AP Lawsuit against Meltwater Monitoring

Meltwater was a constant on my website http://www.lookingbackwoman.ca & my Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree WordPress Blog.
Notice to Meltwater, stay off my sites….or the ramifications will be expensive & exposing!
To all who have hacked, monitored & downloaded photos, documents, captured voice & email conversations etc….the same goes to you!
Make my day!
I am not not doing anything illegal, only exercising my right to Free Speech, a Constitutional Right.
Just as the lying, Politicians, Attorneys, Technical Support/Advisors, Criminals take the 5th to avoid incriminating themselves, eh?
Invasion of Privacy, removing, altering, reading, listening or manipulating personal data/email, or using voice technology/audio on private user devices or preloaded apps or downloaded free apps off the internet in appearance seems harmless, it is not, it is illegal to…. monitor a user’s every move, thought, & action under the guise of making their internet user experience better is another Corrupt lie used once you give your permission….to spy on you, steal your intellectual property, photo, documents, financial/legal information, personal information and it is called data mining.
If the perps were not making money off doing it, or getting some profit or perk….they would not take the time or resources to do it, period.
As far as the NSA, FBI, CIA doing it to protect America & her Legal Citizens….we all know that is complete hogwash lying spin by them & the Left bought, controlled media!
It is quite the opposite, they will target you by any means possible, like FBI “June Mail” targeting which has zip to do with National Security, it has everything to do with their overreach, even to the point of murdering you in broad daylight in front of witnesses, on camera & then going on to intimidate the witnesses into silence for fear of being next.
This has everything to do with Freedom, Democracy, Constitutional & Civil Rights being violated daily in the most arrogant overreach fashion.
Bill Gates & Steve Jobs will burn in Hell’s Fire forever or developing this Satanic tool everyone thinks they can’t live without.
Take heed, read what apps do, what by agreeing to terms or giving your permission the apps have access to….you must know to protect yourselves & your families from the most vile preditors here & abroad.
Just the voice of experience, common sense & reason when there are no rules of engagement with perpetrators such as these data mining criminal vampires are.
Evil, dangerous, without moral consciousness, predatory thieves, pedofiles & murderers.
Chose wisely what you expose yourselves & family to, the perps are embedded in our everything, day or night monitoring 24/7, and it is definitely not for your betterment or safety!

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Court Ruling Changes the Media Monitoring Landscape

all rights reservedLast week, a US Federal Court ruled in favor of the Associated Press in their lawsuit against media monitoring company Meltwater. We have written previously about BurrellesLuce filing an amicus brief and reactions around the web.

At stake is the definition of “Fair Use” as it relates to content published online. It has ramifications for the business models and legal strategies of publishers, as well as media monitoring companies and their clients.

Jeff John Roberts at BusinessWeek summarizes how the court arrived at its judgment (links in the original):

To decide if something is fair use, courts apply a four-part test that turns in large part on whether the defendant is using…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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