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Fernando and Isabelle Cloned into AIM Leadership!

One problem with the European mindset of recording 1st Nations history, is it valorizes conflict as the primary recording, such a sad aspect because woman’s accomplishments & achievements have most always been tossed aside, & today most all Matriarchial history of 1st Nations woman is lost…. due to the break in oral traditions, a break created by the imposed colonization of 1st Nations societies by a Patriarchial European mentality.

In ref to the topic title “American Indian Movement members and sympathizers who went into Wounded Knee as mere Indian protesters came out of Wounded Knee Indian warriors.”

(You mean murderers, rapists, pedofiles…dont you….) LBW

I do not believe for a minute that Frank Fools Crow, and many others of the Lakota Nation’s approved of AIM’s thug actions that included…

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