Rep. James Traficant Jr. Murdered By The Free Masonic/Zionist Jew Obama Satan Controlled US Government

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Congressman Speaks Truth About God & Prayer
By David J. Stewart | February 2010 | Updated July 2015

“A nation and a congress that will keep God out, just may have invited the Devil. Think about that one.” —Rep. James Traficant Jr.

America is going to hell in a wheelbarrow. There is no debating the detrimental effects of having removed God, prayer and the Bible from the public schools of America. Instead, children are being INDOCTRINATED with the lies of Evolution, the sick-mindedness of homosexuality and the demonic witchcraft of Harry Potter. God cannot bless America!

This powerful statement was made by Congressman James Traficant Jr. (1941-2014) before the House of Representatives in March of 2000…

Mr. Speaker, once again, the Supreme Court is considering a school prayer issue.

Beam me up. The founders are rolling over in their graves. The founders never intended to separate God from our schools…

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