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Trudell is accused…

Everyone back off…

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First of all we would like to say to everyone to back off…

Who ever first placed the information concerning Bob Robideaux and John Trudell is way out of line. She said, that he said! Reminds me of children in a playground spreading gossip.

None of the people who are posting this information are members of the American Indian Movement, so I caution you to check sources first. This kind of information can only hurt people and this shouldn’t turn into a soup opera for AIM I have spoken with numerous chapters of the American Indian Movement, International Confederation of Autonomous Chapters and as the International Spokesperson for Leonard Peltier I can say that we do not support the theory that John Trudell is in any way responsible for the death of Anna Mae Aquash. We in fact deplore the idea and support John Trudell who has suffered a great deal since the death of his family. Leonard Peltier and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee would like to apologize to John Trudell if any representative of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee has made any statements against him.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

Bobby Castillo,
International Spokesperson for Leonard Peltier
– since this statement was made Castillo was fired, then rehired, by Leonard.

[ Again, I would remind everyone that the original report of this remark was not an assertion that the claim is true; it was an attempt to get information about that claim, which was apparently made by Bob Robideau, as has been confirmed by an eyewitness. After some soul-searching, the operators of NativeNet have concluded that carrying questions of this sort does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the truth of the statement being investigated, and thus, in the spirit of facilitating open inquiry, we intend to permit such questions to be asked in future. HOWEVER, we also recognize that dangerous and damaging rumors can be spread by means of questions which aren’t really questions, so we will evaluate each such posting carefully before approving it in future, and may elect to do some investigation before approval of such an article, or at the very least adding a statement to the article indicating that the matter is not confirmed and should be read with extreme caution. NativeNet cannot expect under present circumstances to hold itself to journalistic standards, confirming information contained in articles prior to passing them on. Rather, we aspire to provide an open forum where (among other things) honest questions can be asked without fear.

Just for the record, I am attaching a copy of the original article below. Anyone who missed this discussion, and wants to read the whole thread can do so by retrieving the articles from the NATIVE-L archives. Send a “get nn-intro archives native-l” article to “listserv@tamvm1” for information on using the archives.

–Gary ( ]

Trudell’s Response To Accusations

Mon, 12 Dec 1994 14:18:46 -0700
Original Sender: anne jordan dashiell

hello- i understand gary’s [Gary Trujillo, Native-L Moderator] not wanting this issue to get out of hand with rumors, but since i WAS at the signing i thought i’d just let you know the facts of what did happen. basically, bob stood up to disagree with john after he said something like “the system is destroying native resistance through carefully planned activities..” bob said something like “its US who are eating our own communities….i have information that implicates you in covering up anna mae’s murder” im sorry that i cant remember the exact detail of what he is saying john did, but bob DID say that john was involved in the murder. the crowd was uncomfortable and a few people told bob to leave and shut up etc… john handled it well i think. he was calm, and after bob and two friends stormed out, john said “okay we’re going to talk about anna mae.” he said how much he loved her and wanted to know who killed her, and that person/persons should be punished for it. then he went on to say that bob’s accusations were a perfect example of the system using these methods of neutralization by encouraging division from the inside..that bob was falling for it etc… the crowd was generally receptive and supportive of john. he said a lot of beautiful, articulate things about resistance and control and spirit and freedom and responsibility, and he also said something like “i dont know who is in the room right now, but i am saying right here and now that federal activity was responsible for anna mae’s death..and the truth will come out eventually.” he didn’t seem scared about the accusations, but definitely concerned that the state is behind it.

another thing that happened was a woman stood up whose name i cant remember who was at oglala the day leonard peltier was arrested. she said that there was a witness to the frame up and that the fbi knew about the witness and they looked for her for a year until they found anna mae. she said that 6 or 7 women who looked like anna mae were “lost” before she was murdered, implying that they fbi was looking for anna mae the whole time. i was a bit confused during this part because of what i have already read about oglala, so im not even sure if she was referring to a woman (the witness) who has not come out yet for some reason.

anyway, if anyone has the scoop on whats happening with the anna mae trials right now could you enlighten the list? hope this gives an idea of what happened at the signing. despite the wierd interrupton and change of discussion, john’s words were inspiring and strengthening.

[name withheld]


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In response to your recent posting:



“A colleague at KUNM sez John Trudel spoke in ABQ at a local bookstore a weekend or so ago, and this development occurred: Bob Robideau (one of the two men acquited in the Pine Ridge “Incident at Oglala”) stood up and, according to my informant, said he (Robideau) holds Trudel personally responsible for the death of Annie Mae Aquash. Something to do with Trudel hiring an investigator who allegedly ended up being the hit man.

