Not the Largest Mass Murder in US History!

As heart wrenching the Orlando Massacre is, to say it is the largest mass murder in US history next to 9/11 is hardly accurate….
Remember the Wounded Knee Massacre Dec 29, 1890 of over 300 unarmed elderly, women, youth, children, & infants who were mowed down by machine gun fire, chased thru hills & coolies by the US military…. of starved, minimally dressed Minneconjou Teton Lakota of Big Foot’s Band, after the assassination & mutilation of Hunkpapa Teton Chief Sitting Bull & his family, the assassination of Crazy Horse & other Tetons, unarmed non-combatants deemed by US Govt as hostile dissentients does not seem to count in US history mass murder events…
The US military who participated in this mass murders of Tetons were given Medals Of Honor by President Grant, all over Custer’s Fall/resounding defeat by the Tetons & Cheyenne & other Tribes assembled at the base of the Little Big Horn Mountains, along the Little Big Horn River…

Not assembled as laid out in the Custer Myth…to fight Custer/Long Hair, the Tribes/Chiefs assembled there among themselves to protect themselves, already agreed to surrender to the Military, & refused to fight unless they had no other choice than to defend themselves with bows & arrows, few had guns.

Another fact, the Indians never even knew it WAS Custer who refused their “white flag” of surrender met with a hail of bullets from the US Military forces.

The 7th Calvery & the other Military Forces with Custer had no intention of bringing in the Tetons & Cheyenne assembled only to hunt (US Govt rations on the Rez were rotten & sparce)& visit with cousins & kinsmen of the Seven Council Fires of Tetons, Dakota/Lakota/Nakota & Cheyenne…

Custer’s only goal was to murder/Terminate them all, even after his Crow Scouts pleaded with Custer it would be a hopeless ENDEVOR, Custer was promised the Presidency by Grant’s opposition who demanded Western Expansion/Exploitation of Teton’s 1868 Treaty Lands.

Custer’s premonition of defeat endings to The Little Big Horn, after Smoking both the Calf Pipe of the Tetons & the Highest Pipe of the Cheyenne two years earlier & Custer’s Oath upon smoking both, was that Custer would fight the Teton & Cheyenne “No More” which Custer later joked about was an amusing experience, goes to show why Custer had his brother Tom Custer who was with Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, cut off Custer’s flowing “Long Hair” by which he was recognizable by.
That IS the Custer Myth, & why the US Govt covered it all up for over 140 yrs to this day, & are still covering up their crimes against humanity of the Tetons & Tribes with the mindset…only good Indian is a dead Indian!
The sod busters made more off Indian bones made into combs & other adornments sold to City Slickers & Europeans than the made off crops, that’s not counting Indian scalps the Scalp hunters made money off of murdering Innocent unarmed Indian people, guess this was all politically correct when you steal a Peoples whole continent & way of life, the last thing you want to see is the carnage of your greed, abuses, murder & lies when you preach democracy to the World, eh?
Well, what goes around comes around…same Free Masonic Illuminati Elitists behind the termination of Native Tribes in the Americas & backing Custer, as is behind the Massacre in Orlando, Florida…the Illuminati control Islam, & the Radical Islamic Terrorists take their orders from the Free Mason Illuminati Elitists, just like Obama…they bought his Presidency, & back Hilary Clinton for their New World Order Agenda, which absolutely does NOT include Blacks, Mexicans, 1st Nations, Gays-Transgenders…

Unless it is within their very select group of Sodomites/Satan/Crowley Occultist followers, even most Whites/Americans, Europeans, or any other race of people’s are not going to be allowed to survive their depopulation of the World by 90%.

So if you are buying into Homeland Security FBI investigations into the hate crime against those human beings/dead & shot victims in Orlando Massacred by those who really control our Reality, & the World, get used to it.

It took a 140 yrs for the truth about Custer & the US Govt/AIM to be exposed, how long, or who will even care…. like with 1st Nations/Indigenous people now about this years from now???

Only the victims….and, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ, the All Seeing Spirit who intends to protect & defend His Faithful, His Chosen People HE deeded the Americas to when He walked among us with his teachings.
Hoka Hey!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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