Bill Bunting & his Satan Goddess, Read this Post!



With that said…before the I share the information on Sandra Bland’s murder I felt “led” to preface it with a personal “message” to Bill Bunting who is no more or less then a “spirit/devil” in human flesh who’s lifestyle is spiritually in sync with those “Confederates” who MURDERED Black Woman Sandra Bland as well as Annie Mae Aquash raped and murdered by Bill Buntings “American Indian Movement Brotherhood” of raping murdering pedophiles and as DOCUMENTED WITH WITNESSES/DOCUMENTS by yours truly. I want everyone to meet and see a real live example of Satanic murdering darkness in real life and who is a “Latter Day Sodomite fixated Confederate” no less!

What happened to Bland was done by Bill Buntings “BROTHERHOOD OF FREE MASONIC ALBERT PIKE (the PEDOPHILE)” CONFEDERATES! Say murderers, rapists, pedophiles! As you read below, I have made it easy for anyone to connect the Bunting “dots” to them and SATAN as well as Satan’s “Chief of Staff DEMON” Aliester Crowley who owns both Bunting and my “wife” Karen Sue Andras who personally sicked Bunting on me! Just click the BLUE LINKS and learn about the “Secret Combinations of Darkness” who lie and murder and are living proof that those who murdered Bland are “Sons of Satan” with Bunting!

Stay Tuned you Son of Satan! I have so much SATAN TRUTH about you…you and your LYING MURDERING OF ME WHORE (her words and yours about her as inspired by Aliester Crowley who is in BOTH OF YOU!  Both of you will wish she never contacted in the beginning on FB and again this last January when she did so breaking the “no contact order” and then sicked your perverted filthy hell bound soul on me and lied about me and threatened me!

When it is all done…every soul who reads what is shared here and will WORLD WIDE (That is in the WORKS!!!!) as it has COME FROM YOU!! I will make you world famous and a living breathing “prototype” and “Poster Boy For Satan” as they will without a doubt recognize the spiritual essence and roots from which you originated from being spawned by Satan himself as the for-ordained “son of perdition” with Crowley’s OWNED “whore” even that DEMON who follows her, lives with her, is in her, and partakes with both of you as you her “master she your slave exploring every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…”. I am so glad you shared your “love life” with Karen with me Bunting! 

IT WAS MY GOD WHO REMOVED HER FROM MY LIFE! I never let her go…never lost her but in fact it is because I prayed for MY GOD TO REMOVE HER EVIL SOUL and the prayer was answered IMMEDIATELY! She packed and left within 5 minutes of the prayer and then later sent me an email ADMITTING TO ME SHE LISTENED TO SATAN TO DESTROY ME!

That is DOCUMENTED! Plus…chew on this you LOSER…her love from me and her of me will NEVER BE DUPLICATED ever because that was JESUS INSPIRED…you know…the ONE you blaspheme in “the realms of time” ONLY just like your father SATAN who you will be with in the “realms of eternity” when your spirit leaves your degenerate filthy foul putrid demented Aleister Crowley owned pieced of rotten flesh! 

And you really think any and all that you have sent my way actually means a thing to me? Do you really? Her contacting me in January again and your follow up email “death threats” are duly recorded…like with Trudell’s and your “sodomite pedophile raping of young girls Nazi brothers” Lee Whitehorse and Roy “Whitehorse”…his same sex WIFE!

I would of left it alone except for the DEATH THREAT in the email you sent and lies about me “stalking Karen with a gun” when in fact SHE BROKE THE NO CONTACT ORDER…CAME TO ME AFTER I WAS IN JAIL IN OHIO ON TRUMPED CHARGES AND I HAD A GUN WITH ME ALL THOSE TIMES AFTER SHE CAME TO ME HERE IN MISSOURI! So to lie….which is YOU…and say I was going to kill her holds no water BOY! Nice try…like “altering a DD214” about my time in NAM and “dishonorable discharge” LOL! Or trying to connect me to the “murders of Indians” by “jacketing me as a FED! Yes…you are living proof Satan had someone “LobotoSodomIze” your soul with all the LIES you come up with. You even mention your “Ouija Board” saying it showed you my mother licking Crowley’s ass”. Your ouija board had to be made of your own feces that you collected and put together!  

And you AND KAREN REALLY THINK I WON’T BE VINDICATED? I will just “wait and hear” like with all those in the past when GOD ACTS! And trust me…HE WILL! Trudell’s CANCER started when he began JACKETING ME WITH LIES with Luis Ruiz/Grey Wolf! Time it! Dead and in hell that American Indian Movement MURDERER IS WITH RUSSELL MEANS AND CARTER CAMP with more to follow! 

ALL your texts will be shared in “intimate detail” and attached to the very “SATAN/CROWLEY”    and “Sex Magic”  of  sadomasochistic raping and murder of CHILDREN in the name of YOUR GOD…SATAN!

After all…when one has a family name of “Bunting” who are PEDOPHILES and living in a area of where there is a higher then normal number of inbred relationships…and with the Bunting name connected to molesting  of children with you more then likely being SODOMIZED as a child…it is makes sense in all that you have shared with me that this is how Satan ENTERED YOUR SOUL when that happened. It is obvious that Satan is YOUR FATHER by every word you sent to me! Actually your emphasis on SODOMY really means YOU ARE “GAY”!…YOU talking about “licking an anus” or eating FECES means you are INSPIRED BY CROWLEY who did just that! 

Nice job Bill Bunting! Nothing like having a real life example of “every filthy sex act known to man” ….exploring every orifis” that you brag about in your communications to me and experiencing LIVE ON CAM with Karen Sue Andras…as you said…”FUCKING MY WIFE” and enjoying “sodomy with her using toys!!” Does Karen know this? NO! LOL..she will! 

Oh…I forgot…got to remind folks Crowley who is “Satan’s Chief of Staff Demon” lives in your “Goddess’s” son’s (who quotes Crowley) house with his boys! She called me and said “Do you hear him…” …with her son and his wife…WHO??? Aliester Crowley…  THE RAPING SODOMIZING….   MURDERING OF CHILDREN DEMON! Just think…they now have YOU in their life! What a blessing for them to know you are from a “county” that has an above the national average” in CHILD RAPING MOLESTERS! 

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. 2,347 views just on one post, on my WP blog about you… Bunting, CAN you imagine the thousands upon thousands who have bore witness to your death threats, CYBER stalking, & vile texts & emails you sent Richard Boyden, on his site, hey…what’s that I hear???
    My, I think it’s the jailhouse door closing behind you & the Trickster Goddess!
    You two will definately be popular in the joint with your particular leanings, eh?


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    Billy “Boy” Bunting, I do the “Boy” part, in remembrance of Annie Mae, & her raping, murderer…John “Boy” Graham, because Bunting wants to be a clonester of AIM, I knew he’d be sooo pleased with the title of “Boy” injected into his AIM loving Demonic sinister persona!
    Huh, “Boy?”

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