“But I wasn’t there. Is there anyone on this list who was, who can describe what happened and what was said?”

I do get worn out with AIM members’ seemingly endless preoccupation with pointing fingers at each other — much, it seems, to the detriment of Getting On With Business. But this is pretty heady stuff; especially in light of the recent reopening of the Aquash case.

[posters name withheld]

Have you found anyone else to confirm this incident? Did your colleague at KUNM actually see this happen or did he/she hear it from someone else and whom?

In relaying this message/information across the internet regarding an unsubstantiated rumor BEFORE even having it confirmed, is infact exactly what you get ‘worn out’ with and does interfere with ‘Getting on with Business.’ Would it not have been better to put out a general inquiry asking if anyone was at the Trudell booksigning in ABQ and what was said? In effect you have perpetuated a rumor which is very, very dangerous for everyone mentioned and also a cause for libel. Until it is confirmed – it is a rumor, and should not be posted as a tid bit of news for enquiring minds.

I will look for other postings regarding yours and the validity of this claim. From my own personal knowledege of whom you refer to (John), there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that John is remotely resposible for the death of one of his dear friends, Anna Mae. Anyone, including Robideau, who would propogate this claim needs their own motives checked.

What bothers me about this is the way in which it was done … there is no regard for possible future implications and its effect on the people whom are referred to; that it could be dangerous, and libel, and therefore must enact accountability/responsibility from all sources FIRST!

[name withheld]


From: [name withheld]
Subject: Trudel/Robideau/Aquash
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 03:52:32 GMT


A colleague at KUNM sez John Trudel spoke in ABQ at a local bookstore a weekend or so ago, and this development occurred: Bob Robideau (one of the two men acquited in the Pine Ridge “Incident at Oglala”) stood up and, according to my informant, said he (Robideau) holds Trudel personally responsible for the death of Annie Mae Aquash. Something to do with Trudel hiring an investigator who allegedly ended up being the hit man.

But I wasn’t there. Is there anyone on this list who was, who can describe what happened and what was said?

I do get worn out with AIM members’ seemingly endless preoccupation with pointing fingers at each other — much, it seems, to the detriment of Getting On With Business. But this is pretty heady stuff; especially in light of the recent reopening of the Aquash case.

[name withheld]

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John Trudell And His Synagogue of Satan Jew Attorney Bruce Ellison “Busted” For Their Role In The Murder” of Annie Mae Aquash!


Another confirmation with this information falling into my hands that the SPIRIT of Annie Mae Aquash…yes…she who stood by my side when I first read about her brutal RAPE AND MURDER by that collective of animated by Satan feral “Beasts 666” known among civilized humanity as The American Indian Movement…is leading me to find the truth.

Annie was the ONLY “Real Indian” in AIM and because of the purity of her Indigenous Heart she day by day began to realize that she was immersed in a vile dark diabolical murderous agenda and that AIM did not spiritually or temporally represent her people in the least but in fact was a organized and financed and sent by the U.S. Government to destroy her people using a genocidal agenda that was clothed in a “All Things American Indian”!

A simple observation and confirmation of this TRUTH is found in the “picture that speaks a thousand words” connected to this blog of former Senator and “Syrian Sioux” James Abourezk with those who along with HIM…were responsible for the murder of Annie Mae Aquash.. This is why Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, and Russell Means were never questioned about their part in agreeing with Abourezk and John Trudell to have her murdered after Annie spilled her guts to Trudell.

And remember that Trudell received a promised  “letter and ring” from Annie as Trudell testified in the Graham/Looking Cloud trial.. It was strategically planned to NOT ask Trudell what was in it…he simply said “it burned in the fire” that killed his family and I say KARMA for betraying Annie and her family as well as all the others he knew suffered because of being murdered by AIM at Wounded Knee and elsewhere including Annie’s husband who made a fatal call when Annie was murdered that she had told him about AIM…and he was burned to death the day after that call and all this under Trudell’s watch. I am taking bets that he called TRUDELL because that is the only AIMster Annie Trusted!

Remember that Charlie Abourezk was at Bill Mean’s (Russell Means brother) home along with Clyde Bellecourt on the Rosebud Rez when Annie was brought there. His father sent him for one reason ONLY…to make sure she was murdered because of what she knew about Abourezk’s and the U.S. Government role in creating AIM and that their “handler” was James Abourezk who was Obama’s top MIDDLE EAST adviser that this truth had to remain hidden and that is why Obama called off Brandon Johnson’s investigation of “unsolved murders”. THINK about that!

