The Washington “Redskins” Should Be The Washington “Niggers”! And, HakiktaWin endorses this post & I am a Red Skin by birthright!

I want to be clear here, growing up most of my childhood friends were “Black,” like Latonya Robinson, she was so lovely, & lived 2 houses down from my Grandmother’s. They lived in a lovely spacious red brick home across from the elementary school. Her Mother was beautiful, smart gracious, a real classy lady, a school teacher. Her Father worked everyday, & was very nice too.
My first 5th grade crush was a sweet lightskinned boy, we’d pass notes in class to each other & walk home from school, we were just friends…but, I was confronted in the schoolyard at recess by Patricia, a black girl who told me I could not walk home or pass notes to my special friend.
I asked why….?
She said she’d kick my butt if she caught us together….
I said, let’s settle it now then….needless to say her beatdown did not go as she planned.
My Father taught me how to box when I was 5yrs old, older White kids in the neighborhood would call me a dirty Indian & gang up on me.
Patricia ended up with a fat lip & black eye after I let her take the first punch, which she misses, & it was her last shot.
We ended up in the Principals office for fighting, he took a ruler to the our palm of our hands 5 times, she cried, I did not.
Refused to give her or the Principle the satisfaction of seeing me cry, & remembering my Lakota upbringing furthered my resolve.
My special friend was upset I got punished over us being friends, but we continued to pass notes & walk home together until I moved to the “South, Foreman, Arkansas….a real eye-opener for a “Northerner,” as I was called their, along with dirty Indian.
I was not allowed to go with my Mother to the laundry mat, their sign on the front of the building was clear for all to see in 1965, NO NIGGERS or INDIANS ALLOWED!
Once again the schoolyard proved to be a defining place that developed my character, & I was glad my Father had taught me to use my fists to defend myself, & I always graciously gave my opposition the first punch, only in the “South” it was White Southern boys throwing the punches, but the result was always the same….you best get me with the first punch or attack, because you’ll never get a second chance.
Walk softly & carry a big stick, Father always said….& never take a beating without fighting back. Never start a fight, but make sure you are the one to finish it, & after your opposition sees they can’t bully you, & you fight back…they’ll steer clear, or avoid you at all cost.
I had many friends of all minorities growing up, & I was a loyal loving devoted friend to all, Mexican, Indian, Black, White, Asian, & gays….I was color & gender blind..I didn’t give a hoot what nationality or sexual identity you chose, or who you were as long as you were a good person, & I saw that in your character, I was your friend.
This crapola about Redskins…is just that!
I am more prejudice against stupidity, frauds & arrogance than anything else.
The young Black, Mexican, White’s etc. I grew up with admiring their character, like Cheryl Bell, Tammy Ochoa, & Rafer Johnson & many many others I still admire & love today.
So, if you think I am a racist, fill your boots.
I know the difference between real Black folks, & gangsters/Protestors paid to protest phoney BS for the race baiting Lefty’s, & their Mastas/Illuminati who want us all to kill each other for their NWO agenda…
Don’t fall for the BS, folks…& remember, if we have to fight, let’s unite & fight them not each other, eh?
Hoka Hey….it is a good day to die for FREEDOM!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Think THIS… A football team owned by a “KIKE” who’s majority players are “NIGGERS” and then read the history and the real life definition of what was a  “R…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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