Steve Newcomb’s gaff….Minneconjou Lakota NOT Oglala!

People who write crap like the above could find their butts from a hole in the ground, & they know squat about 1st Nations people, our history, culture or spirituality, but they sure want to get on the bandwagon “selling it!”

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I could not bring myself to read this crock of crap completely…after seeing the first mistake about the murdered Lakota at Wounded Knee in December 1890 being Oglala, not the Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota that they were….

Guess Oglala looks better in print, than Minneconjou, or at least easier to spell, & Mean’s Lakota blood is non-existent….for he was Crow, White & Dakota, not a lick of Lakota blood to have anyone to believe Means had the permission or power to create his faux Republic of Lakotah….

This is what happens when the media & journalists buy into AIM’s, Hollyweird’s & other well placed pro-AIMster’s load of bull, lies & propaganda (that Means & his BAND OF MERRY AIM CROOKS & MURDERERS, who never felt more powerful in their lives as when they were looting, murdering, raping authentic 1st Nations people at Wounded Knee) quote: Carter Camp- when AIM…

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