Treasonist as well as a fraud, Phil Lane Jr….this post is for you & your fellow AIM frauds!

The Arab/Muslim/Islam/Baha’i/Abourezk/AIM/Phil Lane Jr connection!

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Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians

addition to blog entry “Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines“


Bahai – Hands of Cause Mother Temple – Seattle, Washington

The Bahá’í belief was founded in the 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam. [Iran remains good friends to the Shia. Most of Iraqi Shia parties have an avowed intrest in creating a Shia theocratic state under Iranian lines. In 2005, over 80% of Shiites voted for pro Iranian religious parties. In much of southern Iraq, this theocratic state already exists.] The Bahai’s Belief foundation is from Shaykhism and Babism faith and their interpolation of the Occulation. The Occultation is a belief that Mahdi the prophesied redeemer of Islam, who disappeared, is a descendant of the prophet Muhammad, and will one day return and fill the world with justice and peace …. [Unified Religion and Law / One World Order / New World Order]



1912 – Seattle Bahá’ís travel to Chicago to meet ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.


Zikrullah Khadem-1

1974, June – Dhikrullah Khadem Treasurer of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháí of Iran goes to Seattle.

“The Baha’i faith is one of the most political movements around. After all, principles such as the ending of absolute national sovereignty, world government, universal currency, universal language, world tribunal, anti-communism, retention of constitutional monarchism, the abolition of non-Baha’i religious legal systems the retention of a class system, the abolition of tariffs, international police force, and so on are among the hottest political agendas. ~Ravi Kumar


daybreak arts center

1974, August – Blessing of the newly acquired land for Daybreak Star Cultural Arts Center. The creation of the center was brought about by Bernie Whitebear and two Bahá’ís, Phil Lane Jr. and Phil Lucas. The acquisition of this land_from_the_military for Native-American usage is led by Bernie Whitebear and Bahá’í Ruby Gubatayao.


Phil Lane Jr. has been Bahai since the 70’s , passing himself off as a traditional lakota spiritual person, trying to ride the coat tail of his father Phil Lane Sr. , a true Lakota traditionalist.

Who in their right mind would Trust a person like Jr. who pillaged his father’s medicine bundle , before the bundle was forwarded as per the Fathers directives?



Phil Lane Jr. Arvol Looking Horse , Ruben the New Wanna Be, Show Dog

“I just saw the most ridiculous lies and lack of truth… spin, spin, spin, tell 1 lie and then tell more… the more you do over the years and decades and centuries, the more people will mindlessly believe you…So BAHAI. and your 13 man council appointed for life in Haifa Israel, your phds in economics, your latest join-up is with the fraud, Arvol Looking Horse, who with his wife Paula who can cry like an actress, and he gets larger and larger feather bonnets each time he presents himself as the 19th generation keeper of the pte hincala cannupa kin, which never happened and he doesn’t have it… he has his gambling habits however, and his new age spin idiotological rhetoric and his teachings on White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, only a fake religion/off shore bank account banker for AIM, and their nutty Brenda Norell and her website of lies known as Censored News…BAHAI itself has declared themselves to be one with the prophecy of her return, that she is part of BAHAI, that it’s all good we mix everything up, we are all one….WBCPW according to Arvol is proud to be part of Bahai and the ONE WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD RELIGION…. WELL, let me tell you something, as it was told to me… she turned all those men’s bones to grinding dust in a big storm… for even daring to look at her disrespectfully, let alone dare to use her like a prostitute, which is what you have done, Bahai and Arvol looking Horse… she is WOPE, Star Nation Woman, she is real, she is alive, and you will not survive because she is that pure, that sacred, that wakan… Hey ARVOL, do you remember who this is? Unlike your lying thieving mother, who pretended to have the Sacred, when Martha had given all the Sacred to the Duprees… remember her, your grandmother? That was the closest you will ever come to the Sacred, and we all know how she died, alone and abandoned in a pitiful shack because your mother was too busy and too important to take care of her….” ~ Joan Heart


Anything less expected from Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers with their Healing Circles, Talking Sticks and Answering Feathers that embeds Islamic ideologies and worldviews ?

