This is what the results are of faux 1st Nations AIM so-called heros & role models example has created…

Yeah…the real deal folks, got the JH15 outpost NE Washington State about 4 miles NE of me off Orient Cutoff Rd…
Anytime anyone wants to Patriot Up, & not be sheep…
Remember, nothing is free!
There is only 10% of them & 90% of us…
Global Drug Cartel/Shadow Govt/Illuminati Free Masonic child trafficking, blood sucking, snuff film Lucifiarian/Occultist, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Oppenheimer…representing US, Europe, & Africa…=Their GOD…Gold, Oil, & Diamonds!
And, that Equals Bildenberger….
And, they are reading this on WP….
Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors, FYI these Super Powers rule the World…
And, you exposed them!
Oops, for you!

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UPDATED: Suspected Native Mob gang leader, one other arrested in Minneapolis
Pioneer staff report – 02/02/2012

BEMIDJI, Minn. – A Bemidji man and the suspected leader of the Native Mob gang is behind bars after his arrest Wednesday night in northeast Minneapolis. Wakinyan Wakan McArthur, 33, of Bemidji, who used the aliases “Kon” and “Killa,” made his first appearance today on federal charges relating to a detailed criminal enterprise. Law officers also arrested Christopher Lee Wuori, 24, of Cass Lake, who used the aliases “White” and “Lil White,” when they apprehended McArthur without incident, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. A third suspected gang member, 23-year-old Eric Lee Bower, of White Earth still remains at large. The men were named in a federal indictment charging 24 defendants for participation in a well-structured, highly organized gang with influence from the Twin Cities to reservations throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and…

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