter, posted by Newstalk KGVO, declaring that “The Proposed CSKT Water Compact is the Revolutionary War for citizens of Montana. Its consequences are as severe.”[21] No doubt pleased with her move, the Concerned Citizens of NW Montana is promoting the September conference, declaring, “This year’s event features some of the top speakers in the field.”[22] CERA’s Kalispell conference is also being promoted by the Tule Lake, California-based Klamath Basin Crisis, which also promotes the State of Jefferson movement.[23]

Willman’s move to Montana comes as CERA has increasingly operated in a broader far right movement, including efforts in Wyoming, Montana, Washington and California variously working alongside Tea Party, property rights, secessionists and local anti-Indian activists. The group’s budding alliance with the John Birch Society could foster a deeper relationship with the Tea Party movement in which the JBS is entrenched. The Montana conference could provide a springboard to stepping up anti-Indian activity in that state and continuing to posture CERA as the Indian law “expert” to the far right around the country.


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“The Revolutionary War for Citizens of Montana”September 10, 2015In “Featured”

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Charles Tanner Jr

Chuck Tanner is an Advisory Board Member for the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. He lives in Washington State where he researches the anti-Indian and far right movements.
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September 19, 2015

How did that work out for Elaine in Wisconsin? It didn’t. The four years I worked for the Tribes up there protecting the environment and waters on behalf of our nation’s original inhabitants, she accomplished absolutely nothing significant. Mole Lake and Forest County Pottawotami, however, against all odds achieved something nearly impossible keeping the Crandon Mine from developed. That case, that battle and the Tribes success is one for the history books. This woman will not have much effect in Montana, either. She can rant and rave all she wants, but the Federal courts will uphold Treaty Rights as they should.
September 22, 2015

Some people just don’t have enough HATE in their HEART!
September 23, 2015

This woman has no substance, is a liar claiming native roots as a way to justify her twisted agenda. Her and her kind belong back in the dark ages when people were afraid of their own shadows.LOL.

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    Forewarned is forearmed 1st Nations security is at risk!
    I know from my current personal security situation!
    EMF Terrorizing tool for example, be educated, be aware of the dire threat & fight ahead with CERA in your communities trying to take you & yours down!


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    This is another justification for God’s cleansing judgment on this land…in addition of course to the Sodom and Gomorrah “death style” of my XXX wife Karen Sue Andras which America has embraced! Yes…it is coming and the sooner the better…and this vision is also dedicated to “Sex Goddess” and Proud WHORE for sodomite Bill Bunting http://www.richardboyden.com/Invasion_of_America_as_Judgement_by_Almighty_God.html


  3. I work for Karuk Tribe in Siskiyou Co California. We just announced big dam removal agreement – Baciagalupi and Kogan are rabble rousing locally and have close ties to Congressman LaMalfa who is trying to kill the deal legislatively. Oddly, LaMalfa is bankrolled by Tribes! He is strong on off reservation gaming thus tribes with on rez casinos are donating to his campaigns. would love to see someone do investigative piece! ctucker@karuk.us.

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  4. Pingback: US Govt tool “Evil” incarnate CERA/CERF anti-Indian HATE GROUP movement moves to Montana, agenda to undermine Tribes & Indian Country with funding from donors like Goldman Sachs!! | Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

  5. So, AIM Pretendians, your US Govt HANDLER Abourezk, Obama & the Masters you serve you cannot change my DNA, my being a Minneconjou Teton Lakota, & that I am the “REAL” Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin….or your crimes against Tetons, Indian Country & mankind…
    Telling “ME” AIMSTERS, US Govt Operatives…to “Back OFF” exposing exactly who brutally beat, raped & assassinated a real true heart Wiyan, Anna Mae Aquash, or murdered in cold blood, Perry Ray Robinson, Leo Wilcox, Buddy Lamont, or the rest of the Wounded Knee Supporters who went into Wounded Knee & were murdered too…when they wanted out of your US Govt Staged Event is like pissing in the WIND!
    I was specifically chosen for this….
    And, the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin via Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ will expose & destroy every last one of you!
    And, that’s a promise I intend to keep for all of mankind!