These guidelines for Talking, Sharing and Healing Circles were passed down to our Circle in 1975. ~Phil Lane Jr. – Four Worlds International Institute






Senator JAMES ABOUREZK, South Dakota, Chairman Congressman LLOYD MEEDS, Washington, Vice-Chairman Senator LEE METC ALF, Montana JOHN BO RB RID GE, Tlingit Haida Senator MARK HATFIELD, Oregon LOUIS R. BRUCE, Mohawk-Sioux Congressman SIDNEY R. YATES, Illinois ADA DEER, Menominee Congressman SAM STEIGE R, Arizona ADOLPH DIAL, Lumbee JAKE WHITE CROW, Quapaw-Seneca-Cayuga Ernest L. Stevens, Oneida, Executive Director Kieke Kickingbird, Kiowa, General Counsel Max I. Richtman, Professional Staff Member SECTION II. PUBLIC WORKS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 1965, AS AMENDED Section 403 (a) {2) (B) The project is consistent with an approved district overall economic development program. The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, UIATF, in Seattle, Washington placed its project on the local economic development district’s overall economic development plan and had its project approved. In addition, UIATF received assistance under title V-Regional Action Planning Commissions; see section 505 (a)(1) (2). Consequently, UIATF was able to qualify its project by using the economic development district as a vehicle for obtaining grant assistance, as well as receiving technical assistance from a Regional Commission. –


Bahai 1986 News


1986 – Social & Economic Development – Phil Lane Jr & Bahai


Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) – Seattle Bahai – United Indian All Tribes (UIATF)

A Practical Guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act – 2007 by Native American Rights Fund

The following individuals served on the Advisory Group during the project. NARF extends its sincerest thanks for their input. “Janeen Comenote, Development Officer United Indians All Tribes Foundation, Seattle, WA.”


(update 5-2015)

USING ICWA to Implement Sharia Law


Among many things – the proposed ICWA regulations state there is NO “existing Indian family” doctrine, (the family does not need to be connected to the reservation in any way), it doesn’t matter if the child lives on or off the reservation, there is no need for a certain blood quantum, tribal government has total say over whether a child is a member and subject to ICWA, EVERY child custody case MUST be vetted to see if it is ICWA, (because children who are just 1% Native heritage might not look Indian at all – so you have to question EVERY child…just in case they have a drop of heritage), transfer to tribal court from state court can happen anytime a tribe feels like it, if there is any question that a child is Indian – he is to be treated as such until proven otherwise, and the tribe has a right to intervene in a family even if the child is not being removed from the home.

Total disregard for the extended family of our multiracial children… the tribal government has complete right to interfere in our families”

in regards to ICWA mentioned in the writings below “Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system” , it should be noted if the ICWA regulations go into effect ANY CHILD of Persian decent that holds any degree of “indian” blood CAN BE HARVESTED BY TRIBES as an indian child, thus opening the door, creating avenue’s of need for SHARIA LAW IN TRIBAL COURTS.

below from the working group that started the first muslim pow wow’s in the U. S , supported by Abourezk’s tin soldiers

sharia law

“Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system”

“Family Courts

Since our concern is primarily with family law, let us examine some issues of family law in tribal courts. The same matters considered to be part of Muslim family law (marriage, divorce, support, custody, adoption, legitimacy, abuse etc.) are covered in tribal courts.

A major concern of Indian tribes used to be the large number of Indian youths from broken homes who were adopted into non-Indian families. Often a state court would assume jurisdiction and rule that the reservation environment was not in the best interest of the child. The Indian tribes strongly opposed this idea. Although they agreed that the environment of the reservation was harsh and poverty-stricken, they wanted the children to be raised by their extended families, as was the custom in Indian culture.

In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which radically changed the relationship between state courts and tribal courts. One result was that tribal courts had greater jurisdiction in the placement of adopted Indian children. Many tribal courts were created just to take advantage of the greater powers given then by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Marriage is one of the most common issues faced by tribal courts. A marriage conducted by a tribal court is valid anywhere in the U.S. An Indian couple wishing to divorce, and who live off the reservation, have the option of going to the state courts in the same manner as non-Indians, or returning to the reservation for a divorce. The second option is usually much quicker and cheaper.”

ICWA was initiated using an economic framework with support from the Bahai of Seattle. Keep in mind The Bahá’í belief was founded in the 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam. Anyone who believes the proposed BIA ICWA regulations are about the mental and physical health of children, must have Rocks In their Head !!!! ….

