These ratbags have no place to hide anymore – J.H.There were witnesses to the daily events ongoing for the last 6 years, folks…all documented & in the hands of those who can’t be bought off!

pt. 1 I arrived at my friend’s place on Friday 13. After much love from animals, horses, dogs, cats, good food from fabulous cook/friend, I went into town on Sat. to do errands. I was followe…

Source: These ratbags have no place to hide anymore – J.H.

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  2. Part Five…Who gave up whom & when…

    1). Irwin brothers, Dan (Buchman Appliance Kettle Falls/Spokane STCU MasterCard check June 2016 (509)675-5628/(509)738-4848, & Dave (who sold us his damaged horse trailer via common law accomplice & daughter)saying it had no defects 1500.00 cash..Dave Irwin came with brother Dan Irwin to deliver & install Stove/Fridge in June, though our Stainless Steel *Economy* Rangehood remains uninstalled in box, though we paid for installation & STCU protects their own but us…gave up Jerry Lindquist electrician multi-tasker Centurylink-Quest-Avista for Homeland Security/Chris Dickey & daddy Don R Dickey US Corrupt Customs Agent/Border Protection former Manager/Director…re: Port Commander Richard McKay June 2013 (509)684-2100 contacted by me after continuous harassment/Monitoring by Dickey’$ & their Border Patrol buddy, Dave yuck, yuck…”Are you one of them dumb Canadian’s??”…Dave Price, harassing AW over bringing our horse trailer Entry Manifest…telling us we were trying to illegally import our horse trailer we owned since May 2009 here illegally.
    Price made AW go 10 miles up & back each way back & forth jumping through hoops until shift change…4 times.
    The next older Border Guard did the paperwork & we were able to legally license our horse trailer in Washington State where it had been insured since 2010!
    We never used it!
    Price & McKay tried to blame the older guy, but he wasn’t even on shift, only Price was responsible, later involving McKay in the Dickey criminal cover-up…
    *I had waited until AW went back to work/Alberta, then I wrote out what I said to McKay..then I made the call to him noting the harassment by Price, Dickey’s pattern of real estate while working there, etc…
    McKay said…”Good luck with that”..& did nothing for us, but moved Don R Dickey to Metalline Falls Port of Entry & moved Chris into 3295 Orient Cutoff Rd two weeks after our conversation..*Marilyn & Don Dickey’s riverfront home to “take care of their growing problem” us, but especially me & other witnesses.
    Folgel Pump/Dave Pehl was another perp very much involved with Dickey re: Well Log for our residence 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd that was not suppose to exist… Dickey’s/Denny Blair/Barcus water rights LIE!

    *Anonymous statement 2014 confirmed drug vehicles with CB radio antennas, the real Kettle Falls Five/Retired California Cops/Colville & Grand Forks, BC verified… running the drug/pedofile show, etc..

    *Anonymous statement 2016…Chris Dickey was Homeland Security!

    Coupled with this Intel, anyone with a brain can conclude the Truth/Facts of our case.

    Part Four…How it went down from the beginning & who gave up who when….

    1). Ken Nelsen, Orient, Wa. Hay farmer, so-called friend/Christian gave Dickey’s/Remax-Ken Barcus decades old real estate scam..selling this property over & over again Aug. 2010. Also witnessed Don R Dickey & Stevens County Sheriff Office Deputy Bitton have a long winded conversation at Orient Fire station parking lot during open investigation into Dickey breaking into or Horse Trailer & home…Nov 10, 2010 statement that went to SCSO/Prosecuting ATTORNEY Rasmussen’s office. Dep. Murray had Bitton on speaker phone where he lied about time frame, why he was in Orient, Wa. & Content of his & Dickey’s witnessed conversation.
    Bitton false statement said unknown man came up to his vehicle & asked if he was Dep. Schwimm…who had been here while John Trimbach was visiting Nov 1, 2, 3rd, 2010.
    Rasmussen re: Backdated letter to us stated there was not enough evidence against Dickey & his breakins to prosecute…letter dated Oct 20, 2009…we did not arrive at residence until July 22, 2010.