Suzanne Dupree…”Looking Back Woman” has done her homework exposing this to the max. Search her blogs! Obama would NOT have been elected IF this truth came out connecting him to AIM and their murdering raping pedophile connection to his ADVISER!

Add to this formula spawned by Satan himself is the important and HIDDEN role of Jew Bruce Ellison among others as documented in the below information. ANYONE that is even remotely “Creator Connected” can’t help but further connect the dots leading direct to those guilty of her death ABOVE and beyond the “fall guy’s” John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud.

Read and Learn MO)RE TRUTH about the collaborative connection to Annie’s murder by John Trudell and Bruce Ellison and that the jacket of her working for the FEDS was FED created so that what she witnessed to HIDE THE FED-AIM connection and that is WHY they killed her.

And to think she trusted John Trudell with this information…the “Coyote Betrayer” of this Warrior Woman! By the way…did you notice and ever wonder why in not ONE POEM or SONG by Trudell EVER where he mentioned ANNIE MAE AQUASH!

Almost forgot…”THANK YOU AGAIN ANNIE”!

Bruce Ellison Revisited

Unknown to Leonard Peltier or myself, Bruce Ellison, a young white

attorney just out of law school volunteered his legal services to the

Wounded Knee Legal Defense Offense Committee (WKLD/OC) in Rapid

City, South Dakota, choose to become involved in the killing of Anna Mae

Aquash-Pictou; and not only did he conspire with John Trudell in covering

up the circumstances of her death, but also conspired as a team for many

years to place snitch jackets on two nationally known respected American

Indian Movement (AIM) activists whom have given many of their years to

defending Native rights and Leonard Peltier’s struggle for justice. This

young white attorneys arrival coincided with the Oglala shoot out on June

26, 1975. He was working with Ken Tilson and other more seasoned

attorneys defending members of the American Indian Movement on various

charges arising from the armed takeover demonstration at the historic site

of the 1890 massacre of 300 men, women and children of Big Foots’ band

of Minneconju Lakota by the 7

Pine Ridge Reservation in 1973.

I have known Bruce Ellison for 30 years, and for many of those years

I considered him a close friend and political ally. Then one day he not only

betrayed my friendship and trust, but he also betrayed Leonard Peltier,

whom he had defended in federal courts and in numerous public forums for

many years. The case of Leonard Peltier has awarded him in his

professional field, and has given him greater social and political status in his

I had spoken with Ellison for the first time about September 10, 1975

when he called me at a hospital in Arkansas, Kansas, where I was

undergoing eye surgery from an injury arising from a car explosion. He

wanted to know if my legal rights had been read to me. I told him that I

had not yet been arrested for any crime. Ellison would become Darrell

Butler’s attorney of record before our indictments of first degree murder

were made public on November 25, 1975. From that point on Ellison

participated in all the Oglala shoot out court proceedings and trials,

ultimately becoming Leonard Peltier’s longest and famous attorney of

Unknown for many years, to Leonard Peltier or myself, Bruce Ellison

had, for reasons never explained, involved himself in the killing of Anna

Mae Aquash in December of 1975. How he became involved is not clear,

but Candy Hamilton, another volunteer worker at the WKLD/OC in Rapid

City, South Dakota claimed, in a telephone conversation with me in

September of 2004, that many members of the American Indian Movement

in Rapid City had formed suspicions about Anna Mae that were openly

expressed and discussed at the time. Candy Hamilton claimed that Thelma

Rios, Lorelei DeCora , Bruce Ellison and she became involved in a

conversation about Anna Mae Aquash’s loyalties to AIM. She said,

“Somebody said something about her [ Anna Mae] being a snitch. I said,

I’ve seen how she worked and lived in Oglala and I know that she is not a

snitch. They stood there a minute; either Lorelei or Thelma looked at

Bruce Ellison and said, “Well, what do you think?” Bruce said, “Well,

everywhere she goes somebody gets arrested.”

John Trudell said in the August 2005 taped Interview, “I have always

liked Candy. [Hamilton] I think Candy is ok. I don’t necessarily agree with

her overview on everything, but I don’t think Candy is a troublemaker or

Shortly after my release from Leavenworth, Federal Prison in the

summer of 1979, I began hearing rumors about those who had involved

themselves in the killing of Anna Mae Aquash. The first person I spoke

with about Anna Mae was John Trudell. This was during the Escape Trial of

Leonard Peltier in Los Angeles, California. He said that the, ‘feds had

killed her’ and also in a long conversation about the fire death of his wife

and children claimed that he knew those in the federal government that had

killed his family, naming the persons he felt were responsible.