(end of 5-2015 update)

Lot of Healing Going on eh?

Feb 2015 – Oglala Sioux Tribal President John Yellow Bird Steele has declared a state of emergency for suicides on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. One of his predecessors as tribal president, Theresa Two Bulls, declared a similar state of emergency for youth suicides five years ago. Two Bulls issued her emergency after there had been 17 suicide attempts in one month alone.In it, he cited 5 youth suicides on the Pine Ridge Reservation since mid-December and several other suicide attempts.

**** Perpetrating Self Genocide

**** Welcome to Pan-American Islamic Indian Beliefs, Teachings & Traditions ****

People can not be Totally Conquered until their beliefs and identity has been altered to serve the dominate.


review blog entry 3-2013

4 Winds of Bad Gas – The Awakening

Bahai Unified Law & Religion symbols – Time interval 1:39 – Turtle Lodge Video promo by Dave Courchene Jr a working partner of Phil Lane Jr.

and the

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Rezinate


For those who have not caught on


Arvol Looking Horse is a FRAUD !!!! – The Arvol Looking Horse Lie !!!!


Worth Reviewing – Frank Fools Crow Knowledge & Truth


phil suzanne

Suzanne Dupree & Phil Lane Sr.

**** Abourezk’s (now an adviser to Obama) social chaos manipulation script played out on indian country with his Ameircan Indian Movement thugs and hand picked so called spiritual leaders , is now being played out on main stream America through the Obama , Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill, Code Pink, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, Last Real Indians, Wino na LaDuke’s Honor the Earth, Eddie Benton Banis’s 3 Council Fires, Arvol Looking Horse’s Protect the Sacred, etc …. while they all continue to stay Silent about the Consumption of the Child’s Soul, through government programs like ICWA initiated by Abourezk


Ancestry knows

When “their” time comes,

“they” can all Grovel Into Eternity

for the actions they have chosen …. it IS what it IS ….


Well don’t sound so all fired Surprised !!!!

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Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:
March 7, 2015 at 9:37 pm

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rezinate Says:
March 19, 2015 at 4:43 am

Kind of curious if “jr.” purchased the bonnet from Crow Dog
or Banks?
jpwade Says:
March 19, 2015 at 6:42 am

Jr. is related to Suzanne Dupree, she has given me quite the understanding of that CLOWN! , in 1992 John Denver gave Phil a bonnet , (John Denver’s Windstar foundation) , at that point jr. published info on jr stated he was “considered a hereditary chief” , not quite sure when jr. became a full fledged official poser “chief”. go figure eh …

here is an interesting note from someone else who knew jr. on a personal basis.
“I went to college with Phil Lane jr. He wasn’t a “chief” then. His dad, to my knowledge wasn’t either. His dad was well respected. Phil worked at United Indians of All Tribes several times. Most recently in the last couple of years. He is a Bahai. I haven’t seen him inproabably 30 years, though.”
rezinate Says:
March 20, 2015 at 1:40 am

The words chief and warrior have been misused
to the point of redundancy – John Denver gives jr.
a bonnet – that has as much relevance as Crow
Dog bestowing the title “chief of chiefs” upon
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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.

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One Response to The Arab/Muslim/Islam/Baha’i/Abourezk/AIM/Phil Lane Jr connection!

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    The Illuminati FYI controls Islam!
    And, not only is Phil Lane Jr a fraud, by supporting ARVOL Looking HORSE & the Pretendians-American Indian Movement, US Govt Operatives, slandering HakiktaWin & my Mother by pretending to be a PHS classmate, he is a treasonist along with AIM & Syrian Sioux, James Abourezk, & their whole crew from Judges, politicians, groupies, supporters, enablers, protectors-attorneys, & Obama & his Arab/Muslim bought Presidency/Administration Code Pinko$ to destroy firstly 1st Nations Peoples of the Americas re: Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ’s “real” chosen people(Book of Revelations) & the World to decrease the Global population by 90% for the Free Masonic Illuminati Elitist Occultists serving Satan & his Chief of Staff Crowley!
    Take heed SPIRITUAL frauds & child abusers/ supporters of AIM/NWO, your only destiny for your betrayal of Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ & mankind is a one way ticket to Hell’s Fire to suffer & suffer for your sins against the Innocent & the unaware!
    He Wicasa Sni Elo!
    Hechetu Elo!


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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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