We are what we consume, remember that when you have your next Big Mac Attack & also remember why it is being fed to the masses!

Snake Oil – We ARE What We Consume


We are what we consume , prayer being a very powerful act can be helpful or very destructive , very much dependent on the ideals and world views of the messenger of teachings.

For so called youth counselor’s and sympathizers , “it’s a good day”, right?

Especially when the youth are lead into consuming that of the empty shell Dennis Banks of the American Indian Movement leadership, that ordered the execution of a native woman, that the AIM organization to this day supports the convicted murderers of Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior AND the murderers of Justice For Perry Ray Robinson, Jr. who is still buried hidden away to this day. Yep that is Dennis Banks who is directly responsible for the 7 or so women buried during the wounded knee siege as per FOOLS CROW Knowledge and Truth , who reported the graves to the FBI.

Spiritual Gathering with Dennis Banks for the Youth to Follow

10475848_851616781569353_7797566104687981381_oMr. Drums of Blood and Friends Spirituality

Lets sing, drum, and dance to the tune of volumes of spilled innocent blood that makes up Dennis Banks foundation of teachings, to include his acts of at 30+ bedding down high school children, thus setting the standard it is alright to abuse children and his current actions of pimping off SunDance ceremonies, the  so called 1st nations champion , elder, spiritual leader and role model while we tell the youth, “It’s a Good Day”

Spirituality shackled used and abuse by Syrian James Abourezk’s tin soldiers, sympathizers and support groups ….


Spiritual Youth Counselor Dishing  Out Doses of Snake Oil Syrup !

Do not miss a dose of that Snake Oil Dennis Banks Maple Syrup promoted and dished out by that Wellness Court Counselor  ….
We are what we consume ….
Que Sera Sera ….


Tom Daschle  & Ernie Stevens, Jr – LMAO !!!!

In regards to THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 12, 2015 , FACT SHEET: Today the White House Launches the “Generation Indigenous Native Youth Challenge”

On the Board of Advisers for Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute is TOM_DASCHLE & ERNIE STEVENS, Jr !!!!,http://www.cnay.org/BoardofAdvisors.html

Daschle served as an intelligence_officer in the Strategic Air Command until mid-1972. Following completion of his military service, Senator Daschle served_on_the_staff_of_ Senator James_Abourezk. In 1978, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where he served for eight years.

**** WHAT A FLIPPING JOKE Not unexpected from Obama’s ploy/visit to standing rock advancing that Syrian JAMES ABOUREZK’s identity manipulation script to new heights to create social chaos through social manipulation with the support from the likes of LastRealIndians and The Lakota Peoples Law Project !!!!

Another Abourezk Tin Soldier on that youth program board of advisers is “Ernie Stevens, Jr. (Oneida) is the Chairman and national spokesman for the National Indian Gaming Association in Washington, DC.”

Anyone remember where Dennis Banks ran to after Gov. Jerry Brown in Calif. who protected and refused to extradite Banks to South Dakota to be tried for the crimes Banks committed during the wounded knee siege in the 70’s, after Brown  lost his final election attempt for gov. of California ? (the Days Banks had working relationships with Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple) “Who and Where” did Banks run to and ended up turning himself in for plea bargain that sent him to the Dakota’s to do youth and substance abuse programs, prior to returning to Leech Lake. Just what the youth need eh, working groups of that Syrian arse wipe james abourezk and his tin soldiers that pretend to be concerned for the Nations.

 Ernie Stevens, Jr. Endorses Peltier


Too funny!!!! , someone should remind Ernie Stevens Leonard Peltier DOES_NOT hold any state or federal indian status, is not enrolled anywhere, because “Peltier” is another “bogus indian” no different than Wino na under the umbrella of Abourezk’s tin soldiers ….

Leech Lake Tribal College Endorses Peltier


OOOPS ….. in ref to Ernie Stevens  AND Tribal Colleges, Wellness Court youth counselors, etc …. support for Peltier, ….

(Darlene. Nicholas (Dennis Banks ex-wife) , reply about Leonard Peltier admitting to murdering an FBI agent)

Testimony of Darlene Nichols in the Trial of Arlo Looking Cloud – February, 2004
Q. Tell the Court as best you remember exactly what he said?
A. Exactly what he said.
Q. Exactly what he said?
A. He said the m@%@%$^ was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.

court testimony: http://www.jfamr.org/doc/kmtest1.html
**** Keeping the Truth in Focus ****

**** HINT ****
creating HOME FRONTS FOR THE ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD …. through 1st nations continues
Not Easy to Find Bigger Scum Bags than those two above
The Anti-Israel Mentor of Obama’s Interim Chief of Staff “Rouse had been Tom Daschle’s Chief of Staff and worked for him as far back as 1985. It has been reported that Daschle first met Rouse when they both worked as legislative assistants for Democratic Senator Jim Abourezk.”****
Is Sally Jewell the next Abourezk Tin Soldier to Endorse Peltier , Banks, AIM,

We Are What We Consume OR Elect Not_to_Consume
Que Sera Sera ….

8 Responses to “Snake Oil – We ARE What We Consume”

  1. rezinate Says:
    Funny thing is I actually have a bottle of Bank’s syrup,
    autographed no less, someone gave me. I keep it as
    a reminder of how Banks has spent a lifetime attempting
    to sugar coat the lies he promotes.
  2. jpwade Says:
    yep, Banks sure has a problem with holding his head up when we lock eyes, his b.s sugar coat does not shield his shame 🙂
  3. Wade Keezer Says:
    So who the hell in Leech Lake gave the go ahead for this sham that is shAIM? Looks like TC AIM has shacked up with Banks for some cred among the few who actually think blAIM is socially relevant. Will Clyde & the “GGC” start squawking about who is sanctioned and threatening lawsuits again?

    Any who truly value what they believe in should steer clear of this clown show. They want your money, they will co-opt/culturally appropriate what they can and pervert it for their own use.

    To borrow from the Lakota Oyate’ statement from 1999…”AIM is nothing. Truth is everything.”

  4. jpwade Says:
    Keezer , It is Always good to have your voice and informative input …. To Borrow from Rezinate “Take No Prisoners” 🙂
  5. jpwade Says:
    D.C Bureau of Indian Education visiting LookingBackWoman’s web site , thus her comment “Getting Educated???” ,

    Perhaps some day the “Bureau of Indian Education” will WAKE UP !!!!


    maybe the DC indian ed group will help whoever from DC’s Department of Justice (Eric Holder) , US Senate of Arms (Harry Reid) , etc office’s , who have also been poking around in her site some help with understanding the “truthful” information from Suzanne eh?


    p.s reformatting and loading windows onto another Hard Drive for backup , before this one TOO , takes another DC DIVE 🙂

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  7. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:
    Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Needs to be reblogged.
    Please put a press this button on your wp so more people can get your spot on intel out in the global audience to expose AIM where they make the most $$$$$.
    Major news agencies are following your posts, very impressed w/your presentation of info.
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