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Washington State Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen Protects Pedophiles and Drug Dealers

The word is out maggots! Want to play this game…then game on!
Try to murder a Native American woman and husband FOUR TIMES…be protected by the FBI and LOCAL CORRUPT STEVENS COUNTY SHERIFF KENDAL ALLAN…really the wrong move. When it is all done and over with…the COUNTRY will know what brand of skanky underwear you use to cover your filth!


That’s right FBI…you read right so you tell your boys and YOU to leave her alone because the word is out ALREADY! And besides…God sees too…and your ass is grass and He is the FIRE! )

3295 Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington

3277 C&D Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington

Patti Handcock. (former SC Coroner)
Went to school with Reuben’s POA Dan Bryant

Dan Bryant MURDER of Ruben McMichael STOLE his estate. Death Certificate HID…by Whore friend Pam HandCOCK. Steals his Social Security and estate…POISONED HIM. No autopsy…funeral…NADA!
3209 Pierre Lake Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington

These are the primary perps


This is a developing story that will be updated over time as information is updated!

The name of the pedophile is Duane Kent Greve.

As a high ranking member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and pedophile, he provides and disseminates as a professional videographer the most vile filthy sado masochistic and sexual torture snuff pornography of children in the world including children in Africa.

Web site Duane Kent Greve

In this country in Africa…a woman who experienced the church for 5 years called it a SEX CULT. Click HERE to read! Click HERE for another case of 7th Day Adventist pedophile activity!

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has been sued for major child sexual abuse by active and protected pedophiles. Their major activity is in third world countrieswhere they operate more easily then in the United States. Greve operates this world wide network of child pornography.


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Don Dickey, Kent Duane Greve And Chris Dickey are DEAD MEN IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO SUZANNE DUPREE!

You read right everyone and including their punk ass FBI boys protecting their child porn and drug operations in Stevens County Washington. In fact…HomoLandSecurity is working with them as well as the Border Patrol because DICK EEE was one of them and his “contacts” go to right to CARTEL CONTACTS in Mehheeecoo.

Phone Numbers to the PERPS!

For PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE AND RECORD (And…just to let THEM know…MY “oath keepers” VETERANS…have YOU “spotted” i.e. Did you feel the DOT on your head? IF anything happens to her…you for sure won’t when the time comes!)

That’s right FBI…you read right so you tell your boys and YOU to leave her alone because the word is out ALREADY! And besides…God sees too…and your ass is grass and He is the FIRE! )

3295 Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington

3277 C&D Orient Cutoff Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington

Patti Handcock. (former SC Coroner)
Went to school with Reuben’s POA Dan Bryant

Dan Bryant MURDER of Ruben McMichael STOLE his estate. Death Certificate HID…by Whore friend Pam HandCOCK. Steals his Social Security and estate…POISONED HIM. No autopsy…funeral…NADA!
3209 Pierre Lake Rd
Kettle Falls, Washington



What is going on in Stevens County Washington is exactly like in Montana with the FBI working direct with Cartells bringing drugs into the US through Ft. Peck Reservation in Montana! Read the below and KNOW that is going on up the road from Suzanne Dupree / Belva Schuldt and is the same template using politicians, local POPO like Stevens County Sheriff Kendal Stevens who is PAID to ignore attempts to MURDER Dupree and her husband because he himself is a MURDERER in covering up a MURDER!

UPS and FED EX even drop off and pick up drugs there!

Below exposes the FBI doing what they do best why I know God has a special place for them IN HELL for protecting drug dealers, pedophiles, and MURDERERS! (Thinking the American Indian Movement as one example…see blogs)

Montana Drug Smuggling And FBI Complicity…

(I was the ONLY radio talk show host in the country to interview Melissa Buckles who wrote a IGNORED letter to Janet Reno/Clinton/Free exposing the FBI CRIMINALS…same in Washington State NOW!)

There was more to the Top Gun Ranch than Matthews realized. The ranch had been owned by a major drug trafficker and aide to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. It was in an isolated area close to the Canadian border. Further, Canada has a less hostile attitude toward drugs than the United States.

The mainstream media has given virtually no publicity to the drugs coming from Canada into the Montana area, despite many reports of these activities and the duplicity of local and state law-enforcement personnel, political figures, and U.S. agencies.

Montana had been the home of some well-known crime figures, including Alfred J. Luciano, Sr., a nephew to crime-figure “Lucky” Luciano and Joseph Bonano.

Canadian Border Problems

Surveillance by U.S. agencies along the Canadian border is a fraction of what exists along the southern borders. Less than 300 Border Patrol agents are assigned to the Canadian border that is over 3000 miles long. In contrast, the United States reportedly has over 7,000 agents assigned to the U.S.-Mexico border (Seattle Times March 18, 1999). Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Eugene David, testifying in March 1999 before a House Subcommittee on Immigration, stated, “Over the last 10 years, we have experienced large increases in organized crime along the border.” (The Border Patrol is a division of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that is under the Department of Justice.)

Montana‘s Version of Arkansas

In the 1980s, hundreds of reports were made by local residents about drug trafficking at Mena Airport in Arkansas, followed by state and federal “law enforcement” cover-ups. Many non-government investigative reports have been made about the drug trafficking from Canada into Montana, the criminal involvement of local and state law enforcement personnel and politicians, and the cover-ups by state and federal officials. This chapter focuses briefly on these matters in Montana.

The greatest number of reports of Montana drug trafficking came from an area known as the Hi-Line where the Burlington Northern Railroad runs parallel to the Montana-Canadian border. People reported planes landing at small airstrips, drugs being off-loaded, and the involvement of government personnel in the criminal activities.

People who made reports of drug trafficking activities to county, state, or federal law enforcement offices found their reports were either ignored, or, they became the subjects of government retaliation. As in Arkansas, many people who sought to expose the political involvement in drugs ended up dead, often falsely reported as suicides.

Carry Drugs for County Attorney or Suffer the Consequences

During an interview by private investigator Darby Hinz with Clinton Mullen, owner of Mullen Trucking Company, Mullen stated that County Attorney Phillip Carter in Sidney, Montana wanted to use his trucking company to haul drugs. When Mullen refused, the local bank, First United Bank, withdrew funding for his operation, and his credit rating in town deteriorated.

A Few Courageous People Spoke Out

Several courageous people attempted to expose the involvement of Montana personnel in the drug trafficking. One was James Douglas Alexander, a respected Montana attorney. Alexander helped found the Rutherford Institute of Montana; he was active in Republican politics, and he was Pat Buchanan’s 1992-campaign chairman in Montana.

Alexander discovered drug trafficking connected to local and state personnel in 1989 while defending another attorney from Sidney, Thomas Halvorson. Halvorson had been accused of wiretapping the county attorney’s office—during which time he recorded telephone conversations showing drug trafficking activities involving county and police personnel. After the wiretaps were discovered, the Commission on Legal Practices sought to revoke Halvorson’s license to practice law in Montana.

While defending Halvorson, Alexander discovered additional evidence that the deputy county attorney in Sidney and a police detective were involved in drug trafficking. In the August 1996 edition of Strategic Investment Jack Wheeler wrote:

Mena in Montana ? The Republicans may have their own drug smuggling scandal, similar to Bill Clinton‘s in Mena, Arkansas. Due to all the bad publicity, the drug cartels moving coke from Mexico through Mena may have relocated a substantial part of their operation to Montana, bringing the stuff in from Canada. Corruption among state officials is reported to be widespread, reaching right into the governor’s office. DEA sources have hinted that Governor Marc Racicot or some of his tope aides might be indicted. Trouble for the Republicans is that Racicot is one of them.

Infamous Barry Seal Operating in Montana

Information obtained by Alexander and other investigators indicated that Barry Seal, famous for his Arkansas drug trafficking as part of covert government operations, was setting up a drug smuggling operation from Canada into Montana. One reason was that Arkansas and other areas along the southern coast of the United States were becoming so highly patrolled that it was difficult to bring drugs into the United States. Information obtained by Alexander, investigator Daniel Hopsicker and others indicate that Seal was flying drugs into Montana from Canada in 1985. One of Seal’s government handlers was reportedly DEA agent Ernst Jacobson.

Alexander wrote that it is believed former U.S. Attorney Pete Dunbar was involved with the government-associated drug trafficking that included Barry Seal. (Dunbar now has a private investigation firm in Billings, Montana.) Alexander said that while he was providing information to the FBI about the County Prosecutor Phillip Carter, Carter was fraudulent stating to Alexander’s law clients that Alexander was a convicted felon.

Journalist Describing His
Findings of Montana Drug Trafficking

Adding to Alexander’s knowledge of drug trafficking and political involvement was journalist Mike Perry of Chinook who started telling Alexander in 1992 of the political involvement in drug trafficking that he had uncovered. Perry told Alexander of drug aircraft landing at Montana airstrips near Havre, Chinook, and Glasgow, which Alexander explained:

I began communicating with a journalist in Chinook named Mike Perry. Perry gave a whole litany of similar, parallel events that were occurring: airplanes coming in, people unloading cocaine from airplanes, people getting beat up or killed. It always led back to members of law enforcement. In Chinook, four police officers had lost their jobs because they had tracked airplanes coming into the airport, or other drug-related corruption involving the county attorney and other individuals in Chinook. I began to work with Mike Perry at that point and we’ve worked together, with other journalists, to this day.

Mike Roe, a high-profile investigator, started working with us. He is a private investigator from Phoenix with a good reputation. He was very well known, a high-profile investigator. We felt like it was better to bring in someone from out-of-state to help us. We hoped, through his contacts with the FBI in Salt Lake City and with other federal agencies in Phoenix, we could get something done. By the time he came in, in 1992, we began to realize that the drugs were a very large-scale operation. Roe began to get in contact with residents in Chinook and Sidney, and there was a whole flood of people coming forward, asking for something to be done, begging us to look into the drugs and murders that appeared to trail back, again, to law enforcement personnel.

Pressure and threats from local police and sheriff department personnel, and political pressures, forced Perry to give up the battle and leave the state.

A written report dated February 2, 1994 was prepared by respected private investigator Michael W. Roe of Roe Investigations in Phoenix, Arizona. His 12-page report named people and places involved in Montana drug trafficking, the many murders of people threatening to expose the relationship between drug crimes and city and county personnel, including law-enforcement people, and the names of the many witnesses providing key information.