    2). Nov. 2, 2010 Dep. Schwimm with a Black Dep. from Chewelah, Wa. came out on call of harassment, stalking, threats from Greve, Stanleys- drug house & Dickey’s.
    Did squat!

    3). Dan Bryant gave up Wilder 2012 Dickey busting Wilder, which PI’s confirmed.

    4). 1st PI, former Detective from Colville tried to cover-up evidence, paid him 1,750.00 & fired him.

    5). New PI gave us the Motherlode on all perps, which proved 1st PI was “protecting” what he knew as a Detective in Colville, which had been ongoing for decades.

    6). Dan Bryant gives up Montgomery, & Dickey’s “Listening-Monitoring capabilities via phone/powerlines everywhere inside & outside on our property 2014.

    7). All hidden in our portable phones are found, Chris Montgomery, Chris Wright, Stevens County Title Co., McGrane-Scheurmann, Rasmussen, Bryant’s, Denny Blair/Century21, re: And, office manager/Mark Beardslee…our Realtor/Office & more..photographed, documented fully, we did NOT put them in our portable phone with # (509)684-8359 these perps were gang stalking us to cover their asses 2013, to stop STCU Refi, done remotely re: Centurylink-Quest/Avista multitasker, Jerry Lindquist.

    8). 2013 Reuben tells me newly installed ADT Security can be shutoff by Greve/Dickey’s setup, can also “gas” me while sleeping via piped in line & the word was out they planned on having Hells ANGELS murder me. The Hells ANGELS move the perps drugs via Grand Forks, BC verified.
    ADT comes 2014, sees phone tap…let’s us out of ADT 2 year contract installed May 30, 2013 with Dish Network.
    We takeout Hughes Network Re: Reuben witnessed after Centurylink-Quest repair man, with a hearing device in both ears, Jim Bolling (509)684-4635 home # comes to find phone tap, makes excuses for Lindquist on repair work order Centurylink-Quest, messes with my laptop & Reuben’s, & hooked perps to our devices.

    9). Murder attempts Oct 1-2, 2013 Chris Dickey/Centurylink-Quest & Dec 12, 2013 Avista/Border Patrol power surge that would have blown up house/evidence right before refi… Dickey’s would get the Insurance money, I would be dead…nowhere for AW to live, & the perps could continue on with their pedofile/drug cartels-Real Estate Fraud undetected…
    I just shut of main at electrical panel…electrician came, said if I had not done so, would have blown up house & me with it, the power surge came from outside source/Avista!
    Avista boom truck came back down following morning 9:22 am.
    Chris Dickey parked on upper Orient Cutoff Rd day of surge, in blue sub compact car to see why there was no big boom after electrician left!
    Busted Avista/Dickey’s got photos, witnessed, cancelled check paying 75.00 to electrician to check our electrical panel…nothing wrong with it confirmed!

    10). Greve gives up the Dickey’s lie about selling water rights to him 2006, when Greve is caught on our property tresspassing at our well house…Aug 30, 2010.
    The neighbors, connected to our water system…like Johnson’s & the other property owners Dickey’s had to speak to for approval of the Dickey/Wade/Schuldt property sale, all were involved/co-conspiritors of Dickey’s & are connected to Greve/Dickey’s pedfile-drug cartel businesses.
    Re: Barcus, Beardslee, Blair & other Realtors at other real estate offices in Colville, etc of connected to perps with surrounding Real Estate offices in Colville, Kettle Falls, all knew the scam-game connected to Dickey’s/Greve’s operation in Orient, Wa.

    More to come…
    Please note:
    Their collusion/conspiracy in premeditated murder attempts would have only succeeded, if I & the witnesses to their murderous intent were dead!


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