Meet The Tag Team Of Murdering Raping “AIMSTERS” And Their Handler!

Cowboys & Indians Mag arrived today & they have a relic PIECE mealing spin on Custer & the Battle of the Little Big Horn trying to fix the Cover-up of 140 YRS. & the reason I am bringing it up RB, is because it came with numerous historical photos of Free Mason, raping, murdering, pedofile Coward Custer, & he & the Hick from the sticks, Bill Bunting & Custer look exactly alike, took my breath away how they could be identical twins…right down to the “unclean,” filth each has!


In the photo you need to note that former senator James George Abourezk is surronded by documented and protected by the US Government confirmed rapists, murderers, and pedophiles Russell Means, Dennis Banks, and Clyde Bellecourt. 

Not to repeat history here but if you really want to learn about these animated by Satan beasts that make up the “brotherhood” of the American Indian Movement…then just go to “categories” on my blog and sit down and read!

Abourezk’s son Charlie was at Russell Means house Bill when Annie Mae Aquash was brought to be further beaten and raped before murdered by AIM on orders from James Abourezk with Banks, Bellecourt and John Trudell in full agreement.

Charles Abourezk web page is HERE! So here ya have a SD “attorney” complicit in the murder of Annie Mae Aquash along with his buddy Jew Bruce Ellison who was the “synagogue of SATAN Jew” lead…

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