Under “general allegations,” the Roe report stated:

  • Bill Larson, president of the Chinook Branch of the Bank of Montana, was allegedly involved in laundering of drug money through that branch of the Bank of Montana; that he was involved in the transportation of narcotics; that he was involved in a conspiracy relating to the murder of two people in Chinook (Richard Cowen and Bernadette Doiron, on or about January 21, 1987) in which two people were convicted: Lloyd James Wilson and Robert Henry Bone.
  • Don Ranstrom, Blaine County Attorney, was reportedly involved in the importation, use and sale of narcotics, in the murders of Cowen and Doiron, and there is a belief that he ordered the murders.
  • The firing of Chinook police chief Bernie Brost by the mayor after Brost started investigating alleged drug activities by Bank of Montana banker Bill Larson, Blaine County Attorney Dan Ranstrom, Chinook police officer Alan Delk, and others.
  • Former county attorney and now city attorney Phillip Carter was involved in drug trafficking, threats against people who would not cooperate in hauling drugs, including trucking firm owner Clint Mullen. After Mullen refused Carter’s reported request to haul drugs, Mullen started receiving retaliation from law enforcement personnel, and the local bank—whose attorney was Carter—suddenly disrupted Mullen’s financial activities, and he was physically beaten by friends of the city attorney.Destroying Anyone Who Exposes Their CorruptionThe Roe report referred to former Circle city attorney Arnie Hove who sought to expose the political involvement in drug trafficking and then was subjected to political harassment and physical violence. The report said, “Mr. Hove became very concerned for his personal safety and feared for his and his children’s lives. Mr. Hove expressed growing fear for his safety.”Hove was formerly attorney for the city of Circle, Montana, served as appeals court judge at the Fort Peck Reservation, and was prosecutor for McCone. He was a rising player in Republican politics in Eastern Montana. But when he started exposing political involvement in drug trafficking, state and federal retaliation followed. Alexander described what Hove went through in retaliation for exposing the FBI involvement in Montana drug matters:Hove came under heavy attack during this period of time—from the fall of 1996 to early 1999. Law enforcement was everywhere investigating Hove for all kinds of criminal activity. It was horrible how they did him, but it was also similar to what they did to me [as a standard practice done to many other government personnel, including me]. Only Hinz has videotapes of witnesses who were offered money to testify falsely against Hove!Charges were filed against Hove, and he underwent a period of intense harassment. In a not uncommon tactic to discredit anyone exposing government misconduct the charges were followed by an order committing him to Warm Springs State Hospital. He was forcibly injected with drugs which caused substantial brain damage. This effectively silenced another of the very few people with sufficient backbone and character to speak out when outrage is required.

    Convenient Death of Key Witnesses

    The Roe report, and information obtained from Alexander, described the “convenient” deaths of key people. These included banker Bob Kropp of Farmer’s State Bank in Conrad, who was killed shortly before he was to testify about drug money laundering. The vice president of Whitefish Mountain Bank at White Fish, John Ochenrider, died March 31, 1983, two weeks before he was to testify in a money laundering trial with codefendant Alfred Luciano.

    Ochenrider’ s death was reportedly due to a fall suffered while mountain climbing—an activity that the banker had never done before. Montana Highway Patrolman Michael Remz was killed as he started investigating aircraft landing on small airstrips near the towns of Libby and Eureka. A journalist who was investigating Luciano‘s drug smuggling activities died in a fire in Eureka. Many others were killed who had information about the drug trafficking.

    Whitefish Mountain Bank Drug-Money-Laundering

    The Mountain Bank of Whitefish, in Whitefish, Montana, close to the Top Gun Ranch, was reportedly involved in money laundering. One of its directors, Alfred Luciano, a nephew of Lucky Luciano, was indicted in 1993 at Missoula, Montana, for money laundering, along with his son, Frank. Charges were dropped against Al Luciano, and his son Frank fled the United States while waiting for trial and is reportedly living in the Caribbean area. After Al Luciano complained of being under 24-hour surveillance by the FBI, he was killed in a suspicious car crash.

    The Whitefish Mountain Bank had been a money-laundering center for the drug operation. Its former president, Werner Schreiber, was sent to prison along with four other bank officers. Alexander Martin confirmed this toChinook Opinions editor Mike Perry. Whitefish Bank was a money-laundering center for Iran-Contra folks. Buster Schreiber was an attorney and friend of Marc Racicot, the governor.

    Before indictments were handed down, one of the grand jury members, Walter Hammermeister, heard testimony from FINCEN audit specialist “that $150 million had been laundered through the tiny bank.” Schreiber and five other bank officers were charged with embezzling over $6 million from the bank (which was their fee for handling the drug money). Hammermeister was a Pondera County Sheriff who had been trained at the FBI academy, and considered very reputable.

    Pleading Guilty to Bank Fraud Under Suspicious Conditions

    In December 1989, John Earl Petersen pled guilty to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy charges stemming from the financial collapse of Whitefish Mountain Bank. District Judge Fred Van Sickle sentenced Peterson to 12 years in federal prison. Federal prosecutors were suspiciously protective of Peterson, going overboard in referring to Peterson’s cooperation (no other charges were filed, and no other resulting cooperation could be seen). AUSA John Griffith of Washington, D.C. said a motion would be shortly filed to reduce Petersen’s sentence. This sequence suggested that Petersen pled guilty to keep sensitive information from leaking out, and told that he would be released after attention was diverted from his case. That is the way it usually works.

    Report Corruption in Government—
    Suffer the Consequences!

    Alexander said that nearly everyone who came forward with information on drug trafficking experienced harassment from police or other government agencies. Alexander said county prosecutor Phillip Carter started filing false charges against some of the witnesses, or threatened to do so. These threats against witnesses were federal crimes for which the FBI has responsibility to prosecute.

    Explaining the Latest Drug Routes Into the United States

    Chip Tatum, formerly undercover government operative involved in the Montana operations, explained the flight plan for drugs going from Colombia into Montana via Canada:

    An aircraft departs Colombia, flies to the Bahamas to rest and refuel, and then, when a weather window opens, continue the flight to Nova Scotia or Quebec. Again, rest and refuel. Then continue to a US-Canadian border landing strip. An associate of Huxtable owned a ranch south of Wayburn, Canada, which provided a perfect landing zone. From Wayburn, the cocaine could easily be flown into Montana or North Dakota via small aircraft.

    Tatum further explained the involvement of FBI Special Agent Terry Nelson and U.S.-Canadian contract undercover operative Mike Huxtable :

    Nelson not only recruits the law enforcement officials and politicians he needs, he can also supply data from the law enforcement arena such as the DEA NADDIS computer, Customs TECS II, EPIC, FBI, and others involved in ongoing investigations. Nelson then provides this intelligence to his drug contacts. This helps obstruct any investigation and diffuse potential problems. Terry Nelson, a senior agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to provide his valuable services to drug cartels and others who will pay his fee, out of his FBI office in southern Florida. [Tatum said that Huxtable was a Canadian smuggler who did undercover work for U.S. and Canadian agencies and organized crime groups.]

    Tatum said that the same far offshore northern route along the east coast of the United States to Canada is also done along the west coast of the United States, entering Canada in British Columbia. He also advised that drug-laden planes from Canada were also landing in North Dakota and Wyoming.

    Colombian Radar Warns Drug Pilots of Plane Intercepts

    Tatum described how Colombian drug cartels installed radar on Swan Island in the Caribbean that monitors aircraft movements to avoid interdiction of their aircraft heading for the United States. He gave an example: A drug pilot flying drugs for the cartels is monitored on radar controlled by the drug cartels as it proceeds from Colombia northward. If radar shows their plane was being followed, the pilot is advised by radio to immediately return, thereby avoiding interdiction by U.S. aircraft.

    Obstruction of Justice by Montana Crime Agency and Governor

    Alexander said that he and a group of other concerned people provided the Montana Crime Investigation Bureau (MCIB) with several dozen witness statements showing official involvement in drug trafficking, and that the bureau engaged in a cover-up.

    These statements included witnesses seeing planes landing and drugs being unloaded, people who were at gatherings where drugs were present. Despite this evidence, the state agency, under control of attorney general and then governor Marc Racicot, came back and said they could find no criminal conduct. People reported drug planes landing at small airstrips, at the Glasgow Air Force Base, and on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap Indian reservations.

    FBI Avoiding Evidence from Witnesses

    Despite the fact that Alexander and others provided the FBI with dozens of witness statements showing government involvement in drug trafficking, none of the witnesses were contacted by the FBI to determine the accuracy of their information. Alexander explained that he obtained over 70 witness statements in the Sidney, Montana, area from 1990 to 1995 from people who had observed the drugs being unloaded from aircraft and who observed or knew about the political involvement of city, county and state personnel in the drug trafficking.

    Justice Department Obstruction of Justice Tactics

    Alexander explained that by 1993-1994, the FBI had shifted the investigation to its Glasgow, Montana office and assigned it to FBI Special Agent Scott Cruse. He said: “Cruse apparently did almost no investigation at all. Certainly he did not talk to anyone in Chinook. There were bank employees in Chinook who were ready to come forward and provide documentation and testimony about money laundering there, and other things related to the drug operation. These witnesses were ignored.”

    Other Evidence of Major Crimes Ignored by Justice Department

    A February 2, 1994 letter to the FBI at Great Falls, Montana, by Michael W. Roe of ROE Investigations listed 12 pages of details about drug trafficking involving state and local police and prosecutors. The FBI did not act on this report. Justice Department and other government agents and informants fabricate charges against the men and women of the United States while they simultaneously protect major drug traffickers, protect local, state and federal government personnel involved in drug trafficking.

    FBI Offering Favors to Witnesses

    An article in the Billings Outpost (July 29, 1998) was titled, “FBI Accused of Offering Favors to Witnesses.” The article stated in part:

    In one instance, Mr. Parker said after the arraignment, a juvenile has given a videotaped statement that he was offered his release from jail and his GED if he would testify against Mr. Hove. (Hove was an attorney exposing official involvement in Montana drug trafficking. He was charged by DOJ prosecutors with sexual offense upon a woman who continued to call him after the charges were filed.)

    Justice Department Tactics to Silence Alexander

    Alexander explained how Justice Department prosecutors sought to silence him, using his humanitarian efforts relating to adoption of war orphans to retaliate and halt his exposure of government-involved drug trafficking. He explained:

    I went to Europe in January of 1990 with a former AP writer from Helena, Garry Moes. I went over there and began to do some of the first adoptions in Romania by U.S. Citizens. I also helped coordinate humanitarian efforts over there. I became good friends with members of the new leadership that emerged after the revolution. I began to do business over there, and had a very successful international adoption practice. I did the first Romanian adoptions after the revolution. I helped a state senator in Romania to establish the Romanian adoption laws. I worked with the leadership of the state government there. What we did was transfer the approval from Bucharest to the state governments in Transylvania and to the other state governments so they could approve adoptions.

    I was charged with wire fraud related to some adoptions, which I later did in Macedonia. The family back in the states was denied an adoption there because they had falsified their mental health records. They had a history of mental illness. They got over there and disclosed that, and they were rejected. They came back to the United States and said adoptions could not be done in Macedonia.

    By that time, the political forces in Montana zeroed in on me and used these false allegations to take my license. They have continued to use this to discredit me, and have brought federal felony charges against me. They are claiming that adoptions were not allowed in Macedonia. But we have reports from the State Department showing that there were 12 adoptions that year, and we were the first to attempt to do it. Obviously the state has no case, and as this thing unwinds, I think the answers to why I was targeted and this was done to me, and why Arnie Hove was arrested, are going to become quite apparent.

