The Hypocrisy of Carrie Lester, Pseudo-Native

Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped

*-Carrie Lester drum

It’s bad enough when you have one con-man on the loose, co-opting Native suffering for his own benefit. but when he has support by high profile activists who affiliate themselves with Idle No More, it is heaping salt on amputated limbs.

Above is pictured Carrie Lester (photo credit to Robert van Waarden), self-ascribed mouth piece of the Idle No More movement and loooong time supporter of Kevin Annett.  You might remember her from the Occupy Toronto video (appearing at 2:41) featuring the Reverend Kevin Annett and that it was at that meeting that he claimed he had unearthed the remains of two small children from a five-foot square by two-foot deep ‘excavation’ conducted at Brantford Indian Residential School. (click image below for video)

Carrie Lester OT Lester, who has made much of her own reputation from the promotion of Kevin at speaking engagements was present at the Mush Hole in Brantford and…

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