Bunting FB Page of Slander Death Threats And Proof I Am A USMC Combat Vet Vietnam!

Truth always prevails, once again it has.
Congratulations Richard Boyden…costly mistake for the Buntings hate mongering harassment of you!


Hear you go folks…including “Brain Dead Bunting Eaters of His FecesGroupies”

Now you have you chance to KNOW THE TRUTH and know he is a LIAR!

Here is the VFW St. Louis Office number to call BEFORE 2..Monday through Friday

Ask for Doug…I talked to him today to get permission. If not there…leave your number. Dennis Flynn runs this office and this group spearheaded my Agent Orange Ischemic heart disease connected to DIOXIN exposure in Nam because the fact is the SODOMITES DEATH THREATS BELOW causes me to HOPE that Bunting will stalk me and deal with me the “southern way” because then I let him experience VIETNAM !

Their  phone number there is 314-552-9886.

I was taking me time exposing Bunting’s SODOMITE ANUS in a fullness after he hung himself with all the lies on his Fools Book Page 🙂 


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