    Alexander explained how he learned about Montana drug trafficking and heavy involvement of local, state, and federal personnel. In a March 13, 1999, letter Alexander wrote:

    We began to gather reports involving drug smuggling into Sidney-Chinook-Havre in the early ‘90s. We had more than 70 statements involving witnesses to local law enforcement and prosecutors being involved in drug dealings. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of affidavits! When I came out publicly against the drugs, the attacks on me began in earnest. I was driven out of the practice of law and Montana. After I left the state, I was contacted by Orlin Grabbe, then others who I’ve since been advised were linked to NSA and others.

    Mike Roe met with FBI agents in Great Falls for seven hours at one time. I was interviewed in Helena in 1994 for four hours. Neither meeting resulted in 302’s [FBI report of witness statements]. The agent who was assigned to my case, Scott Cruse, also was assigned to investigate the drug allegations. Chip Tatum identified Cruse as one of the Montana FBI agents involved in drug trafficking with the Nelson operation. Cruse later gave false testimony to the Great Falls grand jury to get me indicted on the wire fraud charges. By amazing coincidence, another investigator, Walter Hammermeister was on the grand jury and was able to confront Cruse. He was then booted off the grand jury! The attorney prosecuting the case was Carl Rostad.

    [Reported Canadian Indictment of FBI Agent]

    FBI Agent Terry Nelson was indicted in Regina, Saskatchewan Provincial Court. Blain County Sheriff Pete Paulsen; journalist Paul Richardson, then of Indian County Today, and myself, confirmed this from the RCMP in Regina. The investigator I spoke to there was Detective Leach. Tatum released more details of the flights and identified the pilots, the articles were later published under pseudonyms “Spook Houses in Glasgow,” and “Donna Does Glasgow,” by Hi-Line Mary. The investigator also identified Mike Huxtable, a Canadian National, as one of the persons indicted.

    [U.S. Pressuring Canadians to Cover up Drug Smuggling]

    The U.S. government pressured the Canadians to seal the file and it is sealed at present. Nelson is a dual citizen: Canadian-US and has a fancy home in Montreal. The smuggling operation also involved Chapeau Airstrip in Quebec.

    Further explaining political involvement in drugs, Alexander wrote in an April 1, 1999, letter:

    I came to realize that Sidney attorney, Phillip Carter, was involved in drug trafficking while acting as an investigator for Maurice Colbey, an investigator for the Montana Commission On Practice appointed in the Halvorson matter. I came upon documents indicating that then Montana Attorney General Marc Racicot and FBI Special Agent Scott Cruse were actively deflecting drug allegations against Philip Carter.

    Sidney attorney Tom Halvorson had allegedly wire tapped the Richland County Attorney’s office and had obtained tape recordings of drug conversations involving then Deputy County Attorney Carter and a police detective, David Schetting discussing a large scale drug operation.

    I was approached by Maurice Colbey to obtain affidavits from witnesses and did do so. The affidavits of Jeff Curry confirmed that Halvorson had solicited him to use a parabolic microphone to obtain tape-recorded conversations from the office of Phillip Carter.

    The FBI via agent Cruse immediately focused on Halvorson. I still have the letter from Carter to Scott Cruse, which stated that Marc Racicot approved of the investigation! Halvorson was sanctioned by the Montana Supreme Court, but the complaint regarding the wire-taping allegation was dropped. Arnie Hove testified against attorney Halvorson in that proceeding, saying that Halvorson was making statements concerning Carter dealing drugs! Years later, Hove himself was targeted for saying the same thing.

    It was only later, after I was forced out of Montana, that I found [Montana Governor]Marc Racicot was involved in the drug scheme. There are wire-fund-transfers from Banque Suisse to the Norwest Bank of Helena branch accounts directly to Marc Racicot, his family, and assistants. Those funds came from the Fabio Ochoa operation! Darby Hinz had confirmed from an independent source flights into Montana for the Fabio Ochoa organization.

    Substituting One Sham Charge for Another Sham Charge

    Charges arising out of Alexander’s adoption activities were dropped, and then other sham charges were filed against him on August 25, 1998, by U.S. Attorney Carl Rostad in Great Falls, Montana. Rostad fraudulently charged Alexander with obstruction of justice and interstate communication of threats or violence.

    Walter Hammermeister, a grand jury member, charged that Rostad and FBI Special Agent Cruse gave perjured testimony to the grand jury in order to obtain the indictment. Alexander had raised as one of his defenses that the charges filed against him were due to his reporting of state and local government involvement in drug trafficking. His attorney, Mark Werner of the law firm, Public Defenders of Montana, undermined Alexander’s defenses by telling the grand jurors that Alexander’s charges about drug trafficking were delusional. (Alexander repeatedly tried to dismiss Werner whose conduct was aiding and abetting the drug traffickers and undermining his client’s defenses.)

    The Department of Justice filed an in Limine motion on February 22, 1999, seeking a court order barring Alexander from raising that defense, which would keep any information concerning the Montana drug trafficking and government involvement out of the record. The Justice Department’s motion stated in part:

    For example, the obstruction count of the indictment itself is predicated on evidence that proves the defendant attempted to have his then counsel, Mark Werner, pursue an unsubstantiated claim that his prosecution was politically motivated and retaliatory to his efforts to reveal drug trafficking in the Sidney, Montana area.

    This was bizarre. The Department of Justice attorneys were calling Alexander’s attempts to report the drug trafficking an obstruction of justice. Something like this was done to me by U.S. Attorney David Levi in Sacramento, California, when I sought to report high-level criminal activities. Levi and federal judges held me in criminal contempt of court for trying to report to a federal judge (under Title 18 USC Section 4) the criminal misconduct that I and several government agents and deep-cover agents discovered. It was one of hundreds of examples of DOJ attorneys covering up and obstructing justice while simultaneously filing sham charges against those courageous individuals who sought to report the criminal activities! (Further details are found in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies andDefrauding America.)

    Charging U.S. Attorney Seycora with Criminal Acts

    A September 18, 1997, letter by private investigator Darby Hinz charged Assistant U.S. Attorney Seykora with making serious false statements and omissions in Seykora’s September 15, 1997, internal memorandum. The Hinz letter charged Seykora with “a sophisticated attempt to suppress witnesses in Sidney and Chinook who may have information related to official misconduct.” The Hinz letter referred to an investigation that began in the spring of 1991. It referred to an alleged request by County Attorney Phillip Carter to Mullen, requesting Mullen to haul drugs from Canada into Montana and other points in the United States, and the misuse of prosecutor power to retaliate against Mullen when he refused to engage in the criminal activities.

    Private Investigator Reveals Official Involvement in Drugs

    In an April 18, 1999, motion titled “Ex Parte Motion To File Under Seal,” Alexander filed a motion with an attached affidavit by private investigator Darby Hinz. The affidavit was filed under Title 18 USC Section 4, and addressed the matters of “drug corruption in eastern Montana.” That motion and affidavit stated in part that U.S. Attorney Carl Rostad gave false testimony to a federal grand jury; that Rostad continued to seek an indictment against Alexander after receiving uncontroverted information indicating his innocence; that FBI agents gave false testimony, and refused to contact witnesses willing to give evidence of official involvement in drug trafficking.

    He affidavit continued, stating that former Deputy County attorney in Sidney, Phillip N. Carter, had asked Mullen to use his trucking company to haul drugs for Carter ; that an individual residing in Richland County, Montana, purchased illegal drugs from Sidney Detective David Schettine during 1994/1995; that’s attorney Mark Werner stated—contrary to the evidence and while attorney of record for Alexander —that “there was no evidence to support prosecutorial misconduct, police misconduct, malicious prosecution or other issues material to Mr. Alexander’s case.”

    Werner, protective of the heavy government involvement in drug trafficking, reportedly stated to a federal grand jury, “Mr. Alexander was delusional based on Mr. Alexander’s concerns expressed to him regarding the allegations of drug trafficking.” Not only was this attorney obstructing justice relating to the widespread drug trafficking, but he was undermining his own client and encouraging the grand jurors to indict his client! (Thirty years of dealing with attorneys makes this arrogant misconduct no surprise.) Werner’s law firm had several conflicts of interest in representing Alexander, one of which was its desire to protect involvement in drug trafficking by county and state personnel.

    The affidavit continued, stating that FBI Agent Scott Cruse was under Department of Justice investigation for drug related misconduct; that the investigation targeted Scott Cruse in a Canada to Montana smuggling operation involving Mike Huxtable of Canada, and Miami, Florida FBI Agent Terry Nelson.

    Drug Money to Montana Governor Racicot ?

    In another section of the affidavit, it stated, “funds were paid into an account at a financial institution in Switzerland, Banque Suisse, by the conspirators to current Montana Governor, Marc Racicot. The payments were made to allow the drug shipments through Montana.” Another section of the affidavit said:

    A statement from … pilot J.J. Smith [concerning] drug flights from Canada into northern Montana. The statement corroborates the accounts of Chip Tatum … in part. Smith is currently a federal prisoner having been convicted of participation in a drug smuggling conspiracy, which according to official documents involved the smuggling of 20 tons of cocaine into the United States from Colombia and Venezuela.

    Referring to FBI attempts to have witnesses give perjured testimony, the affidavit stated:

    Although not presented at trial, three videotape statements from witnesses who claim that FBI agents solicited them to give false information … the solicitation of witnesses to give false testimony by FBI agents is part of a scheme to harass or discredit attorney Arnie Hove. The harassment may be directly linked to Mr. Hove’s cooperation with the internal investigation conducted by the Department of Justice referenced herein.

    Controlling the Grand Jury

    The affidavit referred to the request of AUSA Carl Rostad to the judge for removal from the grand jury of a juror who was aware of the Justice Department misconduct. (Removal of non-cooperating jurors is another tactic used by Justice Department attorneys to make grand juries rubber-stamps for DOJ indictments.) The affidavit said that attorney Phillip N. Carter of Sidney, Montana, and Donald Ranstrom of Chinook, Montana, were also implicated in the investigation of the smuggling operation.

    Hinz ended the motion and affidavit stating: “Based on information and belief, I allege that sealed criminal indictments may now exist in Regina, Saskatchewan Provincial Courts as to individuals Terry Nelson and Mike Huxtable. Such indictments have been confirmed to Montana law enforcement personnel as well as journalists who inquired with the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police ] in Regina [Canada].”

    Explaining the Sudden Disappearance of Chip Tatum

    In other pages, and in my third edition of Defrauding America, I describe Chip Tatum‘s government-related drug smuggling activities and his sudden disappearance. Alexander explained in an April 3, 1999 letter that in one of the last of over 150 telephone conversations with Tatum, why Tatum was no longer available:

    During the last months before Tatum left the United States, he was approached by [FBI Special Agent] Terry Nelson and offered $750,000 to back off the story. Eventually Tatum reached a settlement with the “government” and an agreement to clear up his record. The person who approached Tatum with the $750,000 offer was Nelson’s brother-in-law, Mr. Olson.

