Stalking & Harassment by Kent Duane Greve!

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January 26, 2015
Kent D. Greve
3277 D Orient Cut-Off Road
Kettle Falls, W A 99141
Re: Trespassing Upon And Damaging The Property o/Suzanne and Arnold Wade
Dear Mr. Greve:
This is a follow-up to my letter of December 15, 2014, As you know, I represent Mr. and Mrs. Wade,
Ms. Wade has informed me that you not only have failed to cease plowing snow onto their property and causing
damage, but that Mrs. Wade has observed you on several occasions within the past several weeks on her
property for lengthy periods of time staring in the direction of her house, The Wades will not tolerate any
further trespasses.
Suffice it to say that the Wades demand that you, and anyone associated with you or directed by you,
stay off their property. You have no business on their property but to harass and menace them. This letter
constitutes notice that the Wades will consider any further trespasses upon their property to constitute a criminal
trespass and they shall notify the appropriate authorities, who are being copied on this letter to confirm that you
have notice.
Very truly yours,
cc: Mr. Kendall Allen, Stevens County Sherriff
FILE NO: 1009049
Ms. Suzanne Wade

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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3 Responses to Stalking & Harassment by Kent Duane Greve!

  1. My husband left for work Jan.12, 2015 in the am, at 7 PM Greve was parked at my gate on our property off Orient Cutoff Rd for 20+ minutes.
    I did NOT go outside then or acknowledge him, he has our phone #, but photographed his ATV tire tracks the next morning at DAYLIGHT!
    Evidence of stalking & harassment of me just as soon as my husband is gone & I am alone!
    Stevens County Sheriff, Kendal allen got the same Attorney letter as GREVE, but again did nothing to stop the constant threats, CYBER stalking, harassment, attempts on my life while my husband is away….
    There is a file a foot thick at Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, only thing Bachrach got wrong was Dept. Paul Murray’s file #!


  2. Stevens County Sheriff Deputy, Paul Murray took early retirement for his part it appears in the Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors in premeditated murder attempts on my life, & FBI “June Mail” tactics, electronic surveillance, phone tap (old partyline/split amplified line courtesy of local Centurylink-Quest buddies, Mick Yarroll, Jim Bolling, Jerry Linquest), mail theft-opening, & home breakins by Don Dickey himself numerous times, just lives over the bank from us.
    Deputy Murray commented in 2010 when I reported the BREAKIN of Dickey to take documentation from prior owners, the Fishers of their real estate FRAUD experiences with Teflon Don Dickey, along with the invoice receipt from Fogle Pump System Dickey said he knew nothing about, but purchased. Lie, lie, lie, cover-up, cover-up…the truth wouldn’t come out of Dickey’s mouth if his life depended on it.
    He & his co-conspiritors, including Prosecuting ATTORNEY, Rasmussen, who ProtectingPeoplesRights WordPress covered his corruption letting the repeat drug/pedofile OFFENDERS off, along with bought District Court Judge Gina Tivit…shows the reader what honest, hardworking people here in this area, & honestly the whole State of Washington, with many supporting CERA/CERF anti Indian hate group agenda to bring Tribes down in Washington State by any means possible are up against not to be fleeced of the entire estate & money, but their very lives while the perps are protected from any accountability.
    Coupled with the child sex abusing, CYBER stalking, Monitoring everything we do for he & Dickey, Kent Duane Greve 7th Day Adventist Church Elder drug cartel computer genius hacking Dish, Sat signals, Security Cams, tablets & Sat phone…you can obviously can see I have been racially profiles, targeted, discriminated against by the perps who are definitely well protected, but now VERY exposed….all beginning over Dickey lying on his Sales Contact disclosure there were no water rights with this property, same with Fishers sale…all on a private contract written by the now City ATTORNEYS @ 7.5% interest private contract, that Stevens County Title collected for Dickey, Stevens County Auditor, Tim Grey recorded over & over again for Dickey & his buddies & they laughter at their victims all the way to their Corrupt bankers to deposit their I’ll gotten gains.
    Then you have all Don/Chris Dickey buddies locally from Avista…like the Colville Avista Supervisor who threatened me with Stevens County Sheriff’s Office never gave his name, but he has a SCSO file # 1505021 & his phone number is (509)-675-2144. File # given by SCSO Deputy Hoover.
    It is called in legal verse…
    Motive, intent, access & opportunity for murder, when someone like me…a1st Nations Woman stands up to the Status Quo & proves their corruption, money laundering, real estate FRAUD, drug manufacturing/distribution child pedofile global cartel rings, attempted murder (4 or more on my life), and the successful murder of REUBEN Eugene McMichael, our friend, my protector who knew about it all, had copied documents, mailed docs & most of all taught me how to handle the to protect myself when he was gone.
    He told me, it is not if they will come to kill you it is when, otherwise SUZANNE when the dust settles, you’ll own Liberty Mountain & most of Colville!
    When they come, do not hesitate, drop that 20 gage shot gun & AIM for the belt buckle, & know they are really cowards, they won’t be alone.
    REUBEN said the same to our friend & guest/investigator, JH.
    And, I will defend my animals & our home with Reuben’s heartfelt advise!
    Hoka Hey, Good Ol’Boys now we be getting down to the real nitty gritty…
    Me or you!


  3. Mexico taking a really good look at their drug cartel’s unwanted attention their breach in Security, & whom is responsible for this mess…& their enforcers will NOT becoming for me, they will be going for who caused the problem, & it is the perps all around me, all I ever wanted was my legal Water Rights & enforcement of them by the DOE, now they are busted along with the perps in collusion/conspiracy to murder me!
    Hey, when you guys come for the perps, cause I know this will be taken care of “in house,” could you bring me some fresh homemade tamales, refried beans & rice, I really do love your Mexican cooking, & with a cold Corona & lime please😁


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