  6. Pingback: Evil incarnate CERA anti- Indian movement moves to Montana….any where any time….I’LL TAKE you on! No one messes with 1st Nations People the way you think you can, & I will prove it, this post is for you CERA/CERF & those who supp

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    Battle of the Little Bighorn: $3.8M in Native American artwork for sale
    Associated Press Mar 19, 2014 2
    Little Bighorn Survivors-Paintings
    Larry Beckner
    In this photo taken on March 10, 2014, Brad Hamlett owner of the Wrangler Gallery in Great Falls holds a painting by David Humphreys Miller. Hamlett’s gallery is selling the Humphreys collection which includes 122 framed pieces, hundreds of photographs and negatives along with artifacts and notes of interviews Humphreys did with his subjects. (AP Photo/The Great Falls Tribune, Larry Beckner)
    GREAT FALLS – A collection of paintings, photos and sketches depicting some of the last pre-reservation Native Americans, including survivors of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, could sell for more this weekend than any of the other individual works during Western Art Week.

    The Wrangler Gallery, located at 316 Central Ave., is seeking a buyer for the 122-piece David Humphreys Miller collection. Gallery owner Brad Hamlett says it is worth $3.8 million, according to an independent appraiser who looked at it recently.

    It’s on display at the gallery throughout Western Art Week. The collection is owned by a family friend of the Millers who’s a representative with the Solomon Family Trust.

    “This collection belongs in a museum where the public can access it and study it,” Hamlett said. “It’s also a very interactive exhibit. Native people come in to see it, and they may see members of their family who never had a photo taken of them, but they will remember them and start talking about their memories.”

    Included in the collection are more than 50 sketches of the survivors from the Battle of the Little Bighorn and exclusive photos from the various Hollywood westerns Miller worked on with the Sioux he brought to appear in the films. He would then collect the money given to the Natives and make sure they were given their fair shares once they returned to the reservation.

    Some of the films Miller worked on as adviser include “Cheyenne Autumn” and “How the West was Won.” He worked on 25 films in total, bringing authentic Natives to play Indians in the films.

    Miller, of Ohio, was 16 when he came to Montana and the Dakotas in 1935 to interview the surviving warriors who had wiped out the U.S. Army forces led by Gen. George Armstrong Custer in 1876.

    He formed a lifelong relationship with the people. Over the course of his life, Miller learned 14 Indian languages, including sign languages, and was adopted into 16 different Indian families.

    He also wrote two books about the battles titled “Custer’s Fall: The Indian Side of the Story” and “Ghost Dance.” Both books are on display in the exhibit.


    In his artist’s statement, Miller wrote that he began his journey with the goal of finding out what happened from those who survived the battles. He said it was a long task that took many years to complete.

    “I recall feeling a considerable sense of urgency when I began my quest. Will Durant has written that ‘no man in a hurry is quite civilized,“’ he writes. “I was anything but civilized in my haste to find as many old Indian veterans of Little Big Horn as I could to straighten out history. The Indians almost certainly had never even heard of Durant, yet I found there was no way of hurrying them. The project of seeking them out, persuading them to pose for their portraits and interviewing them about their individual roles in the Custer Fight took a number of years –1935 through 1941 and 1946 through 1955 when the last survivor died.”

    In 1972, Miller’s works won the Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Beyond the artwork, many of the old black-and-white photos in the collection are one-of-a-kind images.

    Hamlett said they’ve recently had the curator from the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman at the gallery looking at the collection. He said the curator told him that just the photographs and negatives were worth $600,000.

    Hamlett said the collection also includes several priceless artifacts, including the headdress of John Sitting Bull, the Northern Apache ghost dancer and stepson to the Sioux Chief Sitting Bull.

    There also is a rare Ghost Dance Shield, given to Miller as a wedding gift July 4, 1954, by Sam Helper, who survived the Ghost Dance massacre, also known as the Wounded Knee massacre, in December 1890.

    All of the artifacts were given to Miller as gifts and cannot be sold, Hamlett said, but will be given to a museum that might look to show the collection.

    Some of the more interesting pieces featured in the 95 sketches and 25 oil paintings include:

    • Black Elk, subject of the book “Black Elk Speaks,” the Sioux warrior who adopted Miller as his son.

    • Chewing Black Bones, the Blackfeet warrior for whom the campground near St. Mary is named.