    Large Numbers of State and Federal Officials Implicated

    Montana will surely be more in the news as this drug-smuggling frontier is addressed by more of the media that is willing to report these matters. The heavy involvement of state and federal personnel in obstructing justice in drug-related matters in Montana is one more example of these criminal and subversive activities.

    Another Insider With Suspicious Ties To the Drug Problem
    Selected by President Bush for a Key Government Position

    Evidence surfacing in the Iran-Contra investigation by Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh showed that the senior George Bush was in the loop with drug smugglers. Young George Bush, after becoming president of the United States, appointed Marc Racicot to head the Republican National Committee. He was one of several with questionable ties to the drug problem that was favored by the young George Bush upon becoming president.

    Washington Weekly Exposure of Montana Drug Activities

    Wesley Phelan’s articles in the Washington Weekly documented interviews with numerous people who reported the Canada-to-Montana drug trafficking and the involvement of key politicians and law enforcement personnel. Phelan interviewed over 20 people who had information about the Canadian-Montana drug operation. In a March 2, 1998, article, Phelan described his contacts with Ron Gold, a former special agent for Army Intelligence, who did numerous interviews confirming what Phelan wrote in his earlier article. Phelan also reported what he learned from other investigators.

    In his March 2 article, Phelan described his interview with Legal Advocate Melissa Buckles for the Assiniboine-Sioux tribe on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. During this interview, she described the many drug airplanes and helicopters landing at night at the remote Indian reservation, the many drug-related killings occurring on the reservation, and her charge that FBI agents in the Glasgow, Montana office were involved with protecting the drug operations. She described the cover-ups by the Billings Bureau of Indian Affairs office, and similar drug activities at other Montana Indian reservations including Fort Belknap. She described a letter Gold sent to FBI Director Louis Freeh on December 15, 1997, and never answered. That letter stated in part:

    1. South Florida FBI Agent Terry Nelson is a target of an internal agency investigation involving the drug operation….The drug smuggling operation occurred in flight routes to Nova Scotia and Chapeau Airfield in Quebec; then over to Weyburn, Saskatchewan and down into North Dakota and Montana. The major shipping zones in Montana were Sidney, Chinook, Havre and clandestine airstrips on the Fort Peck Tribal Lands. Alternative routes into Eureka, Libby, Whitefish, and Shelby may also have been used.

    3. Corrupt Montana authorities in Chinook, Sidney and the Fort Peck tribal lands coordinated protection of the smuggling operations. A prominent Montana state official received payments into accounts in the Helena Norwest Bank branch in conjunction with the multi-ton shipments of Colombian Cali-cartel heroin and cocaine.

    6. FBI agents operating out of the Glasgow office assisted the Nelson smuggling operations and involved Fort Peck tribal police as well as other tribal members in illicit activities.

    10. Two Glasgow FBI agents involved in the drug operation likely compromised dozens of investigations on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap tribal lands. Witnesses are available and have information directly linking the Glasgow FBI agents and other officials to drug related activities and violent civil rights abuses.

    In other parts of her letter, she described the many murders of people exposing the drug-related activities, including forty people murdered on one reservation alone. She added, “There are people in Montana who are clearly scared and are begging for help.” Freeh never responded to her letter and none of the witnesses were contacted.

    FBI Director Cover-up: What Else Is New!

    Buckles wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, making reference to Gold’s letter to Freeh, the failure of the FBI Director to respond, and then gave details of the serious drug smuggling problems and the involvement of Montana and FBI agents in the trafficking. She never received a response.

    Coast Guard Intelligence Officer Supported the Findings

    Another person interviewed by Washington Weekly investigator Phelan was David Hume, a former police officer and former intelligence officer with the U.S. Coast Guard from 1978 to 1991. Hume confirmed the southbound flow of drugs from Canada into Montana, adding, the drugs from Colombia “go out as far east as Bermuda and then go up to Nova Scotia. Then they would come south and be able to off-load their drugs.” Hume talked about the minimal or lack of radar coverage that permits aircraft to fly undetected from Canada into Montana. He confirmed Weyburn, Saskatchewan, as being a key drug transshipment point. He wrote:

    My sources all agree that many state and local officials in Montana, and many agents of the federal government, are involved in one way or another with smuggling drugs into the state. These claims are not new, nor are my sources the only ones making them.

    Further provocative information is provided by the following letter:



    Dennis Hansen
    350 N. Last Chance Gulch
    Helene, MT 59601

    Phone (406) 447-2000 ext. 2026 Sent via US Mail
    Re: Wire Transfer Funds/Norwest Bank of Helena

    Dear Mr. Hansen:

    I have received information concerning the electronic transfer of funds to the Norwest Bank of Helena from offshore accounts. The funds originate in the Swiss financial institution Banque Swisse and are traced to your branch. My information indicates that the fund may be linked to international drug smuggling and laundering from Canada by a Colombian group linked to Cali/Medellin cartel member Fabio Ochoa. Additionally, the funds may have been illegally in Swiss account/accounts without proper declaration and identification for U.S. tax purposes.

    My major source is concerned because of the sensitivity of the matter, and the safety of several of the witnesses could be jeopardized and requests that the matter be referred to federal authorities or investigators outside the State of Montana. My source is prepared to co-operate with the authorities and co-ordinate efforts with other witnesses, provided that they are recognized and protected according to law. It is my understanding that wire fraud transfer records exist which substantiates these claims.

    I am prepared to meet with investigators or the appropriate federal agency immediately in regards to the above.

    Very Truly yours,

    Darby Hinz



Don Dickey/Kent Duane Greve was using besides wiretap to monitor our telephone conversation…why Yarroll disabled phone Oct.1, 2013 so I had no dial tone to call out when Chris Dickey & his drug cartel crew came in early the following morning Oct 2nd, 2013 2:am to BREAKIN & murder me.

Vengence Is Gods

God’s Punishment Affixed For John Trudell, Russell Means, Dennis Banks And The American Indian Movement

It is said that it is appointed that all will taste of death and so it shall be with the body first.

Few understand the “spiritual death” or death of the spirit that awaits those who have willingly murdered, raped and sodomized children…and women…innocents whose pain they suffered at the hands of those guilty of such heinous acts of evil prove there is a Devil.

The below words explain this clearly and those I have exposed as raping murdering pedophiles DOCUMENTED…say The American Indian Movement will suffer for what they have done to innocents…just like a Hitler or those in the Catholic Church…for ALL will reap what they sowed in what they have done to others including those who are “spiritually complicit” like a Bill Bunting and a Karen Sue “Bunting’…who idolize the MURDERERS in the American Indian Movement.

The blood of those they murdered still cries from the ground for justice…say Annie Mae Aquash and her husband, Perry Ray Robinson, Leo Willcox. Buddy Lamont the up to 12 others murdered and buried at Wounded Knee.

Read and Learn and know that for some…it is to late…for their eternal destiny is “sealed” upon death of their body …say Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Bruce Ellison, David Hill…and of course…two of their groupies…Karen Sue Andras and Bill Bunting who state that ALL women can be raped by ANY man wanting to rape them!

And now I ask of you, my brethren, How will any of you feel, if ye shall stand before the bar of God, having your garments stained with blood, and all manner of filthiness?
Behold, what will these things testify against you?

Behold, will they not testify that ye are murderers, yea, and also that ye are guilty of all manner of wickedness?

And now, I have spoken the words which the Lord God hath commanded me.

And thus saith the Lord: They shall stand as a bright testimony against this people, at the judgment day; Whereof, they shall be judged, every man, according to his works, whether they be good, or whether they be evil; 

And if they be evil, they are consigned to an awful view of their own guilt and abominations, which doth cause them to shrink from the presence of the Lord, into a state of misery and endless torment, from whence they can no more return: therefore, they have drunk damnation to their own souls.

Therefore, they have drunk out of the cup of the wrath of God, which justice could no more deny unto them than it could deny that Adam should fall, because of his partaking of the forbidden fruit; therefore, mercy could have claim on them no more for ever.

And their torment is as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flames are unquenchable, and whose smoke ascendeth up for ever and ever.


And now behold I say unto you, then cometh a death, even a second death, which is a spiritual death;

Then is a time that whosoever dieth in his sins, as to a temporal death, shall also die a spiritual death: yea, he shall die as to things pertaining unto righteousness;

Then is the time when their torments shall be as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flames ascendeth up for ever and ever; And then is the time that they shall be chained down to an everlasting destruction, according to the power and captivity of Satan: he having subjected them according to his will.

Then I say unto you, They shall be as though there had been no redemption made; for they can not be redeemed according to God’s justice; and they can not die, seeing there is no more corruption.

FBI/DOJ Working with Drug Dealers/Pedophiles Kent Duane Greve and Don Dicky To Kill Native American Woman

FORWARD…Email I just sent to Dupree’s former SCAM attorney Barry Bacharach who refuses to relinquish his “executor status” per her estate status”…read THIS BLOG and wonder why THIS ATTORNEY refuses to respond and the answer is…HE WANTS HER DEAD at the hands of those he is complicit with! 

Typically, an executor must: Find the deceased person’s assets and manage them until they are distributed to inheritors. This may involve deciding whether to sell real estate or securities owned by the deceased person. Decide whether or not probate court proceedings are needed.

So now Barry Bacharach is officially connected to those below in this article I wrote about those wanting Suzanne Dupree along with the raping murdering pedophile infested American Indian Movement…and Suzanne knows from personal experience being BRUTALLY RAPED BY RUSSELL MEANS…! Not that any JEW attorney cares because they have protected these animals…Rench, Ellison, Kuzma, among others…!!!!!!!

Attention Greve, Dicky, Allen, and the FBI and their supporting crew i.e Homeland Security, Border Patrol, DEA and any and all Steven’s County Washington State Government parties “in th…

Source: FBI/DOJ Working with Drug Dealers/Pedophiles Kent Duane Greve and Don Dicky To Kill Native American Woman

Look what Suzanne Dupree Found!:) Wild SodoPornoPedo Bill Buntings FB page…hmmmmmmm….interesting how there he comes across as a real deal “Confederate”….Mr. Anti-NewWorldOrder…stupid is stupid does…”THEY” believe in and follow LUCIFER…just like Bill and Karen Sue Andras do. Ironic huh?

And the NWO folks also extol a very prominent demon and “spirit guide” Aleister Crowley…promoter of and inspires the FILTH these two partake of and in the home of YOUNG CHILDREN….Karen’s grandsons but…of course…with the approval of their “daddy” Norman who is also a fan of Crowley…

See below for further “share and tell” realizing THEY started this with their lies and threats…soooooo…”It ain’t over til it’s over”… and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel yet so guess I have to keep exposing the darkness I always have as found on using them as “Latter Day Examples Of Sodom and Gomorrah! :

My, what a chamilion! said Suzanne Dupree!


