AVISTA “Smart Meter Dirty Electricity” Used By Drug Dealer Don Dickey To Kill Native American

Right on, every word!
These perps thought they had every base covered to destroy their victims….
Well, not this time!
These cowards have zero moral ethics/conscience…Satan owned thru & thru…
This is like the Hunger Games movie here/Reality TV…with every single thing we do here, “captured” for these spiritually evil vampires pleasure!
This Reality now is “Catching Fire, ” sequel 2….
These evildoers, servants of Satan will not be the Victor’s, not this go around…with the audience, The World Stage!
If we burn, you burn too Status Quo & up the drug/porn food chain….all the way to the Top of the Heap of Corruption!
This Mockingjay….knows how the World works & Is!
My protector is the TRUTH & Jesus Christ….there is no down side for me if I am called home to Him…I will rejoice!
But, you all will be going too…
And, it will NOT to be with Jesus Christ, my Lord God…maker of all things.
You will be going to whom you serve so well, until me!
Perdition & Hells Fire is reserved especially for the 10% & you…Status Quo Boyz….
Not a real man among any of you…Zipola!
He Wicasa Sni Yelo!
Hoka Hey…let’s get to the finale, eh?

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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2 Responses to AVISTA “Smart Meter Dirty Electricity” Used By Drug Dealer Don Dickey To Kill Native American

  1. We, CERN…have done something we should have never done!
    So have you Don Dickey, Greve, & co-conspiritors….


  2. BTW, Centurylink-Quest this post applies to you too!

    By the way Avista….can you say Saudia Arabia & the Middle East/Flouer Daniels Corporation?
    Manhattan Project?
    All the main countries/Players that control their GOD…
    & the World….
    Gold, Oil & Diamonds were checking it out today….
    No one wants to partner with another Corporation that EXPOSES so much to so many…which costs partners in crime billions & billions $$$$, isn’t that “what’s it all about?”
    Money, power, control…Secrecy?
    A special handshake, a wink & a nod?
    Remember, if I do not get my Deed, all the co-conspiritors of Dickey/Greve/Avista/Centurylink-Quest & the Corrupt local Hicks, pedofile, drug dealing perps off my skinny RED Behind…& We get to enjoy the fruits of our labors & blessings from Jesus Christ….
    The obvious trickle down effect will leave you not only breathless, but lifeless…the Big Boys play for keeps!
    And, I nor Boyden did this to you….
    You did this to yourselves getting sloppy, through your arrogance, greed, & serving Satan did it to you!
    No one else to blame!
    Bureaucratic BS/Repercussions/Accountability runs down hill, Avista….
    Centurylink-Quest, Montgomery, Stevens County Title, Stevens County Sheriff, McGrane/Schumann, Denny Blair, Ken Barcus, Fogle Pump/Dave Pehl….want to call me honey now, jerk?
    I have all your names, excuse me if I forgot you here, because your names are in the case file Boyden & WSJ…and, many many others have, with photo documentation no less!


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