Any relation to Robert Chasing Hawk, something smells fishy at Cheyenne River Teton Tribe? Decayed bodies AIM murdered



No one framed AIM Leaders, US Govt Operatives….

They were & are raping, child molesting, murderers & pilferers of Teton artifacts, Ceremonial items, natural resources & traditional Teton land base, all for their HANDLER, named by AIM as the Syrian Sioux, James Abourezk & the US Govt Free Masonic Illuminati Elitist Occultists serving Satan & his Chief of Staff, Crowley!

The Illuminati control Islam, hey…wake up people!

And, as of May 20th, 2016 Obama who was mentored by Abourezk, & Abourezk is Obama’$ “Godfather,” for Obama’$ Arab/Muslim bought Presidency deemed 1st Nations Peoples no longer “Indian!”

Guess that means Abourezk’$ signature legislative law, ICWA is Null & Void!

If we are no longer Indian under the governance of the Dept. Of the Interior, BIA…etc ICWA law is no longer applicable to 1st Nations people!

The ones who really need a ICWA law are the out of control, murdering, raping molesting Blacks, Muslims & Mexicans, eh?

Below I am posting another steamer of BS from someone who needs to quit lying & protecting AIM with lies & AIM/US Govt propaganda!

The TRUTH is AIM/Abourezk had Annie Mae murdered & they had lots of US Govt help covering it all up for 40 plus years!

Fact, not fiction!

The Curse upon the Tetons & our lands will continue until all come clean & tell the TRUTH about what they know, what they saw AIM do to our own people, others like Annie Mae, Perry Ray Robinson, & all those other 12 supporters who went into Wounded Knee & never were allowed to leave alive, their remains hidden, buried, murdered right under the very noses of the FBI, US Govt Officials, McGovern, Abourezk, tanks, helicopters, military…that confirms the Seige of Wounded Knee was a US Govt Staged event where lots of real traditional people opposing AIM were murdered in cold blood!

Tetons & Indian Country individuals, & other people who wanted out of AIM once they realized the TRUTH, like Annie Mae….was deemed a threat to National Satan owned US lying their asses off Security & was taken out by AIM, under the orders of Trudell/Abourezk/US Govt..& the only way out of AIM, as many of AIM’s victims learned the hard way…is in a body bag!

Quit drinking the AIM BS Kool-aide, man!

Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ for your betrayal of HIM & HIS instructions will make AIM’$ Reign of Terror look like child’s play when HIS Judgement upon this His Chosen Peoples land is laid bare! your internet resource on facebook on twitter on Google+ on soundcloud
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Ernestine Chasing Hawk: A vendetta in the death of Anna Mae
Monday, May 23, 2016
Filed Under: Opinion
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Family members mourn at the gravesite of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. Photo courtesy of Denise Pictou Maloney

Vendetta for unrequited love?
By Ernestine Chasing Hawk
Native Sun News Editor

RAPID CITY –– When two young men were bullied into becoming accomplices to murder, did they realize they would become scapegoats in a much larger scheme to frame the leaders of the American Indian Movement in a vendetta for unrequited love?

An elaborate plot implicated an organization known as CoIntelPro (United States Government’s Counter Intelligent Program against dissent groups in the United States) run by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in the assassination of a Mi’kmaq Native from Nova Scotia.

However, details about how Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, whose body was found in February of 1976 near the community of Wanblee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, died and who was responsible for her murder began to surface.

In 1994, Angie Begay, the ex-girl friend of Dennis Banks and also the 1975 girlfriend of John Boy Patton aka John Graham, convicted as the trigger man in death of Anna Mae, gave inside information to the former Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Law Enforcement Services, Robert Ecoffey, who at the time was the lead investigator in the Aquash murder case.

That information led the FBI to Arlo Looking Cloud, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, Thelma Rios and several others who were identified as being present during the last days of Aquash’s life, and who were summoned to testify before a 1994 Federal Grand Jury.

An interesting twist to the saga is what Darlene “Kamook” Nichols, (ex-common law wife of Dennis Banks) tells Eric Konigsburg for his New York Magazine article titled “Who Killed Anna Mae.”

In 1999, when Nichols realizes the details of Annie Mae death are surfacing, she said she goes to the FBI. Fascinatingly she requests the presence of a man who once bequeathed his love for her, U.S. Marshall Robert Ecoffey.

“Basically, I needed the emotional support,” she tells Konigsburg. “He used to throw paper airplanes at me that said, ‘I love you,’ ” when the two were in grade school together.

In 1972 when the leaders of the American Indian Movement first came to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and the 17 year old Nichols is swept off her feet by the strikingly handsome Banks, perhaps young Ecoffey was still enamored with her.

In 2000, after agreeing to help Ecoffey, Nichols wears a wire, is given the code name Maverick and interviews about 10 witnesses, including Dennis Banks, Arlo Looking Cloud and Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. However there is no mention of her ever interviewing her aunt Theda Nelson Clark, who she grew up with in Scotts Bluff, Neb.
Read the rest of the story on the all new Native Sun News website: Vendetta for unrequited love?

(Contact Ernestine Chasing Hawk at

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