If you tolerate this,Your children will be next

PROOF the American Indian Movement of MURDERERS ARE PROTECTED BY THE FBI/US GOV.! NO wonder they murdered Annie Mae…she saw it all…the ONLY AIM MEMBER representing the Creator other then those AIM MURDERED LIKE HER!

Influenced to Death

April 2012 Dakota Conference
Truths Surface of Wounded Knee 40 Years Later


this is cute, a “few” notes on what these guys have in common,

Academic America continues to Valorize those who have put many people on a path to self destruction.

*** James Abourezk ***

father of Charles Abourezk
Arlo Looking Cloud stated at Marshall’s trial, court documents show that the now South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, & son of James Abourezk, former Senator of South Dakota, Charles Abourezk was at AIM leader, Russell Means brother, Bill Means home the night before Aquash-Pictou was executed & raped by Graham…

While the trio of Rios, Graham & Looking Cloud were on their way to Marshall’s home to pick up the gun used by Graham to execute Aquash-Pictou after raping her, & Charles Abourezk did nothing to prevent Aquash-Pictous execution or rape-beating on the orders of AIM leadership.

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johnDeeMonasDeconstruction Bunting

Confirmation Bill Bunting Is A Sodomite And Pedophile

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more” Bill “Mr. Explorer Of Every Orifis and Proud Confederate” – Bunting (706-536-8296 Text Message From)

I base this conclusion from all the text’s he sent me talking about the raping/sodomizing of innocent children. He glorified in what he shared. Said he was sodomized by demon Aleister Crowley. Said that I was sodomized by my father. And bragged about sodomizing in real life and with “toys” Karen Sue Andras who…loves to be “loved” that way according to Bunting. And the clincher was Bunting being very graphic…like from personal experience…about “sticking his finger in the anus of a child before raping the child”!

But of course you won’t see him “sharing telling” all this on his Facebook page! Yes…this is the kind of man a family wants to have around their children…unless of course that family happens to be the “Shelton/Andras family”!.

So here you go…read and learn about the SATANIC/SODOMITE spirit which Bill Bunting and Karen Sue “Bunting” and family represent in spirit, word, and deed!

Me thinks the DFS in Oberlin Ohio needs to know about how this “Beast666” thinks being he is around CHILDREN!

And I am truly thankful that Karen sicked Bunting on me after she called me in January. Nice try to say I was stalking her…LOL…she came to me on FB like Bunting. Broke the no contact order to come to Missouri to marry me.  Norman Shelton Jr. and wife Liz also broke it when they accepted the “emergency” $1500 I sent so they would’t be homeless after he lost his job and sent her other son $1000 to cover Karens travel costs. and the thousands for houses, meds, other “needs”…:)

Going fishing now…got my raft…my dog…and know where the trout are at in the Hills! But I will be back because this is not over…not in the least and just know…it was not I that started this…threatened to kill anyone…broke the marriage covenant…etc…but when YOU threaten me and are in alignment with MURDERERS who have raped and killed innocents…and because I exposed them they also want me dead…then know…I will expose you in “INTIMATE DETAIL” just like I have them!

Semper Fi and Merry Christmas

P.S. Pagan Satanic Marriage is just that…especially when the “wife” is a adulterating whore fornicating with a whoremonger!:)

Notice to all in photos here: Gotcha all lying, clumped together like a can of sardines & smelling just as foul! AIM GAME…done!

Shows that AIM is a New Age Satan Inspired Government collective of raping murdering pedophiles!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians Bahai – Hands of Cause  Mother Temple  – Seattle, Washington

Source: Gotcha Boys!

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“Confederate” Nazi Sodomite Pedophile Bill Bunting Disrespects Native Woman Suzanne Dupree AGAIN!

Submitted On
Select comment Richard Boyden
richardboydenreport.wordpress.comx In reply to billbuntingkarma.

You should know from personal experience given Russell Means was your HomoPedo RAPING OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN Hero and you were his BITCH and “WHORE” as you followed him around like a DOG IN ANAL HEAT! Billy…how did his BIG RAPING PENIS FEEL when Russell bent you over and you kept asking for more!:)

FAKE ASS CONFEDERATE inbred/incestuous sodomite who told me you not only were sodomized by “Satan’s Chief of Staff Head Demon Aleister Crowley but you LOVED IT! Which is why you LOVE YOUR GODDESS Karen Sue Andres taking up where Means left off! Tell everyone Billy boy…how many times did Crowley your DEMON hero tag your skanky ass ?:) Whoops…you can’t remember huh? Or you can’t count that high?:)

And you told me that you and Karen are making money on Porn sites doing each other with “toys” in the ANUS and in the home of Norman’s children! Bet you can’t wait to do them too like you have done other children huh? Pedophile bitch predator of children. Anyone that talks about sticking a ‘finger in a childs rectum before they/YOU ram their/YOUR penis in that child needs a bullet in their/YOUR head!

Think I will call the DFS and let them know what/WHO Norman’s twins are “NEAR”! Bet they will love to read all the texts you sent me…yep…gonna share them in DETAIL right from your number!:) Didn’t you say you were trained in this?:)

Evidently Norman Blaine Shelton Jr. and Liz and Karen want the twins to not only be like you but to experience the same huh? DFS will love talking to you and them quoting your vile filthy rants. And I will share them the BUNTING NAME in GA and FL…child rapingd sodomizing of children PEDOPHILES doing exactly to children what YOU QUOTED AND HAVE IN YOUR SICK GOING TO HELL MIND…and with your “new families approval”…hope they can laugh about this “DOWNSTAIRS” now!:)

This confirms every single text you sent me about being sodomized by CROWLEY…even that demon who lives in Normans house and confirmed when Karen called with Norman and Liz hearing him UNDER HER BED!

Legions of demons are in that home more so now with you there! Norman’s boys are CURSED NOW but they are going to be spiritually sacrificed FIRST to Crowley and/or when you RAPE THEM! All the children in the Shelton family…Kevin’s…Amanda’s can have you as their “high priest” with you and your “goddess” demonstrating “every evil sexual depraved sex act known to man” in both WORD AND DEED starting with Crowley’s personal experience in your anus first with one of YOUR FAMILY and which you have carried on that tradition to this very day!

Just like when Crowley “entered” Karen and later scratched her…OWNED she is and more HIS WHORE AND SLUT then yours:) You are his SLUT AND WHORE TOO:) LOL Just remember he LOVED SODOMIZING CHILDREN…and that is your CHILDHOOD PAST WHEN HE TAGGED YOU FIRST WITH FAMILY..common Billy…just share and tell…no…do a SKYPE on your YOUTUBE demonstrating with KAREN how PAGAN YOU BOTH ARE…

Crowley said…

….“Some men are born sodomites, some achieve sodomy, and some have sodomy thrust upon them…” — The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz…

This is you Bunting is ALL 3 thanks to your family and of course…being sodomized by Crowley your “god” personally which you have done to other children and obviously want to do to those in the Shelton family…and obviously with their approval given you are accepted as “one of them”!

All Billy can do is rag on and lie about old men and women…threaten them but no offer to meet in person yet because I OWN HIM and he damn well knows what would happen at the hands of someone who he has threatened…punk ass coward!:) Got to talk about “brothers” and “cops” because he is a COWARD!:) 1911 vs. Glock 40:)

Won’t say anything to our face…Hey Billy boy go to Washington and threaten Dupree there to her face and see who is the BITCH! Not you though…key board masturbation mouth COWARD! She would bury your punk ass …chicken chit punk! Call her a Prairie Nigger to her face PUNK!

Let me know if you want to go there and given you have threatened me THREE TIIMES…I will be there ok? Be sure and bring your “Springfield” and let’s see who can put a bullet in the head of who FIRST!:) Common Billy…let’s play this game you started…OK? I have more respect for the gooks in the Nam because they had BALLS! Not you PUNK ASS BITCH…tell me all the shit you have said to me in TEXT in person! Want to play this game in real life huh? LETS DO IT!:)

Not you…BITCH!:) Want to meet her husband and talk to him? Not you BITCH!:) Want to go to Pine Ridge with Karen and call them Prairie Niggers to their face?:) There are some “Prairie Nigger” VETERANS waiting for your punk and your slut whore …but not you BITCH!

Your game time is about up…Some Praire Niggers been cruzin through Oberlin…guess they did their own search…and found where you are located…:) got your pic taken and they are waitin are gonna be dealt with in more ways then one for what you have been doing and saying to Dupree and when you least expect it…talkin about Native Women deserving to be raped…and murdered and threatening Suzanne watch your back boy!:)

As far as hell…this experience below is for your eyes only…one just like YOU! But I know you won’t believe it and for sure that would be the last thing I would want…really…because I want what this man experienced for YOU to experience:) Gonna ask for “front seat tickets”…so I can watch and see you suffer! Yeppers…BURN BABY BURN!

Your HomoPedoHero Crowley died a wasted heroin addict given to rages and doubts. His last words were “I am perplexed…” Crowley worshipped the demon god Pan, the god of sexuality and lust. His “Hymn to Pan” was read at his funeral: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend/ Everlasting world without end!”


From a Wall Street Reporter…


I know we talk about Heaven and Hell and we talk about what you think Heaven is and what Hell is. Well I have spoken with a man who told me about Hell.

It was 1996 and I was reporting stories on burned churches. Outside of Jackson, Tenn., one of the churches had been burned so I was walking around looking at the burned out shell and I saw some folks watching me from a nearby house so I went over and introduced myself.

We started talking about the fire and then unprompted the gentleman told me “whoever did this don’t know what they have opened themselves up to. Burning God’s house? Going to be a deep chamber of Hell waiting on them.”

I asked him what he meant. He looked at me and said they are heading to the other place. “Other place?”

I asked him to explain. His wife cut in and said he died briefly and went to that other place – Hell.

Well the reporting about the arson kind of took a back seat to this for me and we got into a discussion.
The gentleman had not been particularly nice during his life. He professed belief but he had been filled with hatred and harshness and had not walked the walk.

The man was in the hospital and slipped away. He said he had a heart attack while lying in the hospital bed.
He said there was no floating above his body, no bright lights. One second he was feeling a deep pain in his chest and the next he was in a place with tremendous darkness but overwhelming heat.

He said there was no light but he was aware there were flames there and the heat was suffocating and millions of anguished souls were screaming at the torment. He said he couldn’t breath because of the heat and he was thinking “Oh God help me.”
He said he wanted to ask God for forgiveness but realized he could not say the words – that while he could think it – physically God was closed off to him. The despair was immeasurable.

Then he came back to this world. He felt like he’d been gone for a long time but his heart had only stopped for seconds. He said he had lived all the years since hopefully trying to correct his ways.
The vision he painted has stayed with me the last 20 years.

Earth Day huh…Pagan PUNK!

