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This is what it all boils down to….


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Basically, the depositions that the presiding judge, Piersol is allowing for Arlo
Looking Cloud…. is the fact that the former South Dakota Senators son, Charles
Abourezk is and was in conflict of interest many times during the 2004 trial of
Arlo Looking Cloud, which led to Looking Cloud being convicted for murdering Anna Mae Aquash, when Charles Abourezk himself… was at Bill Means house the night before the
trio of Graham, Rios and Looking Cloud stopped by on their way to Dick Marshalls
house to get the gun used to murder Anna Mae…. Charles Abourezk, the son of the
Senator of South Dakota opened Bill Means door so Looking Cloud could use the bathroom.
Then, years later Charles Abourezk made sure at Looking Clouds trial in 2004, that Looking Cloud took the fall for all of AIM & the Abourezks…. for they were all a part of the
conspiracy to commit the premeditated murder of Anna Mae to…

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