Playing out on the Global stage, as we speak…but, whom is listening or reading the truth???

This tells all & explains the Syrian Sioux, James Abourezk & HIS handlers motivation, & why Obama has allowed the flood of immigrants in from the Middle East, Central & South America….and, there are no MILITARY troops to protect Americans when the Rampage of murdering Americans for the New World Order begins shortly, aided by Russia & China!
Abourezk/Obama/Clinton/Bush/ ARE ISIS!

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re-post from the comments posted May 2nd at the Argu, (Argus Leader)

” Another correction from my presentation demands a response.

During the Q and A, Senator Abourezk made a serious allegation that Arlo’s sworn testimony (that the Senator’s son, Charlie, was at Bill Means’ house the night they brought Anna Mae there) was “a damn lie.”

The next day, the Senator had changed that comment to calling me a liar for making Arlo’s testimony a part of my presentation:

“I had a little confrontation with Mr. [John] Trimbach yesterday who lied about my son’s involvement in ah… Anna Mae Aquash [murder case]… ah, he [Charlie] was nowhere near the place and I don’t mind calling him a liar twenty times if need be to tell him that… my son had nothing to do with that, he was nowhere near there [Wanblee] and ah, I think the prosecution, when they…

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