1979 Newspaper article….Muslim purchase of Presidency, Manson’s blueprint “USING” the Blacks in Helter Skelter, is being used today with US Govt Operatives, “Black Lives Matter, like AIM was used against Tetons/Indian Country!

Wake up Congress, you need to act upon this treason & impeach Obama & his Administration for TREASON, along with Hilary & Bill Clinton or the blood of Americans & mankind shall solely rest upon your Non-Action & your souls shall carry the blood of the innocent with you to Hell’s Fire & Satan the master you all serve over Creator!

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SEARCH ⚑ TOP 100 TOPICS ⚑ HANDPICKED 1979 Newspaper Article By Valerie Jarrett’s Father-In-Law Reveals Start Of Muslim Purchase Of U.S. Presidency… February 24, 2013 1979 article by Ver…

Source: 1979 Newspaper article….Muslim purchase of Presidency!

Common individuals in both covert ops, Bill Ayres, & the Syrian Sioux, Code Pinko$…Communist Party USA member, James Abourezk, US Govt HANDLER for AIM, Idle No More, Black Lives Matter….

Abourezk is Godfather-mentor to Obama, & Obama’s advisor on Obama’s failed Israel & Middle East policie, Val-Jar another non elected Obama advisor is Vernon Jarrett’s daughter who wrote the article above….on Arab/Muslim bought US Presidency, using the Blacks….

How horrible for Black people to be set up, & used again, like in Manson’s Helter Skelter plan, eh?

That is why no “Blacks” care about murdered by AIM 1973, Perry Ray Robinson….they fear losing Obama STASH $$$$, only in reality it is the tax paying…

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