Buffalo NY Idiots, Kuzma, BB, Harvey Arden, Garcia take another puff off your fatties & have another faux vision, treasonists! You’ve been all in with this murderous FRAUD from day one!

And, you thought you all could stop me from REVEALING the Truth, & Exposing the GUILTY?
Not on your Life!
Hoka Hey, you Betrayers of Tetons, Indian Country, & now America & the World, but your betrayal of Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ Our Lord for Satan/Crowley was your biggest mistake you cannot change, nor your fate!

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Local Attorneys Seek Federal Leonard Peltier Documents by George Sax   Attorney Michael Kuzma addresses a rally in front of Buffalo’s federal courthouse on Saturday, February 4, the day after…

Source: Buffalo NY attorney, Michael Kuzma misses the mark…refuses to understand or accept, Peltier is still guilty!!!

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