The Seven Council Fires Council and the Seven Council Stones….

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Seven Council Fires and the Seven Council Stones


The Seven Council Fires are the mainstream Dakota national government, and
traditionally the seven seats would have been held by: 4 Dakota; 2
Nakota and 1 Lakota.

Since these sub-national bodies are split today between Canada and the US,
it would be thought, to take a representative body drawn from all of them to
legitimately reconstitute the Seven Council Fires. (Dakota contacts there regard
the Lakota as at best only 1/7 of this body, regardless of how
many people they actually are today.)

(Note that the Canupawakpa elders caution that there would have been some
dissembling in order to protect vunerable individuals, but the overall structure
should be right.)

IF this group was patriarchial as many traditional Dakota elders maintain,
then this body was composed only of men.
However, Carver’s testimony from 1767-68 is very clear that there was a

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