    • Juniper Old Person, father of Earl Old Person, chief of the Blackfeet Nation.

    • Joseph White Bull, who told Miller that he killed Custer in hand-to-hand combat. The body was identified after the battle by an Indian woman who had been captured by Custer and bore him a son, White Bull told Miller.

    Many of the portraits painted by Miller between 1935 and 1941 are of the 70 surviving Indian warriors from the Battle of the Little Bighorn quoted in “Custer’s Fall.”

    A portion of the collection was shown at the University of Wyoming in 2012.


    Barbara Koostra, director of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture at the University of Montana, said the museum would be interested in acquiring the exhibit but does not have the financial resources to buy it.

    “A few years ago our museum made inquiries about this collection in terms of a potential gift. This is due to the fact we have no acquisition funding,” she said. “At that time, there was not a desire to gift the collection and it appears their desire to sell continues. We’d be extremely interested in such a collection coming to our public collection but are not in a financial position to acquire it in terms of a purchase.”

    Similarly, the Montana Historical Society has viewed the exhibit but does not have the resources to purchase it, either.

    “It’s appears to be a wonderful and important collection but not something that is on our priority list at this time,” Historical Society Director Bruce Whittenberg said.

    The owner of the collection, who wished not to be identified, said Miller never sold any of his artwork. She said he saw it as a chance to tell the story of the Native people who survived these historically important battles by hearing it directly from them.

    “He had a wonderful life and did what he wanted to do,” she said.

    Hamlett said the gallery owner inherited the collection after the Millers died and wishes to sell it to help share Miller’s memory, and the historical importance of his paintings, with the world.

    “She was one of (the Millers’) best friends and she had gone to the reservation with them from time to time and she knew how important their personal relationships with the Native people were,” Hamlett said. “In fact, Miller actually was buried on the Sioux reservation.”


    The Millers especially became close friends with Dewey Beard and his family. Beard was the last living survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the Battle of Wounded Knee. He lost his first wife, his parents and children in the battles.

    The collection’s owner said Miller was accepted as a member of the family among people in the tribes he visited such as Beard and others.

    Some other interesting aspects of Miller’s life include his work as host of the 1950s TV show “Cavalcade of Books,” in which he interviewed authors and speakers. It was on his show that he interviewed Richard Nixon. He also did portraits of famous Hollywood icons such as Charlton Heston and Milburn Stone.

    Miller’s wife, Jan, worked as a researcher on the program “This Is Your Life.” Before meeting Miller, she was a reporter for a daily newspaper in New Orleans. She first met Miller when she interviewed him for a story. They met again a few years later and married shortly thereafter.

    More than anything, however, Hamlett said Miller’s curiosity in the Northern Plains culture was by far the most enduring aspect of his life.

    “I think he had a sincere interest in history and he wanted to find out what happened, and the only ones who could tell him were the Indians,” Hamlett said. “There’s no other collections like this one, historically or artistically, especially because he used the oral history of these people that would be gone if he hadn’t come along and wrote it down and showed these people through his art.”

    ‘Newgrass’ originator Sam Bush to headline Missoula’s Roots Festival
    ‘Newgrass’ originator Sam Bush to headline Missoula’s Roots Festival
    Sam Bush, a well-known mandolin player, will headline this year’s River City Roots Festival in downtown Missoula. The annual music, arts and c…
    Battle Of The Little Bighorn War_conflict Entertainment_culture Montana Little Bighorn Great Falls David Humphreys Miller Montana Historical Society
    More from missoulian.com

    (2) comments
    TimothyTwoToesLessRightFoot Mar 20, 2014 12:09pm
    Namaste everyone, This is so cool, I wish I had the money and time to go and at least see some of these artifacts. Each of these people have a story of their life, and each now is a Spirit in either Heaven Hell or Purgatory. I try and wish that as human animals with a Spirit and mental states and physical bodies that we were all in harmony with Creator fellow man and nature, in union becoming Rainbow Warriors. Pilamaya, Timothy Two Toes Less Right Foot.

    confusedude Mar 20, 2014 9:58am
    It’s nice and typical for this country that a legislature bureaucrat owns 3.8 million dollars of American Indian art when most American Indians in this state earn less than $25,000 a year. The sketching of their ancestors are worth more than their own homes, and they don’t see a penny.

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