Racial Profiling,discrimination & targeting HakiktaWin by the perps beginning over water rights, ending in murder!

BTW, Centurylink-Quest this post applies to you too!

By the way Avista….can you say Saudia Arabia & the Middle East/Flouer Daniels Corporation?
Manhattan Project?
All the main countries/Players that control their GOD…
& the World….
Gold, Oil & Diamonds were checking it out today….
No one wants to partner with another Corporation that EXPOSES so much to so many…which costs partners in crime billions & billions $$$$, isn’t that “what’s it all about?”
Money, power, control…Secrecy?
A special handshake, a wink & a nod?
Remember, if I do not get my Deed, all the co-conspiritors of Dickey/Greve/Avista/Centurylink-Quest & the Corrupt local Hicks, pedofile, drug dealing perps off my skinny RED Behind…& We get to enjoy the fruits of our labors & blessings from Jesus Christ….
The obvious trickle down effect will leave you not only breathless, but lifeless…the Big Boys play for keeps!
And, I nor Boyden did this to you….
You did this to yourselves getting sloppy, through your arrogance, greed, & serving Satan did it to you!
No one else to blame!
Bureaucratic BS/Repercussions/Accountability runs down hill, Avista….
Centurylink-Quest, Montgomery, Stevens County Title, Stevens County Sheriff, McGrane/Schumann, Denny Blair, Ken Barcus, Fogle Pump/Dave Pehl….want to call me honey now, jerk?
I have all your names, excuse me if I forgot you here, because your names are in the case file Boyden & WSJ…and, many many others have, with photo documentation no less!

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Stevens County Sheriff Deputy, Paul Murray took early retirement for his part it appears in the Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors in premeditated murder attempts on my life, & FBI “June Mail” tactics, electronic surveillance, phone tap (old partyline/split amplified line courtesy of local Centurylink-Quest buddies, Mick Yarroll, Jim Bolling, Jerry Linquest), mail theft-opening, & home breakins by Don Dickey himself numerous times, just lives over the bank from us.
Deputy Murray commented in 2010 when I reported the BREAKIN of Dickey to take documentation from prior owners, the Fishers of their real estate FRAUD experiences with Teflon Don Dickey, along with the invoice receipt from Fogle Pump water purification System Dickey said he knew nothing about, but purchased. Lie, lie, lie, cover-up, cover-up…the truth wouldn’t come out of Dickey’s mouth if his life depended on it, Murray said about the breakins, Dickey still owns the house & property!

I was shocked…

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