Karen’s blood and that of her family will be on YOUR HEAD and in spite of their being a part of this darkness now. But you…even if you tried to repent now…TO LATE! JUDAS IS YOUR NAME>>>SON OF PERDITION>>>NO FORGIVENESS IN TIME OR ETERNITY!



Sexual Misery
The sexual misery program is to intentionally distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual energies, therefore spiritual energies, in human beings incarnated on this planet. It is intended to create sexual predators in the human race, mostly people that have addiction issues that are easily harvested for their sexual energy. (See Golums).

The Archontic Deception Strategy is directly to inflict Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and sexual slaves on this planet, starting as early and young as possible. This means the children of earth are targeted for inflicting Sexual Misery Mind Control programming through a variety of hidden agendas, such as Genital Mutilation, Sexual Scams, and using forms of Emotional Manipulation to get them to submit to non-consensual sexual activity or Seducer Archetype behaviors. Children are not mentally nor emotionally equipped to discern what adults true motivations are, and grow up into adults that repeat the same abuse they suffered as children.

Upon hijack of these 4D energy centers Astral Plane, False White Light, false Christ consciousness grids False Ascension were eventually used here to misguide human beings. The damage promoted in these centers also resulted in emotional distortions and aberrant accumulated energies in the lower bodily energy centers.

This was taken advantage of by the negative aliens to splinter the soul energies, rather than integrate and heal it, by controlling the sexual energies. By promoting distortions around the sexual act, gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent, our race descended into sexual misery and in many cases, forms of sexual slavery.

This is known as the “sexual misery program” propagated and controlled by the Moon Chain (lunar) lineages of the NAA on the earth. (These are lineages not indigenous to the earth but came through the process of invasion and deception.) These are multiple layers of architecture and mind control that have been artificially created to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human beings sexual life force, and it is a violation against the human soul.

The main collection center for sexual misery is called the NRG network that is the central hub in the UK.

These actions wound the Soul Matrix body, as the trauma level in events such as rape or sexual torture, fragment the soul into near destruction.

When the soul fragments from any kind of intense trauma, it shuts down the soul connection, heart connection and systematically splinters the layers of the mental bodies.

If this is not healed, the soul fragments are unable to embody at all, and exist in fragments strewn across the planetary consciousness grids.

The physical result is a disconnected soul from its incarnated human body. (The soul is outside the physical self, may exist in millions of fragments, rather than integrated to be embodied.)

Generally a human incarnated with soul disconnection and therefore mental fragmentation through severe trauma, is used in servitude and bindings to a Satanic Force of Imposter Spirit.

This disconnection is the result of most all human brain dysfunction and related psychological distortions, many that are clinical references to schizoid, narcissism, and all personality disorders. Once a soul is fragmented the body is very easy to control or possess.

Contents [hide]
1 Golums
2 AD Strategy 3: Sexual Abuse and Misery
3 Sexual Slavery
4 Sex Trafficking
5 Seducer Archetype
6 Sexual Scams
7 References
8 See Also Golums

Golum were created to collect the energy in people or at the NRG center tributaries of collecting energy from the planet.

There seems to be a special kind of Golum that works in direct alliance with “sexual predator” energy, as it maximizes the yield by numbers of targets or deviant levels of behavior that yield the numbers they want. Their NRG and Moloch networks are heavily involved with various levels of pornography, especially child pornography.

AD Strategy 3: Sexual Abuse and Misery
Sexual abuse and Sexual Misery are preferred by AD because it serves many purposes for torturing human beings into submission and enslavement by the NAA.

1. The sexual energies can be stolen and used by the Black Magician or the sexual predator as a “reward” system to carry out AD behaviors.

2. Vaginal or anal rape can yield soul energies that are siphoned and bound to the human or demonic entity that has committed the act of rape. Raping children is the most productive way to steal soul energy and create soul damage in the child which becomes an adult with dissociative, split or narcisstic personalities. Many raped children suffer with soul bindings to demonic and satanic entities, both human and nonhuman. The most common soul binding used in child rape and Genital Mutilation in SRA is the demonic altar of Moloch.

3. The dissatisfaction with sexuality and dysfunctional fears that are generated within sexual relations create misery, pain and torment for many humans on the earth. This misery if not healed erupts into deviations, perversions and fetishes which are further satanically controlled through whatever means.

This disconnects the person from soul, and the great void of pain generates addiction, many times within the sexual energies of the person whom is desperate for relief from personal anxiety or pain. In many cases this pain creates a double life or duplicity, the person appears normal in their day job, and yet behind the scenes is addicted to deviant behavior as an outlet for anxiety.[1][2]

Sexual Slavery
The sexual misery architecture is fed by sexual slavery which is rampant. A case study of sexual slavery and how it is harbored thorough silence is shared in the below video with a beautifully courageous woman, Sunitha Krishman.[Sexual Slavery and Trafficking of Children]
Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimilion-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives.
The above video is one such case study of how this insidious infection of an alien predator has harmed our planet, our children, our human values.

This is a type of psychospiritual warfare against humanity to warp values that allow us to have caring for each other or reverence for life. If more of us can view this “objectively” as an artificial structure operating from the negative alien influence, and are willing to face the truth of what has happened to this planet, it will cease to operate. That is our collective goal, for those who really wish to be free and help to free others like these children ( in the video above) who were not protected from this predator force.

Sex Trafficking
In the wake of globalization and the resultant marginalization and alienation of large sections of humanity, sex trafficking has become a matter of urgent concern today worldwide. In India alone, over 200 thousand women and children are inducted into the flesh trade every year. The state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest suppliers of women and children for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Economic hardships coupled with the prevailing status of women in society, and changing public attitudes towards sex and morality creates the context for the flourishing of this modern-day form of slavery.

A disturbing fact is that the age of the children is progressively declining to meet the male demand for younger prostitutes. There is a widely held belief that sex with children, especially virgins, will cure sexually transmitted diseases and prevent one from contracting HIV/AIDS.

One of every four victims rescued from prostitution is a child, and 60% of these children are HIV positive.[3]

Seducer Archetype (BILL BUNTING)

… a “seducer” archetype is very energetically profitable to siphon for an ego controlled by sexual addiction and hooked into the mass consciousness Sexual Misery program. When a human being is “choosing” to play out the game of seducer, they are in unconscious consent to be energetically implanted to feed the NRG network and spread its NRG Implants. If they continue to play the seducer game, the addiction matrix will become fused within their 2nd Chakra and energy body or Lightbody.

From Seducer Archetype.

Sexual Scams
Given this knowledge of the sacred nature of human sexual organs as portals of consciousness, along with the Archontic Deception Strategy of Sexual Misery programming, it is important to be aware of why the earth has so many corrupt leaders and powerful people using Sexual Scams.

What is a sexual scam? A dishonest approach to manipulate sexuality with intentional use of ambiguous words and body language that hide the truth of the deception behind the real motivation and intended actions of the person behind it.[4]

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In the wake of globalization and the resultant marginalization and alienation of large sections of humanity, sex trafficking has become a matter of urgent concern today worldwide. In India alone, over 200 thousand women and children are inducted into the flesh trade every year. The state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest suppliers of women and children for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Economic hardships coupled with the prevailing status of women in society, and changing public attitudes towards sex and morality creates the context for the flourishing of this modern-day form of slavery.

A disturbing fact is that the age of the children is progressively declining to meet the male demand for younger prostitutes. There is a widely held belief that sex with children, especially virgins, will cure sexually transmitted diseases and prevent one from contracting HIV/AIDS. One of every four victims rescued from prostitution is a child, and 60% of these children are HIV positive.

Sonu’s family condition was poor, as her parents were daily wage earners. Seeing their daily struggles for survival, she often felt like helping her family. One day she met a lady who offered her a garment factory job in Pune. Without giving a second’s thought, she travelled with her to the city, hoping to earn money for her parents. To her shock, upon arrival Sonu was handed over to a brothel where she was forced to do prostitution. Although she was rescued two months later and kept in a government home, she escaped to continue helping her family and returned to prostitution by her own will. She also brought her sister to join her in Pune. Finally they were caught in a raid at a hotel and were sent through court order to Prajwala.

Sonu’s story reflects the experience of thousands of young girls from vulnerable circumstances who fall into traps of deception by people (traffickers) who promise them a better life. Yearning to escape dire poverty, debt or domestic abuse, these girls—most of whom come from rural villages with no educational background—are easily lured by the prospects of a stable job and the glamour of seemingly prosperous cities.
The traffickers act very nicely, pretending to care for the girls’ well-being and offer their support; as a result the girls trust them and believe that they will sincerely help them secure a decent job or career in areas such as modelling, acting, etc. Most girls have no idea they are being trafficked until they reach the brothel where they are sold to a pimp or madam and forced to provide sexual services to 10-15 men per day. Those who refuse to succumb to the demands of prostitution are beaten, raped and tortured to the point where they have no choice but to surrender.

Sex trafficking not only results in a severe violation of human rights but also causes adverse physical, psychological and moral consequences for the victims. All hopes and dreams of a better life are shattered and over time the girls become penniless, mentally broken and affected with serious or life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. The journey of sex trafficking destroys the body, mind and soul of a victim, and fundamentally takes away her capacity to trust herself or anyone around her.

The damage done is deep rooted and often irreversible, as the sense of rejection, betrayal and numbness that a trafficked women or girl goes through makes her lose faith in humanity. Skewed identity, poor self-worth and learnt helplessness also make her believe there is no hope for her in the outside world and her destiny is to sell her body.

Today, sex trafficking in women and children is one of the fastest growing areas of national and international criminal activity. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, and has created complex criminal networks – at times, with the patronage of those in power. Lack of suitable laws and law enforcement machinery add to the problem.

Sexual_Misery is YOU! Karen and Family and why you want to be with the CHILDREN!


This is why you are the SATANIC SICK PUKE YOU ARE and want to do the same to KAREN and SHE WILLINGLY ACCEPTS as does her family and THEY/YOU are targeting the children for the same! Say DFS/FBI!

Moloch is defined as both the receptacle “battery” tank and the quality of collected satanic force that intentionally promotes sexual predators that perpetrate the use Victim-Victimizer software in the form of any kind of violence and abuse, especially sexual abuse focused upon the soul capture of children. This is a Archontic Deception Behavior and strategy.

This program starts at childhood and remains as a “attached” Moloch software that can infect the multidimensional bodies, especially with genital implants, a device that takes sexual energy into adulthood. A child that is infected with Moloch, will grow into adulthood and in high probability, exchange roles from the victim to the victimizer to perpetuate the “moloch” sexual energy capture program. This is used to create Sexual Misery for the child as s/he grows into adulthood.

Various levels of child abuse will exacerbate the perversion of addiction to the Moloch program into adulthood. The Moloch abuse directly results in Sexual Misery programming, where the child’s sexual confusion, gender confusion, marital confusion, traumatizes the emotional body and therefore the soul, propagating abusive types of relationships, both interpersonal and intimate, based on the learned patterns of dysfunction and abuse.