In the summer of 1980 I attended the Black Hills Gathering in Rapid

City, South Dakota. During a visit with my ex-wife, and son at Thelma

Rio’s home, during the visit Thelma asked if she could speak with me

privately in her kitchen. Thelma said, “Did you know that they kept Anna

Mae in my Basement?” Surprised by the sudden revelation that AIM had

killed Anna Mae I asked, “What are you talking about?” She looked at me

equally surprised and with the expression that told me she thought I knew

about all of it. But I knew nothing. I had always believed that Anna Mae

had been killed by the FBI because they knew that she had been a member

of our group and had expressed their intent of avenging their fellow agents.

I had always believed the FBI did it because according to John Trudell,

“David Price told Anna Mae she would be dead with in a year.” When she

showed up murdered, Trudell claimed the feds had made good their

promise. ( The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash. 1980. Lynn Ritz. )

I asked, “ Who was in the house with Anna Mae?”

Thelma said, “Madonna Gilbert, Lorelei DeCora, Bruce Ellison and

“Where was David?” I asked

“He was not here.” Thelma said.

Anna Mae had become a member of our group shortly after Butler,

Leonard and I were told by Dennis Banks and Vernon Bellecourt to

interrogate her at the Farmington AIM convention in June of 1975. At that

time Leonard cleared her of the accusations brought against her.

“They kept Anna Mae in my basement and left the gun lying on the

top of my refrigerator until I finally told them to get rid of it.” Said

It was not until I returned to the LPDC in 1990 that further

revelations surfaced unexpectedly. An old AIMster I had known for many

years revealed that he knew Bruce Ellison had been involved in the killing

of Anna Mae Aquash because Thelma Rios had told him that not only was

he present in her home when Anna Mae was being kept in her basement, but

that Ellison along with Ted Means, Lorelei (DeCora) Means, Glyde

Bellecourt, Madonna (Gilbert) Thunder Hawk, and Thelma Rios (according

to Trudell‘s testimony in the Looking Cloud trail) had participated in the

December 1975 WKLD/OC AIM meeting to determine if Anna Mae was a

Thelma Rios had been David’s common law wife, they had

parented one boy, but more importantly David had always been a warrior,

involved in many of the actions and had kept his promise to our group that

he would create diversions to assist us if in event there was a confrontation

with the federal government. The day after the Oglala fire fight, he kept his

promise. He had earned our trust and I still trusted him. Thelma had told

David that the AIM ladies had, “treated Anna Mae very badly, and for some

unexplained reason Anna Mae was taking all the labels off her clothing.” In

explanation, David said, “You know how mean those AIM ladies were.”

“What do you know about Ellison?” I asked.

“ Thelma said that Bruce Ellison was involved, and I have heard

that he had papers that showed Anna Mae was an informant.” David said.

Another confirmation that members of AIM had killed Anna Mae,

but it still didn’t make sense to me because we had not only cleared her of

the suspicions of being an informant, at least to our satisfaction and had

made her a member of our group. The members that had revealed to me

their bits and peaces of information simply made me began to believe that

maybe we were wrong about Anna Mae, maybe she did turn out to be a

government informant, but why kill her? We had never even contemplated

this drastic action when Douglas Durham, Al Running, and Louis Moves

Camp had been exposed as agents and informants. The only difference I

could think of is that Anna Mae Aquash was a woman, being a woman

would normally mean that AIM women would have to deal with her. This

probably explains why Theda Nelson Clark was elected to lead Arlo

Looking Cloud and John Boy Graham; and why so many AIM women were

involved as John Trudell testified to.

Some time in 1984 Bruce Ellison told me about his and Trudell’s

suspicions that David Hill was possibly an “informant”. Despite the fact

that they could never show evidence of their allegation, both Trudell and

Ellison, for more than 20 years continued to spread rumors within the AIM

movement and general public that they “did not trust David Hill” and

thought that he was an “informant,” and/or an “operative.”

When Leonard Peltier asked David Hill to work for his freedom in

1989, both Trudell and Ellison renewed their bad jacketing campaign

against David Hill. In 1990, at the request of Leonard Peltier, I again

became the National/International Director for the LPDC. Shortly after I

heard from others in the movement that Trudell was denouncing David Hill

as a “federal agent.” I took the matter serious and spoke to both Ellison and

Trudell demanding that they stop their “snitch jacket” campaign against

David Hill. Telling them both at the time that Leonard Peltier and I both

trusted David Hill explicitly.

On November 4, 1994, my son, and a companion, accompanied me

from Denver, Colorado to Rapid City, South Dakota to attend the last part

of an AIM Tribunal against Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt, whom we had

brought evidence against for long list of crimes against Indian people and

the American Indian Movement. It was late when we arrived in Rapid City

because of winter weather conditions, making the roads icy and hazardous.

