Fraudster of Republic of Lakotah…Blusters Last Stand!

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American Indian Religious Freedom in Theory and Practice

 By Russell Means July 1, 2011

The late Seneca scholar and philosopher John Mohawk said: “In order to be free, you must act free.” Mohawk was a contemporary of mine, and he knew the struggle for freedom for indigenous peoples is not theoretical, it is real; it is also difficult, constant and requires remembering where we, as American Indians, come from.

I was reminded of John two weeks ago when a number of people and I put up and participated in the Lakota’s most sacred ceremony, the Sun Dance in the sacred Black Hills in occupied Lakota territory. For thirty-three years, we have put up our ceremony where it is supposed to be held, in the He Sapa. This year was different though, and that’s why I thought of John. This year, the National Park Service tried to impose unacceptable restrictions on…

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