Read my comment to my people, the Tetons…it is time for a reality check!

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Source: CHEYENNE RIVER AGENCY SWIMS W/FISHES 2010 Editorial Native Sun Newspaper, by Robert Chasing Hawk….

Sent Chasing Hawk Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, and American Indian Mafia….his phone # is on the bottom of editorial. Story states about where all the money went…to tribal chairman, Joseph Brings Plenty & his Administration, not to tribal members in need.

When asked about White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman’s coming to the people Chasing Hawk recited ALH’s bogus story!

Custer’s Fall & Ghost Dance by Miller should be the Teton’s bible of truth for our children, there would be less child/teen suicides if they knew the truth about their real traditional belief/spirituality instead of AIM’S & Arvol Looking Horse’s lies & propaganda for making $$$ selling ceremoney!


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