The Moloch worship Mind Control is related to the Moon Chain lineages and Saturn Blood Worship who are karmically responsible for the sexual misery programs which have stolen sacred marriage and sacred sexuality away from the general population of earth. This has been greatly accomplished through the NRG network by promoting hatred, guilt and shame upon all matters related to sexuality, as well as promoting Addiction related sexual release while being fully disconnected from one’s sexual partners. These behaviors are described in the Archontic Deception Behavior profile and NAA strategy for human Mind Control.

Moloch is a soul binding Satanic entity used in SRA rituals. Many times the term “Moloch” is used in the satanic ritual to collect and disperse the human beings vital energies to demonics, the spirits of “Satanism”. When a percentage of the human beings vital forces and spiritual energies are collected by Satanic spirits, the person is high risk for soul binding, dark manipulation and possession. See Dark Force Manipulation Methods.
Contents [hide]
1 Abraham Blood Covenant is Moloch
2 Dismantling Moloch Networks
3 Moloch Case Study Dismantle
4 Genital Mutilation
5 Some Suggested Tools
6 References
7 See Also

Abraham Blood Covenant is Moloch
As an example, a Blood Covenant is made with the anti-Christ forces in the name of Yahweh who transfer the soul binding rites to the Moloch during circumcision. The blood spilled from the baby marks a claim on the Soul to be bound to the Moloch entity which is directed to the Yahweh collective, an Annunaki faction of the NAA, that pose as False Gods to lure humanity into servitude bindings in the afterlife.

“God concluded a covenant with Abraham (Gen. xv. 18, xvii. 2, 7) by which He entered into a special relationship with him and his descendants for all time; and as a sign of this covenant he enjoined on them the rite of Circumcision. This Abrahamitic covenant, expressive of the religious character of the descendants of Abraham as the people of Yhwh, the one and only God, was renewed on Mount Sinai when, before the giving of the Law, Israel as a people pledged itself to keep His covenant (Ex. xix. 8). After the giving of the Law Moses sprinkled “the blood of the covenant sacrifice” half upon the people and half upon the altar of the Lord (Ex. xxiv. 6-8), to signify the mystical union of Israel and its God. Of this “everlasting” Sinaitic covenant between God and Israel the Sabbath is declared to be the sign forever (Ex. xxxi. 13-17).

At the same time the tables of the Law upon which the pledge was made were called “the book of the covenant” (Ex. xxiv. 7), and the Ten Commandments “the words of the covenant” (Ex. xxxiv. 28); and so the tables containing these became “the tables of the covenant” (Deut. ix. 9, 15).”[1]

Dismantling Moloch Networks
Dear Es Family,
Some recent changes in the planetary field have given rise to an update which interestingly coincides with a day of “independence”. This topic is complex, and is a part of the puzzle that is directly related to the ultimate dismantling of the Sexual Misery programs, the NRG Grids, and the SRA bindings of the human soul that begin at birth to childhood and through adulthood.

I have recorded a brief update about the Satanic entity which is being revealed as a satanic grid structure and feeding network which is to be referred to as “Moloch”. Moloch is a satanic network that is used by both NAA entities, humans and non physical beings, such as Fallen Angelics. Also see Black Magic/Thoth/Crowley Grid . [2]

This is the energy signature and satanic webbing network that is related to all Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and other forms of violence directed to humanity that starts at birth to childhood. This satanic network and its receptacle containers (like battery tanks) is able to be observed, viewed extensively in the planet itself, in various dimensional layers littered all over the globe.

Moloch Case Study Dismantle
The first battery tank of the Moloch receptacle was given to ES community for the following objectives:
1. Learn the architecture and how to source and find the network of Molochs used in the SRA network on earth,
2. Dismantle the Moloch receptacle and provide transits, clearing and routing to the various levels of human being attached or bound to it,
3. Reset communication networks to Krystal Star and remove any Anubian Black Hearts this receptacle was consuming or “eating” as a battery source, at all levels planetary, collective, individuals and specific to children,
4. Reclaim genitals and intercourse between conscious, caring and loving individuals to experience sacred union or Hieros Gamos.,
5. Discover the many tributaries this intersects with the NRG and the sexual misery “programs” through the Molochs,
6. Identify the source of trauma to reclaim body parts, vital essences and innocence stolen from this specific satanic “Moloch” network,
7. Identify that all baby or childhood genital cutting, such as male or female circumcision, completed for whatever purposes, is a SRA program that gives Moloch signature to the person’s genitals,
8. The Moloch program can be passed through acts of sexual violence, or if a partner involved with previous sexual violence has sexual intercourse with another person, who is not sexually violent. (i.e. if a wife has sex with her husband who is a “hidden” rapist or pederast, he will pass the Moloch program to her genitals.)

Moloch is defined as both the receptacle “battery” tank and the quality of collected satanic force that intentionally promotes sexual predators that perpetrate the use Victim-Victimizer software in the form of any kind of violence and abuse, especially sexual abuse focused upon the soul capture of children.

This program start at childhood and remains as a “attached” Moloch software that can infect the multidimensional bodies, especially with genital implants, a device that takes sexual energy into adulthood. A child that is infected with Moloch, will grow into adulthood and in high probability, exchange roles from the victim to the victimizer to perpetuate the “moloch” sexual energy capture program. Various levels of child abuse will exacerbate the perversion of addiction to the Moloch program into adulthood.

Satanics are aware who controls the mind, controls the soul. By starting sexual trauma as young as possible, they hope to fragment the mind as well as the soul. When a person is sexually traumatized it is the worst damage one can commit to the soul, and that act alone can fragment the personality into multiple personality disorder.

When this occurs the satanics can bind or use the person much more easily, and so the goal of sexual torture is mental fragmentation as well as soul fragmentation. CIA programs test the use of sexual domination or torture, ( such as MK Ultra) and use orgasm as a form of mind control as they are well aware of the power over the individual body and collective humanity to controlled subservience through acts of sexual abuse.

Genital Mutilation
It was made clear to me that male circumcision at birth is a Moloch program promoted through Religious Violence Mind Control. The cutting of foreskin and the bundle of nerves in that area of the penis creates dysfunction in the penis from its inherent design of being involved as the conduit of heart and soul energy that is potentially transmitted during intercourse between a male and a female. From the guardian perspective, this is genital mutilation. Apparently the male sex organ is designed to act as a transference rod of energy which is one part of the paired energy circuit exchanged between the polarities of the human body to unite together, whereby both partners experience “union” with the Creator, expanding bliss and ecstatic energies of love between both partners. To disrupt that “circuit” from forming during sexual intercourse, circumcision was introduced.

At this time when and if this resonates with you, we can reclaim sexual parts as well as recognize levels of trauma committed to our “innocence”, especially through sexual experiences. If this feels complete for you personally, then this is an impact you may observe more in the world around you, and you may be called upon to help release Moloch programs.

Some Suggested Tools
1. Resign From Moloch Matrix
2. Consecrate your genitals as holy objects dedicated to the purposes of God/Christ
3. Practice conscious loving sexual acts and be loving and appreciative of your genitals
4. Bless all children as Children of God, claimed in the Christ or Krystal Star
5. Clear all implants or structure you become aware of
6. Send all beings bound to Moloch in SRA to Mother Arcs Aqua Portal, set up portal for this specific reason

Heartfelt gratitude for our community in being open to explore this difficult topic. Even though this is very difficult material, this shift to reveal the Moloch’s is very optimistic in that the structures of “energetic” containment are being revealed so that they can be dismantled from use. This is extremely positive news. This is a longer term awareness so just allow this information to settle and do not feel pressurized to act, this is just for your information if it indeed becomes relevant in your life.[3]

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Annie Mae Aquash Murdered by John Trudell and the American Indian Movment

Murderer Clyde Bellecourt Cursing ASU With His Presence

Annie Mae Aquash RAPED AND MURDERED BY AIM..2 members convicted


Bellecourt, Banks, Trudell and Absourek agreed to MURDER Aquash


Fake Punk Ass “Indian” MURDERER OF INNOCENTS being complicit in the MURDER and RAPE of Annie Mae Aquash, MURDER of Black Man Perry Ray Robinson and 12 others at Wounded Knee in 1973. Convicted of selling 5000 HITS OF LSD to Native Youth and others. He needs to be tried and hung. Makes CUSTER look good because Custer never claimed to be a INDIAN! Russell Means…GANG RAPIST! I know of TWO women he raped. Murdered Jancita Eagle Deer……among OTHERS!



ANYONE who believes these MURDERERS is not American Indian any more then they are!
Featured Image -- 1400

Karen Sue Andras Complicit In Death Threats Targeting Yours Truly!

The features benefits and advantages of documenting the raping murdering and pedophile history of the American Indian Movement is of course to be jacketed by them with lies and death threats. Their history is contaminated with the blood of murdered innocents as documented on my blog and elsewhere including on the Operation Morning Star web page which also includes photos of deliveries to the “grass roots Oyate” on Lakota/Dakota Reservations in South Dakota.

Add to AIM’s history of personal threats from “their followers” is the Facebook message on this blog sent from  John Trudell to me PERSONALLY in which he said “we have been watching you for a while”. That “while” goes back to me exposing the brutal rape and murder of his “sister” Annie Mae Aquash and other innocents by his “brotherhood of demons” and “natural born killers”!

One of Trudells most profound commentaries about that being “natural” was when he stated “There is no such thing as sin, guilt and shame…it is all bullshit”. He called it external programming. He was right…from Jesus Christ and which he rejected as does AIM. Instead Trudell and those like him accept and internalize the “other external programming” from the “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” which their “sins” demonstrate and are inspired by their “creator” Satan himself. This is why Trudell I know for a fact he is in hell suffering with fellow MURDERERS! I wrote an “obituary” just for him!

Trudell mentioned me on his FB page…lying and saying he did not know who I was in the least and that I was a “stalker of his followers”:) The truth is that I was “friending” as many as I could to tell the truth about his history and that of AIM raping and murdering in cold blood Annie Mae Aquash which is the real reason why he blocked me:)

After Karen Sue Andras my “wife”:) left me…she sent me a series of sexually graphic texts about what she wanted to do with Trudell…say “oral sex” and “24/7 fornication” and more which now has been confirmed by Bill Bunting in a text saying she went to see him and did just that.

So my gut was right when there was a “misty photo” of a WHITE “left hand/arm” around Trudell but no face. Andras is left handed and WHITE!:)

On his FB page Trudell said his “private investigator” had told him I was in Ava Missouri. Why would he hire a PI to find that out over a FB intrusion from someone he didn’t know publicly but in his private message said otherwise. Say Karen Sue Andras!

In the FB message he “said I would get my chance”:) That was interpreted as a death threat in conjunction with Trudell’s history of covering up the murder of 12 innocents at Wounded Knee in 1973. Of course Trudell has no more chances for anything!

