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Dedicated to “Mr. and Mrs. Bowel Movement Sex” and Pagan followers of Satan and his “Chief of Staff” in the realms of time Aleister Crowley who’s “deathstyle” was sodomy/pedophile fixated. Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras according to the texts Bunting sent to me confirmed over and over that he and Karen LOVE sodomy i.e. “bowel movement sex”.

Read and learn about the filth they not only partake of but evidently is a active and practicing component of both families since Bunting’s mother and family are members of the Southern Poverty Law Center which is co-founded by “Fecal Sex Practicing Pimp” and pedophile Morris Dees. Bunting’s mother is a part of a “church” that accepts this filth as of and from Jesus Christ which is why this way of life is a part of her son’s life. Amazing but not as we but need to remember that these ARE the…

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