When we arrived I called Bruce Ellison to ask if he could put us up for the

evening. Being an old friend, I knew he would be happy to have our

company. I drove out to Dark Canyon to his home, which he had

remodeled to enjoy the beautiful wooded splendor surrounding it, and

Rapid creek that ran by it.

The following mourning while making ready to leave for the AIM

Tribunal at the Mother Butler center in Rapid City, Bruce stopped me in the

Kitchen as I was about to join my son and companion who were waiting for

me in the car. With consternation on his face he blurted out, “Bob, I think

that I am going to be indicted for the murder of Anna Mae Aquash!”

I looked at him for a moment to make sure he was serious. He was not

just serious, he was scared. I knew that there was another federal grand

jury underway. “Bruce what makes you believe that the feds are going to

indict you for the murder of Anna Mae?” I asked.

“I went to the house were she [Anna Mae Aquash] was being held.”

“ Why did you do that?” I asked.

“You know how it was in those days. We were always getting caught in

situations for one reason or another. It was one of those occasions.” Bruce

“Well Bruce, I have known of your involvement for years. I don’t

think that the feds are going to indict you for the killing of Anna Mae.” I

“Bob, this is what happened…..”

“Bruce, I don’t want to hear anymore about it. Ok. I do not believe they

will indict you. You are a white attorney, they will want the Indians first.”

I left, troubled by thoughts that he really did want to talk with me about all

that shit. But I didn’t want to know because I still wanted to believe that the

After returning to Denver, Colorado at the conclusion of the AIM

Tribunal, I was surprised again when Glenn Morris said that Troy Lynn

wished to speak with me about Anna Mae. I met her at Colorado AIM’s

office, in the basement of a church. The same location Troy Lynn had been

questioned by U.S. Marshal, Robert Ecoffey, BIA investigator, Poirier and

an FBI agent in August of 1994. Glenn Morris remained in the office with

us while Troy Lynn told me about what had happened with Anna Mae in

her house and what she knew of the killing of Anna Mae and who killed

Troy Lynn said that, “Frank Dillon [ Arlo Looking Cloud ] and John

Boy Graham were members of Colorado AIM and that Arlo Looking Cloud

was the head of the Warrior Society. She told the same story we know well

from the Looking Cloud trial, but she also knew that Anna Mae had been

shot and killed in Wanblee, South Dakota by John Boy Graham.” Then she

told me that, “John Trudell has known about all of this from the time Anna

Mae was taken from my house and the people that were involved.” And,

“John Trudell had known Arlo Looking Cloud and asked him to see what

else he could find out,” for Trudell. I was surprised because I had asked

Trudell about what he knew of Anna Mae and he had told me, “Nothing.”

Troy Lynn further said that Arlo Looking Cloud was in the Denver

county jail serving 60 days for DWI, and, “People were concerned about

him because he had been visited by federal agents who told him that he

would be called to the grand jury than investigating the murder of Anna

Mae Aquash.” Troy Lynn said that Brenda (Last name not mentioned) had

called and asked her to go to the country jail and visit Arlo, who wanted to

talk about, “something important regarding Anna Mae.” Troy Lynn said that

Arlo told her about the visit from the FBI agents and that, “Angie Begay

[Dennis Banks’ ex-girl friend and father to a child between them] gave

information to U.S. Marshal Robert Ecoffey and this information had that

led the FBI to him.” Arlo asked her to get him an attorney and said, “He

seemed very anxious and worried.” ( Notes from conversation at Colorado

AIM office and taped conversations with Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. 1994

Shortly after returning home, Edgewood, New Mexico, I heard that

John Trudell was scheduled to speak at the Salt of the Earth book store in

Albuquerque on December 3, 1994. I picked up my tape recorder and left

for Salt of the Earth Books. Fully intending to confront him about his

continuing snitch jacket campaign against David Hill, National

/International spokesperson for Leonard Peltier, which I was determined to

get Trudell to stop. Instead, I found myself asking him questions about

Anna Mae Aquash; and toward the end of the confrontation flat out

accused him of complicity in her death, which he denied.

In the course of the confrontation with Trudell, I told him that Bruce

Ellison had confessed to me that he had involved himself in the Anna Mae

killing and asked him if he knew this.

John. Did I know that Bruce was involved in what way?

Bob. In the death of Anna Mae.

John. No I didn’t. I can’t imagine it.

Bob. Well he was.

John. Bruce Ellison. Who told you that?