Andras has now done the same thing with Bill Bunting…another death threat and AFTER she called me 4 times in January and then gave my contact information to Bunting which in a email was the first death threat plus 2 more in texts which I have.

The biggest LIE in his email is that I was “stalking her” to kill her and her family. That’s funny…she is the one that broke the “no contact order”, asked me to marry her, and came to Missouri and lived there. From all that Bunting says about what they do in graphic sexual filthy evil “visuals”…she must be alive and well and this Friday they are having a Satan sponsored “Pagan Wedding” with Satan giving them as a “Wedding Present” a free one way eternal trip to hell to be with their heroes John Trudell, Russell Means as well as all the other “devils” who Satan owns in time and eternity.

Andras’s son and daughter in law…Norman and Liz also broke the no contact order too by talking to me…thanking me…AFTER I gave him $1500 for two months rent after he lost his job. I offered to do that because I “use people for money”!:) Andras told me about their possibly losing their home where they and their “twins” lived and not having a place to live. So I stepped up because that is ME!

In talking my attorney and to a friend and officer of the law last night…we all decided I should add Karen Sue Andras to the “death threat” filed on Trudell and the one on Bunting. I have take the time to do that but for sure it will be done next month when I am in that area. So if anything happens to me…it won’t be hard to connect the dots!:)

Need to mention before I forget…Andras’s second husband ended up dead from a “gunshot” and there is NO HISTORY of any dead bodies in my past…for whatever that is worth

I guess this could be considered my “wedding present” !

God does work in “mysterious ways” !

Featured Image -- 1328

YIKES…Anna James Just Showed Up…Poor Bunting and His Lying Whore

This post is dedicated to Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue” FB) who both commune with the raping murdering of children Demon Aleister Crowley. Bunting texted me and said…

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby (both pedophiles) should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman (or child) they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- 

“Wow…never had skype sex in the morning with Karen ….nothing like watching a fres spirited open sexual lady enjoy her toys from the store….that was satisfying….this sodomy/dark sex thing is very deep and mutual  as we explore every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…” 

Bunting and Andras who idolize beasts who RAPE AND MURDER  WOMEN and CHILDREN can be reached at 706-536-8296


There is an obvious pattern to “Make Up Artists” whose “spiritual DNA” predisposes them to fabricate stories about and jacket with lies those who expose real raping murdering pedophiles because those are “their brotherhood” who are guilty of such crimes as committed by the American Indian Movement and which are documented by AIM witnesses. At least 12 innocents at Wounded Knee in 1973. Of those were 3 Vietnam era nurses who witnessed the cold blood murder of the “NIGGER” as they called him…Perry Ray Robinson. But before they were murdered they were GANG RAPED which is a favorite visual for rapist Bill Bunting and his “Whore” because according to them (and FAMILY OF) ALL women are deserving of RAPE including Native American women.

First Nations Woman Annie Mae Aquash was gang raped by Bunting’s fellow HomoHeros and then shot in the head…while praying for her 2 children…pushed over a small cliff to bleed out and freeze to death. Orders proven to be given by AIMster leaders and their “Syrian Sioux” homo handler then Senator James Abourezk ( CLICK HERE TO READ) after he got a call from John Trudell who shared all that Annie shared with him about the corruption, murders, pedophile activities of these animated by Satan animals like Bill Bunting and who Karen Andras “loves/likes” and who is a putrid vile excuse of a woman let alone a mother because of her immersion in the race hating spiritual condition she has clothed herself with and in her associating with a feral beast who thinks ALL WOMEN deserve being RAPED!

Andras spawns more lies then a whore does tricks out of a Las Vegas brothel but then again…that is how she wants to be treated…just call and ask her if she has time given according to her “he/she”, she is busy full time inserting a dildo in Bills anus.

This pathological tag team of pond scum that one would sees if they passed by feces filled city sewage plant have been telling folks I am “Anna James”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to out for these two porno reality show stars. Just wanted to wait long enough for their “groupies” to swallow the bait. All in good time ya know.

So this is who Anna James is. She has been fighting for the freedom of 4 Yankton Sioux men who were framed/jacketed with lies after the order of what the whore and whoremonger are so vainly trying to do with me.

Here she is and if you think that is me…then you are a “transvestite lover” like Bunting which Andras helps him so they can role play together.

News stories about Anna James

Anna James on youtube

Relative of the men she has tried to help

Andras was lusting for one of them:) More of a man then the PeeWeeBilly who began suffering from a from a sexual identity crisis when he was REALLY anally raped by someone in his incesteous family. So to hide that TRUTH…he has to project who he is in real life with lies about me! LOVE IT…and tell me who is OWNED!:) !!!!

This pattern is exactly the historical template I have had the honor of experiencing with his fellow HomoHero AIMsters. Expose them and be threatened and lied about. Of course he has the help of a Andras and that is because she loves AIM too…and is “spiritually complicit” in their death threats targeting me with her “he/she”.

Funny thing is…ALL those that threaten me never show up…nope…not Trudell when he threatened me…but…being the coward he was…he waited to long and his body is “maggot food” and his spirit is with his “KarmaGod” SATAN because he betrayed a REAL WOMAN (leaves the whore Andras out) who exposed raping murdering pedophiles.

Read THIS about who AIM is.

Read THIS and THIS about their in hell hero Trudell.

Read THIS about Trudells “KarmaKonsequences” as he experienced and IS when he entered the “spirit world”!

Speaking of KARMA…Trudell was complicit in the rape and murder of Annie Mae and then her husband who AIM murdered the next day after they killed her…burnt him to death..disabled FULL BLOOD Native MAN.

Add to that Trudells in the know about the other’s at Wounded Knee…plus his buddy PEDOPHILE Dennis Banks giving the order to shoot Robinson the “nigger” and shooting Buddy Lamont in the back…having Leo Wilcox burnt to death and the list goes on and on…well BillBuntingKarma… looks like your KARMA GOD tagged your “NoSnitchBITCH” hero with KarmaKancer… hint hint…:)


There are AIM witnesses to ALL their crimes including “Leadership” like Russell Means who raped Suzanne Dupree and Doris Repects Nothing sister and murdered Jancita Eagle Deer…who’s lying throat was ripped out by GOD…his spirit in HELL with Trudell!:) (And where Bunting and Andras will go to join them there when MY GOD deals with them and HE will for HE decides when each of us will come before HIM!)

No worries about me ever coming to OHIO. Andras BROKE THE NO CONTACT ORDER to come to me to MARRY ME!:) NEVER stalked her to “kill her and family” and trust me…I do know how to KILL!

She STALKED ME for that reason and to get some money for her son NORMAN to pay his RENT after he lost his job…1500 bucks! I found 4 houses for her…paid down and lost $ but that is OK because MY GOD knows the truth and HE WILL vindicate me and those stories Karen knows about including those that threatened me in NAM…not enough body parts to put in a bag:) We called it “bagged and tagged” and there were REAL MEN who were there and with me including my best buddy who was a VC POW for 2 years…and then they killed him….a MAN compared to a PUNK ASS BITCH like Bill Bunting…all talk…chirp chirp chirp…making up filthy lies about this 68 year old COMBAT VETERAN who is waiting on Billy BOY!:) Come and threaten me to my FACE…ok? MAN UP “Mr. Sodomite In HEAT”!

Like I said and will REPEAT…Andras was removed by MY GOD because she wanted to be a “WHORE AND A SLUT” …her words…with her demon possessed soul’s spiritual desires and wanting to experience every single foul filthy degenerate evil and sick sexual experience that Satan could inspire and sure enough MY PRAYERS TO HAVE HER REMOVED WERE ANSWERED AND MY GOD FOUND BILL BUNTING!

Got to go now…”on the road again”:) Going “fishing”…I think… not sure…:) Dealing with that PTSD…not sure where I will end up actually…..hmmmmmmmmmmm… but no worries it won’t be OHELLO!

But…BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT… I sure hope none of those “Prairie Niggers” from CLEVELAND AIM show up at your wedding…ya know what I mean ya all?:) Could very well cause a disruption so to speak. After all…your heroes are SERIAL RAPISTS OF NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN aren’t they Bill and Karen?

Did you invite GHOST DOG…your Prairie Nigger FRIEND ON FB? Hope you don’t introduce him to your “he/she” because he will end up being “physically disabled”. Oh…and no “HoneyBunnsMoon” to Pine Ridge…ok? WAIT…I take that back…PLEASE GO THERE and let me know when you are leaving and I will inform the folks at Wounded Knee you are on your way to see Barbara so they can give you a “Prairie Nigger” reception exclusively just for you!

Almost forgot Billy…you might be getting a call from one of 4 brothers of Suzanne Dupree’s hubby:) He would like to meet you IN PERSON…OK? Ya ready to talk about Suzanne with him…or THEM? In fact…two live right next door to OHIO! So be sure and answer that phone…ya here!?

Have a nice night and sweet dreams of better things to come…and that is a MY GOD ASSURED PROMISE…say the LAKE OF FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!


Featured Image -- 1400

Proof John Trudell and JEW Bruce Ellison Were Complicit In The Murder Of Annie Mae Aquash!

This post is dedicated to Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue” FB) who both commune with the raping murdering of children Demon Aleister Crowley. Bunting texted me and said…

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby (both pedophiles) should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman (or child) they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”-

“Wow…never had skype sex in the morning with Karen ….nothing like watching a fres spirited open sexual lady enjoy her toys from the store….that was satisfying….this sodomy/dark sex thing is very deep and mutual as we explore every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…”

Bunting and Andras who idolize beasts who RAPE AND MURDER OF WOMEN and CHILDREN can be reached at 706-536-8296


Related image 




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Lakota Barbara High Pine, Karen Andras And Her “Native Women Deserve Rape” Man!

This post is dedicated to Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue” FB) who both commune with the raping murdering of children Demon Aleister Crowley. Bunting texted me and said…

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby (both pedophiles) should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman (or child) they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”-

“Wow…never had skype sex in the morning with Karen ….nothing like watching a fres spirited open sexual lady enjoy her toys from the store….that was satisfying….this sodomy/dark sex thing is very deep and mutual as we explore every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…”

Bunting and Andras who idolize beasts who RAPE AND MURDER OF WOMEN and CHILDREN can be reached at 706-536-8296


This post is dedicated to Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras (“Karen Sue” FB) who both commune with the raping murdering of children Demon Aleister Crowley. Bunting texted me and said…

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby (both pedophiles) should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman (or child) they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”- 

“Wow…never had skype sex in the morning with Karen ….nothing like watching a fres spirited open sexual lady enjoy her toys from the store….that was satisfying….this sodomy/dark sex thing is very deep and mutual  as we explore every orifice and fulfill each sick twisted sex act known to man…” 

Bunting and Andras who idolize beasts who RAPE AND MURDER OF WOMEN and CHILDREN can be reached at 706-536-8296

 Pine Ridge…

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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