The sale of Wounded Knee, Adrienne Riegert-Fritzes response….

Telling it like it is, a US Govt Staged event Wounded Knee 1973 by Pretendians, the American Indian Movement-US Govt Operatives, Handler…The Syrian Sioux, James Abourezk…Obama’$ mentor/Godfather of the Arab/Muslim bought Obama Presidency, which the Illuminati controls Islam/Isis terrorists on US taxpayers dime funding for Americans & the World’s destruction, to decrease the World Population by 90% for their Satan NWO agenda…

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Adrienne Fritze posted this.

MY HOME TOWN FOR SALE | I don’t know where to start to be able to express the grief and sorrow I feel about this issue and what Jim Czywczynski is attempting to do.

From my perspective this act is completely in character with who I knew him to be as a child—he and his wife Jan were brutal – with their kids, with the locals, with anyone I suspect they perceived was weaker or vulnerable in exploitable ways.

Jim it seems, now as then, is a consummate opportunist.

Great traits for a hard-core capitalist I suppose, not recommended traits for being a contribution to the people of Wounded Knee and Pine Ridge or any other part of the world.

There is much to the story of what I witnessed as a child living at Wounded Knee.

And, even more added to that in what I…

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