The Consequence of Rejecting God And Inhereting The Generational Sins of Your Mother

Bunting, poof gone with the proof, he is nothing but a sicko psychopathic liar, Boyden wins with proving the truth & the psychologically behind Bunting/Andrew’s demented psychosis of “Dancing with the Devil/Crowley & their ultimate fate for betraying Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ!


Amanda Shelton is the daughter of Karen Sue Andras and has followed her example “sin wise”. The result is that she has suffered the consequence of  the “sins / lifestyle” of adultery and fornication that her mother has chosen in her life. Say “Like mother…like daughter”. Add to that the total and complete rejection of Jesus Christ by her mother and then this will be the the result in the realms of time and which God will hold her mother accountable for on Judgment Day!

One might “have your joy for a season but by and by the END cometh”…say death and then the ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES of listening to Satan and rejecting Jesus Christ!

The Sins of the Fathers and MOTHERS

Exodus 20:5 – “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of…

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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