Cyber discrimination, hate text/videos/emails Speech, death threats…Women deserve to be raped & Burned by homo-pedo psycho Bill R. Bunting!

Bunting has written about me, I deserved to be raped by Russell Means, lying fake whores like me deserved to burn, asked me if when Means was raping me, (mutual sex, which rape is not!) did I call him Daddy? Other racially disgusting comments made was calling me a prairie nigger (1st Nations people), & Custer was in the “Right” raping & murdering Tetons & other 1st Nations people Re: men, women & children by Custer & his command, along with the “Black BUFFALO Soldiers!
This is racial targeting, CYBER stalking, & hate speech directed at 1st Nations people & needs to be addressed by the PC Police, only ” They” only go after someone making comments of this type if you are Black, Mexican, Muslim…or someone Obama wants shut up, which discrimitory in itself…another Code Pinko strategy against those, like Val-Jar said, if you are not with us, we will destroy you!
Blacks never have done anything for 1st Nations people, so par for the course…
No one has!
Our Govt sends trillions to other countries, yet our own people live in poverty, & starve, & I am speaking about all Americans, not just Indians!
And, if the Dems didn’t need all the convicts & illegal’s vote something would have been done about America’s immigration policies.
Back to Bunting, wonder how his ” followers” think about his CYBER stalking pro-raping, pedofile, murdering positions, as an AIM loving idolizers?
Saying men like Means & Cosby should rape women, & the women should be begging for more & be grateful for being raped…
If anyone condones this pontification, pornographic retoric, & mindset of PHONEY Confederate mole Bunting, you like he will look like John Trudell on his deathbed soon enough, & your final destination will be to join Means, Trudell, Vernon Bellecourt, Camp, etc!
Think hard if you want to support something as evil/demonic as your destiny, you are what you consume…if your lifestyle is like Bunting & his Witch…your fate is sealed!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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3 Responses to Cyber discrimination, hate text/videos/emails Speech, death threats…Women deserve to be raped & Burned by homo-pedo psycho Bill R. Bunting!

  1. Are we jacketed with the most filthy lies because we have exposed the Bill Buntings/homo-pedo psycho demons? And those who are like him who are Aleister Crowley satanic evil sodomites, who have no respect for women for children for Native Americans and for him to say he is a Cherokee is a joke from hell because no real Cherokee would want anything to do with a man who promotes the rape of Native American women and for Cherokee to say that he is one of them that Cherokee is a rapist just like Bill Bunting and a pedophile and a sodomites like Bill Bunting is Bill Bunting gets off on little children being sodomized as the quote States from his text this morning that means he is a child born Advocate because no one would say those things unless they’re into c********* or have actually committed acts of abuse sexual abuse of children and rape them and sodomized them or they watch it when they have it on their computer only an evil diabolical bastard would ever say those things and for any real human being any Confederate any American any family man or woman with children who would accept this man as being one of them is in fact then just like him.


  2. An email sent to me of encouragement, one of many I have received after Bill R Bunting started on me, after I stood up for Boyden….
    Bunting is a complete FOOL & compulsive liar…:among so many other vile dispicable things!

    You take advantage of the exposure that you will get when you include everything connected to Southern Poverty Law Center Code Pinko$,…. irrefutable evidence, just like Bunting who collude with, and are complicit in the rape and murder of innocent Indian women and children going back as far as when the white man like him hit the beaches.
    Like Custer, the serial rapist, Russell Means the serial rapist, and just go down the list and make it prolific, make it vicious, and I deem Bunting for who he is, and who he is not, …..
    And of course this includes his wife, and that if any Indian “real Indian” would have a chance to get their hands on him, after all the things he said about not just to you as you, but Prairie Nigger Women Whores….
    Quote those things:
    They’re the very people…. if said about their 1st Nations Brothers, women and their children, they would kill Bunting in a heartbeat, just like your Ancestor did to Coward Custer…. & no one would never find Buntings body.

    A watching friend, been targeted by AIM too!


  3. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:
    Mr. Sodom and Gomorrah and his “SLUT WHORE WIFE” (“their words” identifying Karen Sue Andras (Karen Sue FB page) glorify PEDOPHILES WHO RAPE CHILDREN, GLORIFY RAPISTS WHO RAPE WOMEN, GLORIFY MURDERERS OF INNOCENTS by the American Indian Movement which is why Bunting jackets OTHERS with lies and unsubstantiated LABELS who expose them.

    He attacked this Native American Woman Suzanne Dupree PERSONALLY as the coward and SODOMITE/PEDOPHILE he is but won’t go to Washington State and say what he said on her blog to her face…nope…threatened her with death as the emasculated little “he/she” worm that he is in real life HAHAHA…MEMBER OF A PEDOPHILE SODOMITE ORG called the Southern Poverty Law Center founded by a PEDOPHILE SODOMITE just like BUNTING!

    The “Sodomite Pedophile Legalization Center” promotes and represents SODOMY and the destruction of all things AMERICAN while using a BUNTING to spy on and collect information of REAL CONFEDERATES AND AMERICANS.

    they send their paid “hacks” like Bunting to attack and discredit with FILTH AND LIES.

    In Indian Country….Bunting is a WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE WHITE MAN for his denigrating this Teton woman and ALL Native American women in his endorsing the rape and murder of “Prairie Niggers” by his HomoHeros George Custer, Means, and any and all WHITE NAZI COMMIE SODOMITES like him and with the approval of his woman who he texts me and states he LOVES TO SODOMIZE AND SHE LOVES IT.

    Since her son has him as his new “father in law”, it stands to reason Norman Blaine Shelton Jr. set up and allowed Bunting to give his two boys personalized “Sex Education Classes” with the historical example of Aleister Crowley being used their Grandmothers loving approval since Crowley is her “favorite demon” who appeared to her and now OWNS HER. I forgot…Shelton glorifies Crowley on his FB page…a raping sodomizing murderer of children!

    Texts coming this week from Bunting himself which will confirm his “CHILD PORN VISUALIZATION” in vivid decadent filthy detail which texts were edited and approved PERSONALLY by “Karen Sue” Andras Bunting!

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