PBS has as an enabler of this huge US Govt Cover-up & Conspiracy to cover-up the murders/rapes & AIM crimes against humanity unchecked without accountability, has the blood of AIM/US Govt victims on their/PBS’s hands.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PBS Ombusdman Michael Getler Responds to WKVAVA

“The [PBS] series [“We Shall Remain”] was reviewed by ‘a group of prominent scholars of Native American history’ and by ‘several program advisors who are expert in this particular chapter of Native history.’ Having said that, it seems to me that PBS ought to present Trimbach’s complaints [about the May 11 episode titled “Wounded Knee”] to these scholars or, even better, a small group of scholars not connected to the program, for some kind of more detailed reply. This might take a while but it seems worth it, especially since there are a lot of teaching materials associated with the series.”–PBS Ombusdman Michael Getler

The Ombusdman for PBS, Michael Getler, writes (5-20-09) that PBS should give scholars a chance to respond to Mr. Trimbach’s concerns, but Mr. Getler doesn’t suggest that the Indian…

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