Are you feeling lucky? Make my 6 yrs of Hell by you, day!

BTW, Centurylink-Quest this post applies to you too!

By the way Avista….can you say Saudia Arabia & the Middle East/Flouer Daniels Corporation?
Manhattan Project?
All the main countries/Players that control their GOD…
& the World….
Gold, Oil & Diamonds were checking it out today….
No one wants to partner with another Corporation that EXPOSES so much to so many…which costs partners in crime billions & billions $$$$, isn’t that “what’s it all about?”
Money, power, control…Secrecy?
A special handshake, a wink & a nod?
Remember, if I do not get my Deed, all the co-conspiritors of Dickey/Greve/Avista/Centurylink-Quest & the Corrupt local Hicks, pedofile, drug dealing perps off my skinny RED Behind…& We get to enjoy the fruits of our labors & blessings from Jesus Christ….
The obvious trickle down effect will leave you not only breathless, but lifeless…the Big Boys play for keeps!
And, I nor Boyden did this to you….
You did this to yourselves getting sloppy, through your arrogance, greed, & serving Satan did it to you!
No one else to blame!
Bureaucratic BS/Repercussions/Accountability runs down hill, Avista….
Centurylink-Quest, Montgomery, Stevens County Title, Stevens County Sheriff, McGrane/Schumann, Denny Blair, Ken Barcus, Fogle Pump/Dave Pehl….want to call me honey now, jerk?
I have all your names, excuse me if I forgot you here, because your names are in the case file Boyden & WSJ…and, many many others have, with photo documentation no less!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Stevens// via @HakiktaWin Warhoop mode, make my day…MF!
Never ever make me angry…but you have!

Never threaten, or in collusion & conspiracy with others try to murder me using Avista Smart technology, set up by Avista at Don R Dickey so he is at the helm of power surges, Electro Magnetic Frequency controlled remotely from 3295 Orient Cutoff Rd, because I refused to have Avista install it here.

Avista being sued by numerous customers for being charged for power controlled by their Avista smart technologies.

Neat trick boys & girls, just another nail in your Multi million dollar lawsuit coffin, which you will loses local Avista (Colville) perps, because Pedofile Rasmussen won’t be able to protect you…the big boys are on it now…so you can kiss your Corrupt thieving, lying butts bye bye!
Run, I own this Liberty Mountain, you…though need your expiration by Christ….bumped up now!
You just go…

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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