Bob. I have known it for some time. He walked right up to me when I

went to Rapid City about four weeks ago.

John. How was he involved?

Bob. He went over to the house with a document where she was being

kept in the basement of Thelma’s.

John. I know about that.

Bob. He came up with this document. This document supposedly….

John. Here is what I know Bob. What I was told is that she was taken to a

house in Rosebud. ( transcription of taped confrontation. Salt of the Earth

Books. December 3,1994. Note: Anyone interested is welcome to listen to

this portion of the tape.)

In an interview by Leonard Peltier’s attorney Barry Bachrach in

August of 2005, Trudell reaffirmed that, “…I know Bruce’s name was brought

into it, but I also know on practical terms, in practical terms, Bruce was a young white

attorney that was new to the place. Nobody would listen to him Never. They would never

take orders from him. Never in a million years would they take orders from Bruce Ellison

either because he was a young white guy, hadn’t been with WKLC/OC, maybe six months,

maybe a year, but I don’t think he was there that long.” If no one would listen to Bruce

Ellison why did they make a special effort to include him in on the meeting at WKLD/OC

office? This meeting may not have been about giving orders, but it is about those who

participated, and contributed to the purpose of the meeting, in terms of interrogation,

evidence presented and augmented that served to condemn Anna Mae and got her

executed. Who asked Anna Mae the questions? Who presented the evidence? Who were

these people at the WKLD/OC office who acted in the capacity of Grand Inquisitors

augmenting life and death ? It is evident that these individuals did ultimately play a very

significant role in Anna Mae‘s execution. Bruce Ellison represented to me over breakfast,

in Toronto, Canada, in 2005, during a fund raising event for Peltier, that, “When they

brought Anna Mae into the WKLD/OC office, she was tied up and I told them to take off

the ropes.” This admission goes further to show that he was present and participated in the

meeting. It also showed that he did have “authority” sufficient to command them to “take

Trudell admitted that Bruce Ellison had brought documents to the meeting that

allegedly showed Anna Mae was a FBI informant. In doing so, he did act freely in

deciding to become a major player in deciding the fate of Anna Mae Aquash. Ultimately,

this meeting did play the biggest role in bringing fourth evidence that condemned Anna

Mae, and she was executed the following day (according to witnesses in the Looking

Cloud trial) as a direct consequence of the evidence Bruce Ellison and others presented at

the WKLD/OC meeting. It gave the “Order” giver the final supporting verdict to pronounce

the sentence of death . Candy Hamilton and others testified at the Arlo Looking Cloud trial

about this meeting, which was underway during her presence. She further testified that

Bruce Ellison was at this meeting along with Clyde Bellecourt, Ted Means and the AIM

women Trudell also mentioned in the course of his testimony. It is interesting side note that

in this August 2005 interview Trudell defends the Bellecourts and Dennis Banks.

Trudell said further, “…So he may have been at WKLD/OC when they brought her

there. I’m assuming he was because I keep hearing it, but if he was, it would be, he can’t

be in the place when they brought her. There is no way he would have been a part of any

decision-making process. The decision to kill her were not made in that WKLD/OC office

because if they had been, she would never have been taken to Rosebud.” I disagree with

Trudell, because to me it is evident that decisions where being made simply for the fact that

questions challenging Anna Mae’s loyalty were being posed and directed at her that meant

they would be used to make a determination of quilt or innocence. Also, documents were

presented, allegedly by Bruce Ellison that showed some sort of proof that she was, might

be an informant working with the feds. Therefore, any decision to kill her more probably

than not was based on evidence gathered during the WKLD/OC meeting.

Trudell, soon after the confrontation, stated to the media, “I have been

given information that a Cointel ( United States Government’s counter

intelligent program against dissent groups in the United States) operation is

being directed at me, to neutralize me. I have been waiting for the attack.

This appears to be it. Now my life is in jeopardy. I find it very interesting

that Bob Robideau and David Hill are the vanguards of this.” David Hill,

was not involved in the confrontation at Salt of the Earth Books nor was he

in Albuquerque at the time.

Shortly after the confrontation with Trudell I called Bruce Ellison to

tell him about it. His first response was, “ I would sure like to have a copy

of that tape.” I told him that I would trade him a copy of the tape for the

names of those persons involved in the killing of Anna Mae. The phone

went dead. In June of 2004 Bruce Ellison, reaffirmed after 10 years that he

was still very anxious to know what Trudell had said about him during the

confrontation e-mailed me, “Send me a copy of the tape.” and “You have

my P.O. Box address.”

