Russell Means is the US Govt. spy…

Told all of you!
You all who support AIM, US Govt Operatives have been played!
Hoka Hey!
Hechetu Elo!

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On the grand jury testimony, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth sided with the historians in his ruling in July. He decided that with the investigation long over, Nixon dead for 17 years and most of the surviving Watergate figures having written or talked about the scandal at length, the historical importance of the transcript outweighed arguments for secrecy. “The court is confident that disclosure will greatly benefit the public and its understanding of Watergate without compromising the tradition and objectives of grand jury secrecy,” he wrote.
Even so, certain portions of the testimony that deal with people still living or that are considered still relevant to national security will remain classified for now, possibly to come out after further review, said the National Archives, which operates the Nixon library and 13 other presidential libraries.
One of the topics covered with Nixon in the grand jury probe was the famous 18-and-a-half…

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