18 Months…Best Friend….And…The Time Is Coming!

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I don’t need to prove anything to a maggot who lives in a pile of self defecating feces as the PEDOPHILE SODOMITE that he is!

18 months in NAM because I left 30 days early being offered an option to leave by ship from Da Nang. Otherwise I would of been in the 68 TET in Hue where my company was almost wiped out.

I was there when the M-16’s jammed when we were ambushed and over half of the company was lost within 1 hour.

Picture is of my best friend who I joined with in 65 in Portland Oregon….Ronald Longanecker. 3d Recon shot down body not recovered but according to some sources captured by the VC…lived “hell” two years and either killed or died from “human treatment”. To bad a REAL MAN is dead instead of Bunting…NO contest!

Mr. Sodomite Bunting thrives on being the parasitical bitch that…

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