On March 7, 1995, I received a phone call from Bobby Castillo,

International spokesperson for Leonard Peltier, who told me that Leonard

Peltier Defense Committee had received a fax, addressed to Leonard Peltier,

from Bruce Ellison stating, “Bob Robideau is attempting to implicate me in

the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.” Bobby Castillo, concerned said, “ Bruce

is trying to set you up Bob. He is a friend of John Trudell.” (Taped phone

conversation of Robideau and Castillo. 1995.) I phoned Bruce Ellison on

March 9,1995, confronting him with the information. He admitting writing

and sending the accusation to Leonard Peltier stating, “Now, I did not do

that out of being mean or anything else, but when I woke up that following

mourning I thought that was appropriate. Right or wrong. I thought that

was appropriate. There was no effort or thought or interest in setting any

body up. It was out of not knowing what was going on, but feeling that

there was an effort to set me up and wondering completely what in the

world was going on.” ( Taped phone conversation of Robideau and Ellison.

After the confrontation with John Trudell in 1994 and Bruce Ellison in

1995, it began to dawn on me why Bruce Ellison and John Trudell had

targeted David Hill. David Hill had learned too much about both of their

involvements in the killing of Anna Mae. They must have reasoned that the

most effective method to neutralize him would be to put a “snitch jacket” on

Their attempts to accomplish this over the years mostly failed with

the old AIM membership who had fought beside Hill in many battles. But

Trudell did convince his small handful of AIM followers and white

supporters, which included Darrell Dino Butler, who Trudell convinced to

say “Mr. X” was a “lie.” In an interview with Trudell in August 26, 2005

he said that he “told Bob” if he went foreword with exposing “Mr. X” as

the person who shot and killed the agents he would, “..publicly state that its

not true….” But, Trudell instead of doing it himself, had his flunky Dino

Butler do it. Trudell further states that he had spoken with Darrell “Dino”

Butler about it before Butler publicly condemned “Mr. X” as a “Lie” in his

famous interview, Relinquishing a legacy of hatred, embracing respect for

life, by E.K. Caldwell, in the Spring of 1995 issue of News From Indian

Trudell stated several times in this interview that he has always

supported Leonard Peltier and in fact supports him today. Trudell, in the

August 26, 2005 interview said,“ see Leonard was never my target. I was

trying to help Leonard all these years. I’ve been more loyal to Leonard…”

Yet, in 1990 when Eda Gordon called to tell me that Leonard Peltier asked

that I return and take over the duties of National/International director in

the summer of 1990, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the presence of Eda

Gordon and Paulette D’Auteuil, said, “Please, Bob don’t go back. Leonard

has lost respect for the people.” I looked at him with some disbelief .

Trudell was begging me not to go back to the National LPDC office and

work for Leonard’s freedom! I said, “What the f’ do you mean, Leonard has

not lost respect for the people! I am going back rather you like it or not!” I

looked at Eda Gordon, spokeswoman for the Leonard Peltier Support

Group of New Mexico, and asked, “What do you think about what John just

said. She just looked at me for a moment and bowed her head, not wanting

to challenge Trudell.

If there is anyone in AIM that has sabotaged the truth and played into

the hands of the FBI’s activities to maintain the imprisonment of Leonard

Peltier, John Trudell’s actions, have clearly been advancing in this direction.

The continuous bad Jacketing of a highly respected member of AIM who

has demonstrated time and time again his loyalty to AIM’s principles and to

the freedom of Leonard Peltier. A man who served as National/International

director of the LPDC and today remains one of his National/International

spokespersons. John Trudell, nor Dino Butler has ever considered serving

as Leonard’s National/International director, why?

The “lie” Trudell perpetuated and put into Dino Butler’s head regarding

“Mr. X” has done harm to Leonard Peltier and many of us who at that time

wanted the truth to come out to further show that Leonard Peltier was

innocent of the actual killing of the two agents, that the Government had

already admitted, “They do not know who killed the two FBI agents.” and

“We have no proof to show Peltier was the shooter.” Yes, some one else

obviously did shoot them, and he is a “X”, “Y” or “Z.” Who was Trudell to

make decisions about rather or not exposing the shooter would label Butler

and I “snitches.” This was clearly our decision to make. By preventing the

real shooter to come foreword to tell his side of the story, Trudell

committed a gross injustice to Leonard Peltier, and played into the hands of

the federal government. Why?

Interviewer. What about Dino? He came out against it. Did you talk to


Interviewer. Before he did?

