Comment on John Trudells Utube video on Leonard Peltier, & words from Anna Maes daughter….

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SOS from another drugged-out AIMster trying to design his escape route. But it’s too little too late, Johnny-boy. You were there with Dennis when he ordered the hit on Anna Mae and ever since, you’ve been playing the ignoramus who had no idea what was happening. Anna Mae’s spirit haunts you and you know it. To quote the late Robert Robideau, speaking about Bruce Ellison, Anna Mae’s “trusted” attorney: “This is the same attorney Trudell knows took part in the WKLDOC meeting that condemned her; and this is the same attorney Trudell has conspired with for the last 29 years to cover up for those who ordered and killed Anna Mae… in 1976, both Trudell and Ellison began making public statements accusing the FBI of being totally responsible for the death of Anna Mae, while in fact they both knew the part in which AIM leadership & members and themselves…

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