The Under Seige by the local Crackheads/drug cartel in Orient, Washington!

Boyden’s all over this like a dirty shirt!

White pickup long bed, Chevy…not new, carload of impaired local inbred brain full of wormholes from doing too much meth…bitch screaming out of the truck at me when I first heard their blaring music, looked around & there they were on the Orient Cutoff Rd just above the access Rd, parked with a guy running across the road onto our property to either pickup (most likely) or drop off $$, or leave drugs, & then when they saw that I saw them…the “pickup the drugs dude” jumps in the pickup bed…she screams her threats & they gun it down the hill past Dickheads to Orient & those wanting to the goods, hey…it is Saturday night in bum FK Egypt!

The drugs used to be under Greve’s Malmede or Stanley’s (Crack Shack welfare scammers) mailboxes, with a line up of jiggy Crackheads digging through the grass underneath for whatever Greve, Malmede or Stanley’s left…then Greve’s Malmede or Stanley’s would come out later for the $$$!

Greve would usually have daughter, Bethany come out on her motor cycle or when she got older, their ATV with a canopy…like 70 miles an hour, even on Sundays when there isn’t any mail delivery!


Guess with this group of local Crackheads/dealers the drug pickup location has changed just around the bend in the County Road where they think I cannot see them, but I can hear their vehicles a mile away, but tonight they wanted me to know they were doing their deal, otherwise they would not of had the music in their truck so loud…

They have to keep up the drugs with the demand, & Stanley’s always have all the doors open on the Airstream trailer permanently parked there on their rental property, guess the landlord is all OK with it, even with 3 ft of snow the Airstream doors are open & with the down draft at night you can smell them doing the “COOk!”

Just business as usual for the inbred hicks from the sticks & the 7th Day Pedofile Ring cartel Adventists Greve is 2nd Head Elder under convicted drug felon, Don Dickey & son Chris’s partner Keith Allen Wilder, Head Elder, & Wilder is on the Orient School Board, TriCounty Builders Associations President/Pedofile!

Hey, anything goes out here with corrupt SCS Kendal Allen allowing it all & co-partnered with the Stevens County-Colville Status Quo & the 5 retired California Cops running the local drug cartel with protection from Dickey’s former position as Customs Agent Border Guard, Manager/Director with buddies like Dave (yuck yuck) Price letting the transport trucks run across the Hiway 395 Crack Corridor into Canada to Grand Forks, BC with retired California Cops there waiting to hand the drugs off to the Hells ANGELS to traffic across Canada…

And, then there is ol’Teflon Don Dickey’s known associates all along the Southern Border, mostly Mexicans!

Authorities, for what it is worth have all their names, addresses & even phone numbers….

So, these local no brains hick inbreds, no balls cowardly bitches for Greves, Dickheads, Wilder, Malmede, Stanleys do the local trade, & man these rotted out teeth, wormholes no brains do their dirty work, pulling drugs off our property & yelling threats at me when I hear & see them….

Well, you idiots anytime they give you enough drugs to make your move to murder me, like all the others who refused to play ball with your drug & pedofile cartels….I will be waiting for you!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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4 Responses to The Under Seige by the local Crackheads/drug cartel in Orient, Washington!

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    Shared in most every MEDIA outlet in the area and will extend to Seattle and elsewhere. So read my lips you bastards…the day is coming when we shall meet and I won’t be alone…there are more then you think who want you terminated…right there in your backyard even!


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    Perps behind this all, Don R Dickey, Kent Duane Greve, Avista Corporation & co-conspiritors to silence me permanently by Avista Smart meter/Transformers technology also used for data mining & surveillance of customers/consumers who have no idea how dirty electricity, HAARP, & CERN technology is making them sick, controlling their lives & can kill remotely!


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