TRUDELL: “Yes. See when Dino, the only, I got drawn into this

thing because Bob approached Dino about signing this affidavit naming

David Hill. So Dino got in touch with me and asked me about [it]. My

advice and I told him you don’t want to touch this. It makes you and Bob

look like snitches and David Hill will be able to prove [it]. My instincts,

my intuition, my feeling is that David Hill will, somebody will step in, the

state will step in and prove that he couldn’t have been there. And that made

sense to Dino. Dino wasn’t going along with it either. So when we met with

Bob and some other people, when we sat down and met, that’s what pushed

Bob to the edge because Dino wasn’t going along with it. Dino was

listening to what I was saying.”

Interviewer. And Bruce was listening to you too , right?

TRUDELL: “Well, I’m not going to say who was there. I’m going to

say that Bob and Dino and me were there.”

And, (Bruce Ellison did take part in the meeting, which took place at

Max Gails in Santa Barbara, California)

TRUDELL: “…I’m not paranoid about this, but I see a scenario where

I’m being set up, alright, and then something’s gonna, and they would try

to have something happen to me and when that happens, Leonard’s going to

be accused of being involved in it because all this shit is coming out on his

website…” Trudell further expressed, “See if something happens to me,

like then shit is going to get even messier because I do have a lot of allies

that would not let something happen to me go quiet and be like it happened

TRUDELL: The pictures they are painting of me? (See my, July 14,


remains THE TARGET. ) Do you think that I have behaved in that kind of

way and did that shit?

Interviewer: Did you act that way?

TRUDELL: Do that stuff they are accusing me of? Do you find that

believable? (Bachrach taped phone interview August 2005)

Trudell admitted that, “(I)…just know I told Kamook its ok to talk to

these people (the FBI) about what happened to Anna Mae.” ( Bachrach

Taped phone interview August 2005)

But the fact is Bruce Ellison some how knew that Kamook Ecoffey

was going to tell lies, paid for by the FBI, about Leonard Peltier. How did

Ellison know that Kamook was going to testify that Peltier “confessed to

her and others?” Leonard Peltier’s current attorney, Barry Bachrach said,

‘Bruce Ellison had contacted him to warn him that Kamook was going to be

testifying about Leonard’s alleged confession in the Looking Cloud trial.

(e-mail to me 2004.) The only person connected to Kamook and the case in

contact with Bruce Ellison at the time was John Trudell. We believe that

Trudell knows more than what he is revealing about his knowledge of

Kamook Banks Ecoffey and the part he played in her “telling the truth.”

The age old expression, “Birds of feather fly together,” appropriately

wraps up John Trudell and Bruce Ellison‘s affinity for labeling others

“operatives” and “Informants” to protect themselves from their own actions

that have now been directly connected to the death of Anna Mae Aquash.

National/International Spokesperson for the LPDC

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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2 Responses to AIM you are as phoney as a three dollar bill!

  1. By the way the interview of Robert Robideaux with Barry Bachrach before Robideaux too was murdered, along with the Robideaux’s interview with John LeKay, Heyoka Magazine that is nowhere to be found anymore…. is here on my blog.
    Word, “vetted” has it Pretendians-AIMsters….you murdered Robideaux too, the penalty by AIM for knowing too much about what you are really about & whom you serve as US (covert) Govt.Operatives!
    There ARE people who do know the truth about everything AIM has done, who are not afraid of you or your guardian Illuminati Protectors & are not afraid to die in pursuit for Justice for AIMs victims, I being one!
    I am everything you say you are, but are NOT!
    The real deal, you pansy-assed SOB’s…
    So, grow a set & come see me….
    I’ll give you all an education in Teton SPIRITUAL History you He Wicasa Sni Elo will never forget in this life, or your next burning in Hell’s Fire, for all the Pain & Suffering AIM has caused to Tetons, all Indigenous people of the World, & mankind with your Brotherhood of Satan/Crowley feces eating Elitist Masters!
    I am waiting for any or all of you cowards, so hurry!


  2. So, AIM Pretendians, your US Govt HANDLER Abourezk, Obama & the Masters you serve you cannot change my DNA, my being a Minneconjou Teton Lakota, & that I am the “REAL” Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin….or your crimes against Tetons, Indian Country & mankind…
    Telling “ME” AIMSTERS, US Govt Operatives…to “Back OFF” exposing exactly who brutally beat, raped & assassinated a real true heart Wiyan, Anna Mae Aquash, or murdered in cold blood, Perry Ray Robinson, Leo Wilcox, Buddy Lamont, or the rest of the Wounded Knee Supporters who went into Wounded Knee & were murdered too…when they wanted out of your US Govt Staged Event is like pissing in the WIND!
    I was specifically chosen for this….
    And, the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin via Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ will expose & destroy every last one of you!
    And, that’s a promise I intend to keep for all of mankind!


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