The Old Guard Is Alive and Well

JP Wade under attack for exposing Spiritual Frauds & the CORRUPT!
1). Post, JP Wade…every Tribal name associated with “Bridgegate setup of you!”
2). Every legal doc you were served with or received from participants in “setup,” including the Judge’s signature Paul Day, on doc for exposing this “jacketing setup” of you & slander of your character.
Re: Same as with I, & Richard Boyden by the same AIMster hiarchy players as usual to discredit you!
3). Put everything, every name & their backgrounds/associates online WP….expose them!
They think they can isolate you, but you are far from being unprotected & alone!
Make also absolutely everything public, recorded evidence you control, expose everything, everyone name names, past criminal history of those attacking you to silent you from exposing them!
4). Enable every share button on WP, Facebook is “chit” & playing against their users with selective Censorship, data mining, surveillance for Obama….
5). Know there is manipulation of content of posts by search engines…Meltwater/reginx being a major one redirecting viewer traffic, lessening who reads websites & posts of the PureHearts!
6). Remember this attack-setup of you is Litigation/Illuminati Free Masonic bases….
They want the children you are trying to protect, period!
Ritual Sacrifice!
Have NO Fear, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ has your 6 & ours!
Fear not walking in the Shadow (Govts) of Evil!

Influenced to Death


This Image In NO WAY Represents Idle No More

It does represent some of the recent fb users posting

in support of INM


The Old Guard, have been pondering this one the last couple of days, who is it or what is it. People are all of a sudden trying to disassociate themselves with AIM as a result of INM. That is understood considering INM represents all that AIM never was, after it was hijacked by a hand full of smucks for self serving agenda’s.


Blog Update Oct. 30, 2014 — initial post date January 10, 2013

In reference to the above comment

“INM represents all that AIM never was”

sad as it is INM is now just that 

AIM Mentality and WorldViews …..


Imagine that people such as Allan Adams , Terrance Nelson , Winona LaDuke

supporting one another…

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