Ah, yes…it is unbelievable celebrities think they can sway the public on an unrepentant, cold-blooded murderer….

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THIS is unbelievable, Harry Belefonte fundraising along with others, a benefit concert for Peltier s freedom or clemency…


(Hey, Harry…how would you like your daughter to have a gun put in her mouth, like Peltier did to Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou, before she was raped & executed by John Graham on AIM leaderships orders…to protect Peltier & his bragging to Anna Mae about murdering the two young FBI agents)….?


This concert is happening now!!!!

Why do celebrities feel they need or should be allowed to interfere with a courts decision against a murderer of two young men?

Peltier is NOT a political prisoner, he is a unrepentant cold-blooded murderer….

Celebrities need to entertain us, not try & sway our decision on whom to vote for as President, or whom is innocent or guilty, when they were no where around when the incident in question occurred.

(Dayo….eh, Harry!)

Hollyweird libs…

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